Posted 13 April 2024

Ev charger

I think iam about to take the plunge and buy a EV, need to get a charger fitted. Can anyone post if thet have had one fitted recently, who they purchased it from and approx price paid, including installation. The prices seem to vary massively and don't want to be ripped off.
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    Wife bought herself an EV few months back. I did a lot of reading up on this and got a couple of electricians to comment too. There are many factors in your choice of the way you charge an EV. In our case, we have a small battery car, doing only 100 miles a week and we are Octopus customers. Working backwards, with Octopus if you want to use their Intelligent Go tariff, it only works properly with specific chargers that they list. (That said, this criteria can be bypassed if it a certain EV which can communicate directly, again there is a list of suitable cars). Doing only 100ml a week is turning out to be 2 charges on a granny cable or 1 on a home charger. Lastly, small battery can be quickly topped up. Looking at the numbers we decided that it was uneconomic to spend 1k on a standalone charger as our car was compatible with Octopus Int Go without one. 2 Charges a week in the cheap period gives us ample range.
    I write all that just to make the point that it isn't a one size fits all solution like having a petrol car. WRT the actual chargers Zappi and Ohme seem to have the best overall feedback across all users. You'll also need a good sparky to check your existing electrics as it seems poor installations are common.
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    Many thanks for taking the time to reply, i do 18k miles a year so a few charges a week, i will probably stick with my octopus agile tariff as its pennies anyway to charge during the night, A home charger does seem suitable for my position, i will look at the Zappi and Ohme chargers. Cheers.
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    Do you have any electrician mates? Get one of them to fit it for you, price a kit up online or ask them to as they might get you a better deal
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    I don't know any electricians personally, I think I also need a mini consumer unit. I have had one quote from a local guy who wants £1800 + vat.
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    I bought a zappi for £600 and got a local spark to install for £80 worth of 10mm cable and an hours labour.
    £1800+vat is laughable.

    I only paid £500 for a new consumer unit with 20 RCBOs and a SPD.
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    Podpoint is £999 fully installed for a 7kW charger. Alternatively, you can get one from a company like this for about £350 -…tml and get a local installer to do it for about £500
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    if you go through BLC you get £105 off and 5 year warranty thrown in
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    I had an ohme pro 8lm fitted recently cost £893 from a local fitter.
    I had a few quotes.
    Octopus £999
    2 other local companies £1143 and £1249
    Ohme £1049
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    Looks like Chinese garbage to me.

    Id go for a tethered one that's got a good name in UK.


    Etc etc
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    What I may do then is get a local electrician to put in a separate 2 way distribution board then its all set up for a standard installation of the charger.
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    52578661-RvFUl.jpgIs there currently no government grants available in England?

    I've managed without one for 3 year as I live 400m from a retail park with free chargers. Done over 30k miles and not used a fast charger once. I charge through the night when the majority of ports are empty. (edited)
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    Impressive.....unfortunately there are no grants in England, unless you rent.
  9. GlitchFace's avatar…822

    Ohme Home Pro + Intelligent Octopus Go @ 7.5p per kWh about £550

    Should be able to get installed for £300 locally
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    Just to update decided to buy a BG sync tethered ev charger, happy with it so far. I also got the consumer board completely changed at the same time so all circuits rcd protected and also surge protection, maybe over kill but the whole thing is done properly.
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