exchanging Love2Shop vouchers?

Posted 13th Dec 2016
Does anyone know how I can exchange the remainder of my Love2Shop vouchers into cash or something else where I can spend anywhere. I heard about buying a MasterCard gift card but can't find where do them.
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Wilko's used to sell a range of different store cards and let you use love2shop vouchers to pay for them, its worth a try to see if they still do
argos sell voucher cards I use to buy next ones with love 2 shop vouchers, because u couldn't spend them in next x
I was just this minute looking up the retailers included in love 2 shop vouchers then I came across this. There is a section with info on restrictions at certain retailers and right at the top it says you can't use them to purchase other gift vouchers. You could chance it though.
Wilko let you buy other vouchers in store with love 2 shop vouchers including prepaid visa cards
I tried to use these in Homebase but since the Aussies bought them out they aren't accepting them anymore
Thanks for all the suggestions guys I think I'm going to look into the pre paid visa card. Fingers crossed!
Been into Wilkos today and saw all of the gift cards for other stores..but no visa prepaid card
hey guys i wanted to know if i could change my LOVE2SHOP vouchers into cash if that's possible please let me know. Thank you
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