Posted 21 April 2024

Florida parks Trainers

What’s the recommendations for comfy trainers that will last the walking and standing around that the Florida parks will bring this summer?

Looking to get them a few weeks in advance so I can break them in.
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  1. Azwipe's avatar
    Spent 4 weeks last August in Orlando wearing Merrell Kahuna III sandals. Miles better than trainers in the baking heat.
  2. Myusernamehasgone234's avatar
    Adidas Ultraboost are incredibly comfortable.
  3. cis_groupie's avatar
    Another vote for Merrell's Kahuna III - super comfy & brilliant in warm/hot weather.
  4. abigsmurf's avatar
    The shoe that is best is the shoe that fits. I like Sketchers but it's largely due to the fit. The more something rubs, the more it will cause blisters. Breathable cotton socks are also a must if not wearing sandals.

    Take a pack of blister plasters, take your shoes and socks off as soon as you get back to a hotel room each evening. If you plan on doing waterparks, pack a pair of swim-shoes, that ground gets burning hot (they spray the paths with water but you'll still get the odd hot patch).

    If you do Bluto's Bilge rat barges, rest your feet well above the metal footrests. That way your feet only get slightly splashed and you can laugh at everyone else getting completely waterlogged shoes.

    Just an FYI, my record last time at Orlando was 22km in a day (Halloween horror nights at Universal, did every maze in a single night, so much walking...) but hit 15km at a few parks (Epcot in particular has a lot of walking). Plan rests during the day (and rest days) accordingly. (edited)
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    The Mrs and I had OnCloud 5's kids had cheap Fila etc.

    Plenty of places to rest your feet
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    I picked these up on the first day in Florida at the outlets…tml
    Didn't need to break them in at all. We were in Florida for 4 weeks and my feet were absolutely fine! They also did me 5 weeks in Japan for work, but at the tail end i did have to put insoles in them. Ideal for parks and sooooo lightweight.
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