Posted 4 April 2024

Game pass ultimate subscription

My Gamepass Ultimate expires today. Am I right in letting it expire rather than renew? I want to do the same thing as last time ie purchase Gold then upgrade for a quid
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    I would double check the conversion rates online first. Microsoft changed them so you don’t get a full 1:1 conversion anymore! If I remember correctly, buying 3 years of gold gets you closer to 2 years gamepass now
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    Thank you, from what I've read I think you're right
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    New conversion rate from core to ultimate is 3:2. so 3 years of core, upgraded to ultimate will get you 2 years.
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    Theres a discussion on this site from a few months ago involving buying both core and ea play keys to get 3 years ultimate for around £4-5 a month, less if you use a VPN
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    Thank you, I'll have a look for that. I'm not hell bent on 3 years but it's a nice to have
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    Thank you. Things change so always worth asking the guys on here for advice. I'll have a look at that link
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    Thank you. I think Gold has been replaced by core now but need to read up....I want to get another 3 years Ultimate, that's the end goal
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    Also have mine expiring today, is there any good regions to buy cheap gold for to convert at the moment?
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    Uh oh..

    Rather than change the pricing, what Microsoft has done is make it impossible to stack memberships in certain countries, where previously you were able to buy up to 36 months in advance. (The UK has already had this restricted to just 13 months.)

    The countries affected by the change are Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Singapore, Taiwan, and Turkey.

    EA Play subscription prices increase by 80% as Xbox plugs Game Pass loophole…82/ (edited)
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    Incorrect about the UK. UK is still 36 months. It's restricting where Ultimate is significantly cheaper.

    MS still offers Xbox All Access in the UK, which is an Xbox plus 24 months of pre paid Ultimate that you redeem straight away, and pay on a finance agreement. (edited)
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