Posted 7 December 2017

Has anyone used Xikixi? Are they legit?

Hi all, I was hunting for a gift for my wife and came across it being sold on Whilst I wasn't dubious I did what I always do when i havent seen a site before, I checked it out on trustpilot. However it comes up with no reviews so I was a little skeptical. Can anyone help me out with any experiences they've had with this site?
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  1. saif1a's avatar
    Posing as an online store you believe you are purchasing goods only to be charged for a search. It is completely unclear, I am unsure how these kind of companies are allowed to even do this. DO NOT USE. My son has just lost £20
  2. Toptrumpet's avatar
    Selling stuff on behalf of third parties a bit like Amazon.
    Spanish company with a address??
    All the feedback is in Spanish too.
    as above. Buyer Beware.
  3. Humberflyer's avatar
    According to it is 100% safe
  4. Shengis's avatar
    Looks like a cut price ebay with no seller protection to me. Caveat emptor.
  5. LEXIE55's avatar
    I have been emailing about item on their site which doesn't state size of item. They do not understand what I am beware of language problems if you need to query.
  6. deleted1900743's avatar
    I buy wine sometimes there for some events and I didnt have any problem. Its based on Paypal so its all secured. I think prices are very low though shipping takes more time.
  7. deleted2123740's avatar
    I did! I bought a Lego toy for Christmas and it arrived soon. Prices are very good I think.
  8. deleted2145856's avatar
    Very good. They helped me to find the gifts at good prices.
  9. deleted2590751's avatar
    I have sent so many emails and recorded delivery to Spain. I have not received any reply. I even subscribed to their premium subscription so i could i could get free deliveries but they still want to charge me. They are corrupt and fraud. It is good i did not order anything.
    Kalbir Singh
  10. Steve_Meecham's avatar
    What a scam!
    Xikixi advertised the product at £246.32 and then asked for fee of £36.74 before confirming that it would cost £338.40 - increase of 37% - totally unacceptable
    I had already found a superior product at this price
    And no response when I requested a refund
  11. eddie.bird's avatar
    Xikixi is on trustpilot under total scam as somebody who has had this experience with xikixi this is correct total scam AVOID!!!!!!
  12. Craig_Hearn's avatar
    Don't use complete scam
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