Help 2 Buy Window Scheme.. Is this genuine or fraud?

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Posted 11th Jun 2018
I've seen an ad on Instagram on how working family and retired could be eligible for free double glazing if current ones are over 5 years old. The company is called Help 2 Buy Windows. Has anyone dealt with them?


I don't want to be filling any forms if they're dodgy.

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[Guide] Help To Buy Windows Grant Scheme

A new grant advertising to help you buy new windows has been doing the rounds on social media advertisements. With the prospect of subsidised or even free windows being quite enticing, it’s no surprise that these advertisements have caught many people’s attention. But is it a legitimate scheme? This short guide helps to clarify.

Grants for Windows and Doors from the Government – Is This A Government Scheme?

On the Help 2 Buy Windows website, the scheme is upfront about the fact that it is not a government scheme. It states that it is an “initiative [...] funded entirely by private donations from the company, its staff, contracts and partnering organizations.”

H2B windows – Is it a scam?

On the FAQ section of their website, the Help 2 Buy Windows Scheme states it only offers grant to the “most needy persons” on a first come, first served basis. As of December 2019, they only support homeowners living in certain situations (Single parent homeowners with disabled or critically ill children) or those earning below £10,000 per year (if they are a full-time carer, employed or self-employed). This is highly specific set of circumstances that the vast majority of people are unlikely to qualify for any free funding, particularly when you consider the difficulty of owning a home on such a low income.

If you don’t qualify for a grant under these circumstances, Help To Buy Windows claim to offer alternative sources of funding or financing via a partner company. Help To Buy Windows does themselves not offer this financing.

While the above doesn’t by any means meet the criteria of being a scam, the very particular criteria for being offered a grant and the offer of alternative financing is at least deserving of some suspicion. It is extremely unlikely that the average homeowner will qualify for any free doors and windows

Help To Buy Windows reviews

On trustpilot, Help To Buy Windows has a rating of 4.5 stars out of 5, meaning that trustpilot deems it as being trustworthy. Help To Buy Windows also posts its own testimonials on its YouTube channel of people who have made use of the company in the past, so it does seem at least some people are genuinely being given grants to get their windows and doors upgraded.