Posted 14 January 2023

Hisense 50E7HQTUK does it support 4k/120hz ?

as the reason i ask is the official blurb states it doesn't yet ive come across several post online stating it does, so does anyone have a Hisense E7 with a Xbox Series X or PS5 to confirm this either way for me ?
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  1. KodaBear's avatar
    50/60Hz Only for the Hisense E7HQ
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    As ive stated online there are people reporting otherwise, im just trying to confirm 4k/120hz aswell

  2. MonkeyMan90's avatar
    It's only a 60hz TV so it's impossible. Also if you do find a 120hz TV it has to have hdmi 2.1 otherwise you still won't get 4k at 120hz
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