How to find out if house is north or south facing?

Found 4th Mar 2017
Hi all,
Going to view a few houses tomorrow with a view to purchase.
A south facing garden is a must for us as we spend alot of time in the garden and would like sun to come through to the rear kitchen etc.
How can I find out (apart from asking the owners) which way the house/garden faces?
Thanks in advance
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Type the postcode into Google maps, so long as you don't rotate the view the top of screen will be north
compass app?
Have you got a compass on your phone? Could always use that ...
Most estate agents would tell you if it's south facing normally its a good selling point
Look where sky dishes are
Failing you dont have a phone app or traditional compass.You could always try the old fashioned method of looking at the sun, unless you are up north,lol. The sun rises in the East and sets in the west so that will give you a good indication of which way its facing.
stand out front door n look up?
When you mention the Sun I presume you are not talking about this country. (_;)

Spot on! Typed in the road name and it showed me the direction the sun goes to the property through out the day, including previous months (eg. if you want to look in a July summer).

Thanks, much appreciated!
Satellite dishes face (very) approximately south.
Capture a sparrow, walk outside the said property, throw the sparrow straight up in the air. Whichever direction the sparrow flies off in, follow it until you see a satellite dish, see which way that's pointing, then that's probably south.
It's hard to believe that as a species, we managed to navigate vast oceans hundreds of years ago without smartphones, Google maps or by looking at satellite dishes. How we have advanced.
I am sitting here dumbfounded, that anyone would ask this. Surely primary school geography would tell you. I have a 5 year old who knows North.
Place a bowl of water in the front garden, put a leaf in the water with a magnetic paper clip balanced on top.

Most estate agents would tell you if it's south facing normally its a … Most estate agents would tell you if it's south facing normally its a good selling point

You trust an estate agent to tell the truth on a negative?
Wow... Are you sure you're ready to buy your own house??
Hold a watch with 12 o'clock at the left. Rotate the watch until the hour hand points at the sun. Halfway between the hour hand and the 12 is south.
It could be neither.... They can face any direction at all
West is best especially if you like summer BBQ's. Why because where does the sun set. My garden is south facing but it would prefer it not to be. Kitchen and bathroom are at the back like most houses and it can be unbearable when it's sunny. That's not many times a year lol but still flipping hot.

Wow! What a find - not only is it great for house hunting but also keeps my 10yr old entertained for ages!
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