Is this the legitimate Tiffany Outlet website?

Posted 3rd Jun 2018
Hi Fellow HUKDers,

is the following the legitimate Tiffany Outlet website?

I have tried to do a WSHOIS search, other than stating that the Host ISP in India, there is nothing else listed (?possibly due to GDPR).

Has anyone used them? Are they scammers or the real deal?

I will be sending an email to the main Tiffany email address but I don't expect a reply before Monday at the earliest. Could even be longer I guess, depending on how busy they are?

Any help would be appreciated.
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Yes, pls buy in volume, its legit.
Honestly , what even gives you a shred of hope that it's a legit site, even a glance at the first page shows it's not . Loving that tacky red " it's free" star at the bottom.
Looks fake, looks like the original site has been copied and doctored.
The real one is here

Notice the rather than .co
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i think the spelling would be enough - Tiffany only sell their jewellery via their official website. Or in their shops. Would never touch anything outside of their proper sales points, especially eBay or dodgy fake webpages.
It is 100% legit as you are 100% legit princess.
This website address takes you to, which is a website with a Seychelles owner operating out of the USA. Looking at the website it clearly is American just from the spelling of Jewelry instead of Jewellery. They state goods shipped from the UK and give an address of 77 Beak Street, London, which is a propertythat has multiple ‘suites’ that companies just use to give out a postal London address that intimates a London presence.
Thanks for the comments ladies and gentlemen. I was half-asleep when I looked at the site. Well that's my excuse anyway
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