Posted 1 day ago

Lenovo T14 Gen 1 with Xiaomi Charger

I wonder can someone confirm if this charger…uk/

is compatible with my laptopLenovo T14 Gen 1…4n1
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  1. 001Cisco's avatar
    I use Xiaomi 67W phone charger to charge T14 Gen 1.
    But £25 is a bit pricy.
  2. Uridium's avatar
    Plenty of Genuine Lenovo USB-C laptop chargers for around £15 on eBay.
  3. Palwan's avatar
    Thank you, I saw this charger for £10 whilst buying a phone. Hence thought it cheaper to buy it.
  4. cowtc's avatar
    A little bit off topic, but I got one of those magnetic right angle usb-c connectors, which plugs permanently into the usb-c so have less risk of damaging the socket plugging it in and out all the time.
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