Posted 30th Jan 2023
Does anyone know what the new ones are?
Ladies are called : De Amor, D’Elle, Agua Marina, Stylish Girl, Cotton Blue

Mens are: Dark Blue, Victory, Elegance, Acqua Fresh
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  1. louiselouise's avatar
    The 100ml bottles were £4.99 once upon a time (2-3 years ago) but I guess everything's going up in price!

    Looks like it's:

    Dark Blue (Hugo Boss Dark Blue) - at least, it was before
    Victory (Paco Rabanne Invictus)
    Elegance (Hugo Boss The Scent)
    Acqua Fresh (not sure? will find out - Parfumo dot net says it's the male Acqua Di Gio)

    Cotton Blue (D&G Light Blue)
    D'elle (Narciso Rodriguez For Her)
    De Amor (Cacharel Amor Amor)
    Agua Marina (Giorgio Armani Acqua Di Gio)
    Stylish Girl (Carolina Herrera Good Girl)

    Might be getting the genders mixed up. All seem to be Eau De Parfum / 100ml, £6.49.

    (Got some of these from an older post from 2021, at the bottom…913 also from here…455 )

    Another edit (yep, Stylish Girl is a dupe of Carolina Herrera Good Girl)
  2. louiselouise's avatar
    Yay! Finally made it to the Fort William store - and I could smell perfumes...somewhere...turned out they are right beside the till and the full men's and women's range is there (usually they've sold out quickly, in Glasgow stores at least, especially the women's). Not sure if the price hike, cost of living or locality has put people off a bit.

    *edit: Got Elegance (Hugo Boss The Scent)
    Stylish Girl (Carolina Herrera Good Girl)

    I'd say Stylish Girl (only tried testers of the real scent) is a great copy. Had it on ten minutes though, will update about lasting power.

    another edit: Boyf woke me up this morning (I'm on sleep meds so I tend to sleep in longer than him) with lovely aftershave on, and it turned out he was wearing Elegance.

    The Blue ombre (Stylish Girl) and the Boss The Scent-alike-shaped (Elegance) bottles are a nice touch as well.

    The Stylish Girl lasts maybe 1-2 hours on me (so, not the greatest) but it's a big bottle, cheap and smells good, can't complain!

    Had a try of Essence on one wrist and it lasts quite a bit longer than Stylish Girl. (edited)
  3. louiselouise's avatar
    You've twisted my arm, I'm going to wangle my way to Lidl to try out Stylish Girl

    It's traditional (at least, in the last few years) for Lidl to offer perfumes around Valentine's Day. I used to buy the Madame Glamour Gift Set (think it was body lotion and shower gel - edit - actually, this was what it looked like) but I've not seen that for a long time - and the MG bottle has had a makeover since then, just as these current scents are in newer bottles.

    I've seen the Madame Glamour Hand Cream and Fabric Conditioner in stores reasonably recently. I have talked about these on HUKD far, far too much over the years.

    The Madame Glamour Fabric Conditioner didn't really seem to linger (unless it's changed in the last year or two, but it was fun trying it out. Was also in Femelle / La Vie Est Belle and a few other fragrances).

    For me, Lidl still make the better of the copycat fragrances, though, I need to give Aldi a fair shout and get trying their newer testers - never seem to see any in the Aldis I go to currently. (edited)
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    I agree 100% that Lidl dupes are better quality and longer lasting. I wish they made more fuss around them, the way Aldi do with all their dupes, they’re really missing a trick there
  4. juggler1's avatar
    You’re amazing! Thank you! Ive had the Lidl copies of Narciso Rodriguez and Amor Amor in different packaging, the square bottles with the square glass top ( quite stylish- a friend of mine has different coloured ones lined up on a shallow tray in their downstairs loo and they look really classy ). I remember the Amir amor was quite heady and packs a punch for a £4.99 perfume. I’ll definitely be getting myself these as soon as I see them. My recent favourites have been the black option and V&R flower bomb dupes from Aldi, though I got the Marc Jacobs dupe today and it’s really nice
    louiselouise's avatar
    Oh the (Aldi scents) Marc Jacobs one sounds tempting, love Flowerbomb as well. Will keep eyes peeled.
  5. Meer95's avatar
    are these in store or they will be soon ?
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    Says "In Store Now" in the photo.

    (NI gets Lidl specials either earlier or later than Mainland UK, afaik)
    49444550-gSdXm.jpgIt's in the latest catalogue (2nd - 8th February, Pages 12-13)…/12

    Screengrab of the fragrances (as the online image is a bit clearer)49444550-Ds8RF.jpg (edited)
  6. stephanie.galea's avatar
    Hi are these perfumes due to come out in LIDL soon?
    louiselouise's avatar
    It's in the latest catalogue (2nd - 8th February, Pages 12-13)…/12
  7. speedy.gonzalez's avatar
    Went into our Lidl today and couldn't see any of the perfumes. Are they normally in the health & beauty aisle?
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    In Lidl yesterday they had moved them to the front of the shop close to the tills
  8. speedy.gonzalez's avatar
    Thanks both. I'd think I'd given up looking by the time I'd got to the tills!
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