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Lidl Beauty Box launches Thursday May 9th at 10am - with all proceeds going to NSPCC (+P&P)

Lidl has just dropped the latest must-have in beauty; a brand-new beauty box set to rival the likes of Liberty and Glossybox, at a fraction of the price. For just £2, beauty buffs can get their hands on the Lidl Beauty Box worth over £70 – that’s beauty without the hefty price tag.

Launching on a trial basis, beauty aficionados can expect a carefully curated collection of on-trend wellness treasures from Lidl. The box includes a range of over 20 full-size products across skincare, haircare and more, all wrapped in a beautifully designed floral-print gift package and delivered straight to your front doors. As part of the premium selection inside the box, skincare lovers can level up their routine with beauty must-haves Cien Myramaze Premium Face Day Cream (50ml), Cien Micellar Cleansing Milk (250ml) and Cien Facial Scrub (150ml). For days that require some extra TLC, the Cien Tissue Face Masks (17ml) and Livarno Quartz Facial Roller allow unboxers to lean into the latest craze to depuff the skin and improve blood flow to the face.

It doesn’t stop at skincare – the Lidl Beauty Box also includes a range of irresistible fragrances, from Suddenly Femelle Perfume (75ml), to Eau de Parfum for Men - Deep (75ml). Whether shoppers are seeking wellness treasures that rival high-end brands such as The Luxury Collection Black Diffuser in Leather & Cedar (100ml), or simply seek a great deal on beauty essentials, the Lidl Beauty Box is the answer.

Shoppers will need to be quick to get their very own Lidl Beauty Box featuring Cien for just £2*. Purchasing will go live via from 10am on May 9, launching as a one-off box as part of a trial service. All of Lidl GB own brand cosmetic products listed in stores (and in Lidl’s Beauty Box) are approved under the Cruelty Free International Leaping Bunny programme.But shoppers will need to be quick to bag a box on the website, as they launch on an trial basis at 10am on Thursday May 9.

All proceeds will go to Lidl’s charity partner, NSPC.">4339448_1.jpg
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  1. JoShmo's avatar
    5 per store?
    crumpetman's avatar
    It's online. No indication of how many are available.
  2. crumpetman's avatar
    Unless the P&P is extortionate then this is a mega bargain. I expect the website to crash when the offer goes live.
  3. robbiet's avatar
    Weird that this is a discussion not a deal.
    Tried to post it myself as wasn’t available as a deal.
    Can only assume they’re saving it for one of the HUKD admins to post themselves and get the credit
    hiccup999's avatar
    I posted it as a deal yesterday . Admin checked and added + p&p to the deal. Then after i think an hour they moved to discussion....reason being that p&p is unknown yet. Which makes sense i guess... deal wasn't complete as such
  4. Ed.Winchester's avatar
    A Lidl beauty goes a long way ™
  5. NicPowell's avatar
    Max 20 available, practically zero chance of getting one
  6. Jimbofluffytail's avatar
    Thank you for sharing this.
  7. fauji786's avatar
    looks good but the P+P will be high.....still lets see....
  8. jpoolfitz's avatar
    Very good deal
  9. Zaf123's avatar
    Sounds too much like scam, Lidl never sell their items online.
    This looks like a 3rd party seller/scammer
    hiccup999's avatar
    Nope... it's trial
  10. louiselouise's avatar
    I'd definitely be up for this, will have to remember!
  11. Bbqueue's avatar
    A great bit of dirt cheap advertising for them and a bargain for the handful of people that can actually get hold of them, but the odds on being one of them are slim to none!

    I'm pretty sure the site will crash at 10am!
    hiccup999's avatar
  12. Chrissy_minion's avatar
    great publicity for lidl lol
    hiccup999's avatar
    Defo....was in most newspapers. Great job lol (edited)
  13. funk07's avatar
    52717869-m4s2W.jpgBeen on this for 13 minutes but I will not give up
    hiccup999's avatar
    Hope you get it. Will be nice to see one of the HDUK'ers get it
  14. Bangles's avatar
    When did Lidl start online shopping?
    hiccup999's avatar
    Sales will kick off at starting at 10:00 AM on May 9th, marking a one-time offering as part of a trial service.
  15. anisas's avatar
    £2 mmmm good luck with that. I’m out!
  16. julieelson's avatar
    When you go to it just has a timer & picture of beauty box...nothing to click on. Does this mean it's crashed?
    hiccup999's avatar
    It's not live yet. It's the countdown til it goes live. Hope that helps
  17. crumpetman's avatar
    Hmm, wonder if anyone managed to buy one? The page refreshed and as soon as I clicked to purchase it said they've sold out.
    hiccup999's avatar

    No way someone had time to enter details and check out.... surely?... publicity stunt maybe lol (edited)
  18. Lisafredo's avatar
    Surprise surprise as soon as it hits 10 and the page loads. There sold out lol must of only had 2 boxes
  19. Spookyleaf's avatar
    i dont think anyone managed to snag one. Riddiculous
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