Posted 20 March 2024

Looking for a bird table which isn't made from wood

Over the years I've had several bird tables made from wood and they have all fallen apart or had other issues which has caused me to throw them away - this includes some expensive tables rather than the cheaper flimsy wooden ones.

I had hoped that there would have been a table made out of concrete to match my bird bath, but I've never been able to find anything. I do appreciate that the problem with concrete is creating holes to allow the water to escape.

Wondering if anyone has any ideas or been able to convert a concrete bird bath to a bird table?

Thank you
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  1. TristanDeCoonha's avatar
    Which part is the problem? The leg or the table?
    You could use a concrete fence post for the stability and core strength, and use the predrilled holes to mount a table, and drive through some bars to suspend feeders
    If you want it to look pretty then put wooden panels/planks around the post, but keep them off the ground (edited)
  2. captainbeaky's avatar
    Do a search for bird feeder tray. Should be able to find one that fits your bird bath. Might need to raise it up on some bricks or find a strong drill to create some holes in the concrete.

    Plenty of metal (or plastic) bird tables/ feeders for sale.
  3. aLV426's avatar
    Stone bird tables are available - though most are over £200.
    Concrete poles are relatively cheap and you can always drill a few drainage holes as required...
  4. skyking_comms's avatar
    Thanks for all the replies. I particularly like the idea of plastic.

    I'm going to do the same as I use for my bird box. From Screwfix I purchased a 3m 20mm Metal Conduit Deta Round Steel Galvanised Class 4 Conduit Tube 20mm x 3m - Screwfix which screws into a 20mm dome cover like this Niglon 20mm Dome Cover Galvanised (Sold in 1's) (DC20G) | CEF

    I then screwed the dome into the bird box and cemented around the bottom of the conduit.
    It's been up for around 5 years without any issues.

    I just need some form of hard wearing plastic tray to screw into the dome and cut the conduit down to about 1m. I can drill some water holes into the plastic. Plastic would also be easier to keep clean than wood. (edited)
  5. skyking_comms's avatar
    In case it helps others.. I ended up taking the table off my wooden bird table and replaced it with one of these…ils
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