Posted 30th Oct 2022
Went into buy some today,normally at 3 for £1.50, shot up to 2 for £1.50 now.
I put them back on the shelf.
I know we're not anywhere near the governments inflation figure, but 50%.?

anyone got some in their local 3 for £1.50?

Me when i saw 2 for £1.50

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    Farmfoods really putting prices up lately, lot of people I know are stopping going in there now because of this.
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    Went there last week and can't believe how much the prices have gone up, your not saving money against the big supermarkets anymore. It's put me off going back there.

    Toilet roll a few months back was 4 for £13, now its up to £22, £9 rise.
    I thought it was me going crazy, remembering they had those duck brand toilet roll on offer at 4 for £13 after covid toiletpapergate...

    only thing im going to farmfoods for at moment is the innocent orange juice offer(2 x1.35L for £1) , and the rocky 8pk chocolate bars (3 packs for £1.50)
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    Just do what I do, Put them back. they'll soon get the hint when they can't shift them
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    Agreed about Farmfoods becoming very expensive
    No opint in going there now as the only things ever on offer is the out of date stuff
    Still sniggering over the Devito gif and thinking of @khang365 face when he seen them digestives
    i was having a vent in the store,effing and jeffing to myself, my brother was with, he thought id lost it,over biscuits

    i could understand a increase of 5%,10% at most, but 50%....50%!!!

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    Yep same in my local, the 4 for a £1 choc/custard creams I use to buy went up to 3 for £1.50 a while back..
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    Aldi digestives maybe? 45p for a 400g pack
    yh, going to try them, you know if they have sweetener in those?
    The Lyons ones have sugar with no sweetener, a little on the sweeter side, but cant stand the sweetener taste like the ASDA ones have.
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    Likely to be the same price in all stores
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    Ive notice alot like this... I think to myself i thought inflation was 10% to 12%....some items have double... Some added 50p or £1.
    So dunno how they say inflation is 10%+..just means ive stopped buying alot of stuff...
    I imagine some items will go up and some won't (doubt any will go down) so maybe over the average shop the % increase will level more in line with inflation but if you are just buying biscuits then it won't impact you . ?
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    None of my regular basket has gone up by about 14%!

    It's all gone up 40-50% and the product size has shrunk by 10-20%.

    So I'd love to know what I can buy that's only gone up by 14%
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    6.50 for 12 pot noodles now 8.99 price as fair gone up i dint get em
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    Was in Farmfoods yesterday, walked out. How are they getting away with them prices!
    Nothing cheap in there anymore
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