Micky Flanagan show length?

Posted 1st Apr 2023
Might be a reach but if anyone went to Micky Flanagan show the other night how long was the show? We’re trying to book a train back from London but unsure what time to book.

Thanks in advance.
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    Birmingham finished at about 10:10pm on Thursday.

    Officially it was a 8pm start time.

    Ridiculously long queue to get into the venue due to security checks - We arrived about 7:40 and got in at about 8:30 (just as the warm up act was saying "thank you, you have been a great audience, good night"

    At Birmingham, they had a "no phone policy" - after going through security, your phone was put into a Yondr pouch.

    You keep your phone (in the pouch) during the show. Was worried that there would be a long queue to get the pouches opened at the end of the show, but it was extremely quick and easy.
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    I'd never heard of a Yondr pouch. Interesting.


    It sounds authoritarian, but I guess they're needed if people can't be trusted to behave. Obviously they'd need to be made to switch the phone off or put it on silent before locking it in the pouch, unless these things are soundproof! (edited)
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    Be aware that it was also card payment only for drinks etc. Nearly £6 for a bottle of warm Carling 🤢 and £12 for a vodka slush!!!
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    In other words, "how late will we be out-out?"
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    Ha. I like it.
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    I wouldn't pay to be treated like this... even though phones annoy me at concerts.
    Theyll be looking in your "prison pocket" next
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    Thought the title said "Micky Flanagan Shoe Length?" and thought it was a bit of an odd random question! (Probably because I just made a very brief Deal about socks).

    Hope you find out, though He's one of my favourites.
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    Haha! …do you know his shoe size?
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    Went to the show on Thursday in Birmingham. Support act came on at 8pm. He was on for about 25minutes. Micky came on at about 8.45 and went on till 10pm. Getting out of the event was a nightmare.
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    The venue will tell you
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    That’s true. Unfortunately on the website it says 6:30-8:30 but the show doesn’t start til 8!
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    Book your ticket as an "Open Return" then you can jump on as you wish, unless you need to book a seat
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    that will cost more. It would be cheaper to book an early train and then ask on here what the last few jokes were. He usually does some 'My wife is that fat......' sort of stuff.
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    Depends on how long people laugh for between the jokes I guess
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    Cheapest train get up an go… won’t actually miss anything important
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    Does he? I hope it's an 18 certificate!
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