Posted 27 December 2023

Need a work winter coat

Hi all.

I am after a winter coat that I can wear to work.
I currently have a Ben Sherman one but it's showing it's age and is ready for the bin.
The coat should not be lightweight asI will not be wearing a jumper over my shirt.

Here is the Ben Sherman one :

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  1. Nikita_Percival's avatar
    I'm a barbour fan, practical, stylish and hard-wearing
  2. Fuzzy-Dunlop's avatar
    Does it have to be smart looking? I presume you will be taking it off at work?

    Hollister have a sale on various jackets at the moment, such as:…765

    £10 off a £40 spend too if you sign up to their website.
    zworlds's avatar
    Yes, it needs to be smart. I usually work for big names in the City.
  3. psychobitchfromhell's avatar
    I can't see anything wrong with that coat. What are the problems? Binning it would be criminal. I'm assuming you would at the very least be donating it to the salvation army or a homeless shelter.
    Rednirah's avatar
  4. Corkscrew's avatar
    Have a look on Vinted, I've picked up various 2nd hand smart coats
  5. bozo007's avatar
    What exactly is the problem with the coat? I didn't see anything in the photo. Unless you are just itching to get something new.
    zworlds's avatar
    That is a photo off the net. Mine one is the same but in a worse condition.
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