New Keeper Details slip (V5C/2)

Posted 1st Aug 2016
Hey everyone
I have accumulated some V5C/2 slips in my time and I'm wondering if I need to keep them?
The V5C/2 slip is the part from the current log book that the previous owner rips off and gives to you as your temporary log book until the full log book arrives with the new keeper details on.

I'm sure that these can be binned once the log book arrives but I've just purchased a brand new car and I don't want to throw anything away I may need for some reason.

Hopefully someone knows

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as you say, you need it until the full v5 arrives, but once it does it's useless.
keep until new log book arrives.
We sold a company car based on valuation to a Director of the company.
She found out (with myself searching the excellent…tax MOT on early Saturday) she has been driving the car for over a month untaxed!
She had been waiting for the log book and then was going to tax it. Four weeks on no log book.

A few observations-

• I heard we may go back to old tax disc system as there are many many folk who dont understand the tax for the car is not sold with the car its almost a tax on the owner, a bizarre system IMHO

• The new RFL system is totally flawed, and needs a revamp urgently so there is zero chance of what happened to us happening to other folk. Its upsetting to think you've "innocently" broken the law without realising it.

• Changing the old tax disc system was a good idea, but this is exceptionally poor implementation by DVLA of the new system.

Its too easy like us, to get it wrong without realising.

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