[UPDATED] Buy from any PlayStation PSN region inc. Turkey, US & Indonesia at face value with CryptoPay Virtual Visa Card - NO VPN Required

Posted 7th May 2020
UPDATE 17/02/21

NEW METHOD for buying from non-UK PSN regions using a free CryptoPay Virtual Visa Card. This method may well also work for the EU residents browsing this site, see notes below. Tested on following PSN region stores:

Turkey - Works 100%
United States - Works 100%
Canada - Works 100%
Indonesia - Works 100%

India - UPDATED 17/02/21 - Working 100% (Omit numbers from post code when adding card as payment method on PSN, credit to @Serpico73 for testing and figuring this out)

The card may well work on other region PSN stores, however the above stores cover most bases and are generally considered the most cost effective stores overall.

1) Apply for an an account at CryptoPay.me, you will need a Tier 3 account to get the free Virtual Visa Card.

2) Once account is approved you can get free Virtual Visa Cards in both GBP and Euro currencies if a UK resident, EU residents can also apply for an account and obtain an EU currency card.

NOTE - Loading funds to the card is a two step process, you first need to load funds to your CrypoPay GBP / Euro account from a personal bank account in your name, after which funds can then be moved to your card. To keep the card there is a £1 monthly service fee for the GBP card and 1 Euro for the Euro currency card (if you choose to have one). The loading fee for moving funds from the CryptoPay GBP account to the GBP card is 1% and the foreign transaction fee is 3%. Having run a few test transactions this broadly equates to the rates you find on the Google Currency converter give or take a few pence and so are quite reasonable.

3) Add the Virtual Visa Card as a payment method on PSN (adding card on browser, iOS app and console all appear to work), ensuring you use your valid / legitimate UK billing address. The only thing you wont' be able to change on PSN is the default country.

NOTE - The opening of the account and initial loading of funds is not an instant process, verification checks will be made at their end including the first bank transfer you make to the card, have some patience.


FYI - Tested card on Xbox stores, not accepted on Argentina, Turkey or Brazil stores sadly. Sorry.

UPDATE 07/07/20: Barclays Pingit can also now be used via same method, credit to @NIgelK for establishing this is even possible.

We are back in the game, heads up to @BubaMan for the spot!

It is now possible to purchase games and subscriptions at face value from international PSN stores including Indonesia and Turkey using a DISPOSABLE Revolut Virtual Visa Card. The key being you must use a DISPOSABLE virtual Visa Card.

Method tested as working on both the Indonesian and Turkey PSN Stores.

Sadly, the Games Week sale on the Indonesian PSN store has just ended, however the same current UK sale items are reflected on the Turkey store.


Doom Eternal £32.20 @ PSN Indonesia
Cyberpunk 2077 £39.76 @ PSN Indonesia

As ever, an account is required for the region in question, the same principles apply to setting up a US PSN account, as per the guide below:

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