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Octopus Home Mini

Not strictly a deal but Octopus are offering a connected smart meter that gives live usage to the Octopus App.…ni/

I registered a while back and ours is on the way.

Accessing your live data is easy.

You just need to plug the Home Mini in, follow the setup journey in the Octopus Energy app and you'll soon be able to see your electricity consumption and what you're spending in near real-time and your gas every 30 minutes.
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  1. TristanDeCoonha's avatar
    Link returns a 404 page. Try deleting all from and including "%23"
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  3. Justintime12's avatar
    I have had one for a year. Looked at it for the first few days but never used now
  4. JJ900's avatar
    I also have it, well worth having if you have solar panels as it shows what you returning to the grid
    tek-monkey's avatar
    Not for everyone, my smart meter doesn't send export data to the IHD so the mini can't see it
  5. Angel21's avatar
    Also what is the octopus mini

    And is IHD, the display unit (edited)
    tek-monkey's avatar
    IHD is in home display, it's the small screen that comes with a smart meter so you can see what you use live.
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