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Paid android apps to ios

So there is that if you move from android app version to ios you will not get a refund for the unused portion of android.

Is that true or is there someway around this issue ?
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  1. hashman's avatar
    unless in app subscription - there is no migration
  2. CatsWithThumbs's avatar
    "unused portion"? are you talking about a specific app?

    generally speaking though, no, once you've bought it you've bought it in that system and there is no cross over.
  3. TristanDeCoonha's avatar
    Most apps are usually a one off payment, covering the life of the app, so I doubt you would get anything back
  4. bozo007's avatar
    You get nothing for apps with a single initial payment. Those with annual subscriptions may give a prorated refund but most won't and will simply still allow you to use the app until the end of the subscription period.
  5. Deedie's avatar
    I'm assuming from the vague description that this is a subscription the op is talking about
  6. Max_Millian's avatar
    Ok it looks like I confused a few people on ere

    So yeah it's like I brought a subscription based app for android and am moving over to ios

    So if I download the ios version of the android app and use the android log in details will that work, ?

    Ie its based on the subscription login not the os of the ap
    bozo007's avatar
    Easier to try and find out?
  7. EndlessWaves's avatar
    Generally a company can set up their payment structure however they like.

    However, you describe it as downloading and then logging in. If that's the case then it's likely the login details are for the App developer's servers and nothing to do with the Google or Apple systems.

    In almost all of those cases I'd expect the subscription to be tied to the account and not be system or platform specific so it'd work just fine.
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