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Plug for 140w power bank

What plug is good to charge the inui 140w power bank? I assume the USBC cable that comes with it is good enough to deliver that amount
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  1. Willy_Wonka's avatar
    I doubt the power bank is charged at 140w but rather it can deliver 140W.
  2. djandy_2001's avatar
    I have this one works really well and charges my Anker 737 at the full 140watts…YMj
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    The claims are impressive but I thought 100W was the maximum charge the newer devices would demand, but it seems the manufacturers seem to claim if you have a Macbook Pro 16'', Steam Deck, iPad Pro M2, iPhone 15 Pro Max, or Samsung S23 Ultra then faster charging is possible, but yes that would also need a cable capable of over 100W.
    Charging the unit seems to be at 100W so unless the included cable is rated at 140W it is not suitable for other devices that charge at 140W.
    Cables for charging the unit though are available on Amazon. (edited)
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    If you plug a standard cable into one of these, does the power bank know the cable is not capable of that. Or are we talking fire hazard here?
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