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Morning all,

So I don't have a powerbaank and never really felt the need as always near a plug socket to charge up when needed.

However, I do feel for emergencies on long trips this is perfect, but I am not sure which one to buy.

I don't want to spend a huge amount but still want something decent.

Some advice and tips are most welcome.

Thank you
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    52362441_1.jpgI got this one. Works great for me. Also 50% off just now. (edited)
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    Just be noted op, that many airports check to see that all the information is printed on the powerbank....had one confiscated in Thailand due to idea why it wasn't on there but found out the hard way
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    What info were they looking for?
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    The INIU Brand ones that frequently pop up on Amazon deals are good value for money and seem to work very well.

    Otherwise if you want a more well-known brand that's still fairly reasonably priced then Anker would be the way to go.

    Pick whichever model is the best price that still has the capacity you are hoping for. Other than that the only other thing to look out for is quick charging standards if this is important to you - Make sure that the standard is compatible for quick charging your devices.
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    Multiple deals constantly being posted.
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