Posted 4 hours ago

Premier Inn / Brewers Fayre Breakfast

Not sure if others regularly go for breakfast like we do - an Adult + 2 kids for £9.99 is great value.

However, looks like price is going up to £10.99 tomorrow, luckily still looks like kids eat free!
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  1. wayners's avatar
    Prefer the ones with a buffet so we can help ourselves.
    Use on days out or holidays after an early start. It's a bargain.
    Some off the motorways can get busy around 8am and restrict entry with walk-ins
  2. flexeh's avatar
    This is the buffet ones mate - AYCE
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    Some places don't have a buffet. You keep ordering more food from the table. I prefer to plate up myself
  3. AMaky's avatar
    Also used to be up to 3 kids per adult too.

    Honestly buffet, depends on location, I wouldn't want some kids or even adults touching food prior to me.
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    I only remember 2 kids free per full paying adult?
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