Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War CrossGen Bundle [Xbox One / Series X/S] £4.99 @ Microsoft Store UK (Via Free Weekend / Can be gifted x 2)

Posted 17th Dec 2020
Credit to @Kaizuken at MyDealz and heads up to @merb086 for the spot.

Info translated and paraphrased from MyDealz

Xbox One / Series X/S players can buy the game for £4.99 and subsequently gift the game twice to other users (Note - you can only buy the game twice as a gift because it has a cool down timer of 24 hours).

1. Add the free Weekend game to your library i.e. Call of Duty Free Weekend.
2. Buy the Cross-Gen bundle upgrade for £4.99, or give it away!…tab
Community Updates
Read this in a thread by @matwalaboy and think its worth reposting here for those following this thread that might have missed it.

There is a new workaround to be able to play the single player campaign for free on your XBOX during the multiplayer free access week. Here are the steps (with thanks to mydealz and @Andorphine ):
Download the game, this installs the full game (Multiplayer, Zombies, and Campaign). You can checks this under installed games and add ons. File size should be ~93GB.
Make XBOX your home console: Settings > General > Personalisation, and then select My home Xbox.
GO OFFLINE! Settings > General > Network settings > check GO OFFLINE.
Start the game. You should now be able to start and play the full campaign. It's really important that you are offline. You must not let the game connect to the COD servers.
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