Posted 12 February 2024

PS4 game suggestions or change platform?

Just wondering whether anyone can recommend games based on likes/dislikes of other games? I don't like online, multiplayer / coop games and not keen on sport, strategy or beat em up type games.

I've really liked and would play again and again: Titanfall 2, Crysis, Deadspace, Mass Effect (begrudgingly), Days Gone, Wolfenstein. Also, Last Of Us, GTA, Bioshock, RDR2, Unchartered, CoD,

Also liked Callisto protocol, killzone: shadowfall, Destroy All Humans (a bit), Sniper Elite 4

Hated: Death Stranding, God of War, Horizon Zero Dawn, Tom Clanys Division, X-Com 2.

I'd love to play Halo (I think) but don't have an Xbox and I don't think my laptop (Ideapad C340) is up to the task - I was a bit shocked when Steam (Im late to the party) let me download a (free) game but then told me my graphics card is no longer supported. Also having trouble getting my TV to display my laptop screen so I think PC gaming is out completely.

I'm therefore thinking of upgrading my PS4 to a PS5, or would I be better off buying a newer laptop (and possibly TV) or switching to Xbox? Any suggestions welcome!
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    Cloud gaming would be possible on your laptop, although it can be quite a frustrating experience due to lag. You might be able to play the original Halo natively, depending on your laptop spec. As others mention, if you want to play those games on a laptop you'd need to spend in the region of £1K to get any decent frame rates. I don't see the point of upgrading to a PS5 if you are going to play PS4 games on it. I prefer the Xbox controller, so I guess I am a little bias towards the Xbox, but I don't see the point of buying an Xbox if you already are happy with the PS4? My PS4s are mainly used for the PSVR now and I just played CoD MW3 for the first time last night (After buying the £99 deluxe pack months ago!).
    I play mainly StarCraft 2 these days, I guess it just an age thing for me - don't appear to have the reaction speed for those any more
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    Well, an update. I hate xbox! I've never been a fan boy of PS, it was just the console I had. But...Halo. What on earth is with the baby like alien things? And neon pink guns? IMHO, it seems like Xbox is a less, erm, grown up thing? I've gone back to Zero Dawn and actually enjoyed it. My other half reckons my dislike is because the main character is female and I'm a digital misogynist (I've never played a female Shepherd so there might be a poi t there ). Going to give GOW another try, but I think the xbox will be given to my nephew (edited)
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    Those are the grunts Weakest enemy in the game.
    Did you try Gears of War and State of Decay on Xbox?
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    Laptops aren't cut out for gaming unless you're spending £1k+

    PS5 is a good 5 year investment. You can still play PS4 games.

    Sounds like you haven't played ghosts or Tsushima yet? That's probably the game I'd recommend the most based on your list. Definitely start it on hard and take it slow! Makes you appreciate doing side missions/getting upgrades
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    God of War is incredible! Why didn’t you like it?
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    I just can't get into it, not feeling anything for the characters and not keen on the controls. Also it's a bit too much beat em up (shoot em up I like).
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    Can you not play Halo using xbox cloud gaming? I think you just need a sub to game pass?…alo
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    Yakuza series, Persona 5 and Shadow of the Colossus were my personal favourites on PS4
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    Xbox Gaming on Your Samsung Smart TV; No Console Required…vs/
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    Based on your list I'd suggest PS5, especially if you have any PS4 discs or digital games in your library.
    Get PS Plus Extra, there'll be loads of games for you there that fit your tastes.
    PS Plus Extra Game List
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    I'd second the game pass suggestion. You'll get access to all the Halo and Gears games among others. I noticed you haven't mentioned Tomb Raider in your list, the newer ones are heavily influenced by Uncharted, and you will be able to pick up Prey which I think is a massively underrated game for next to nothing for any platform. Control is another amazing game but can be a bit marmite
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    I had my PS4 in the cupboard for a few years, I took it out in march and here's the games I've played and loved:

    Tomb raider ( definitive edition )

    Currently playing:
    God of war

    Have a look, maybe something will appeal.

    When I'm finished with the above it will be:

    Little nightmares
    Rise of the tomb raider
    Prince of Persia
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    Thanks for the suggestions everyone. I tried Prey, liked it but couldn't get into it. Maybe I'll give it another go.

    Re Samsung TV, silly question time.... I can play Xbox games on it... no console required and can use my ps4 controller? Is there another subscription service needed besides the gamepass? Sounding like a plan to me... (edited)
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    Well I've come across a cheap xbox one console so I think I'll just buy that as there's a few other xbox only games that can be played on it that I like the look of. May be a bit of a false economy but should keep me busy for a while! Thanks again everyone.
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    Borderlands 1, 2, PreSequel and 3. The most fun you'll ever have shooting stuff!
    Just Cause 3 and 4. Mad 3rd person
    Far Cry 3, 4, 5 and New Dawn. Great stories.
    Deus Ex. Fab story, shooting and stealth
    Also Destiny 2 is a superb shooter. Yes it's online but I've spent hours playing story missions solo.

    That should keep you busy for a little while!
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    Well I ended up liking GoW. Also ended up playing Farcry 4 and thoroughly enjoyed it (eventually), now playing FC5. I'm going to revisit Fallout and a couple of others...
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