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Let’s all help each other out and post order information here as it comes out.
Subscribe to the thread, and ONLY post information on pre orders - NOT a general chat.
Fingers crossed we all get one!
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CEX are not buying online anymore.

Please stop asking.

All PS5 look first here…ps5
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    A heads up that paying for express delivery on ps direct orders is NOT worth it. Just has mine delivered in under 24hr using free delivery
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    I’ve just got a curry’s VIP CODE
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    Inflation hitting the consoles too, PS5 now £479.99?! Scalping corporations
    The price was increased due to continued component shortages, Which is part of the inflation. In addition in the UK, the currency has dropped from 1.4 to 1.1 (GBP to USD) making imports more expensive
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    In stock at Amazon and the link goes to a discussion thread where there's no sign of a deal, can somebody delete this thread because it's getting lame now


    The deal post will get deleted as it is just a stock notification. RRP isn't a deal

    Centralise your efforts, no need for 100 threads.
    Suppose that makes sense, I couldn't purchase it anyway, goes to basket and no further
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    TheAmazingNoob30/11/2021 13:52

    Finally snagged a PS5 this morning from Game. Waited over an hour in the …Finally snagged a PS5 this morning from Game. Waited over an hour in the queue for the base console, and was sold out by the time I got to the front of the queue, and ultimately I did have to plop down £560 for a bundle which was the next cheapest thing. It comes with Miles Morales and a black Dualsense, which I probably would have bought individually anyway. Now just need to get a couple of black plates for the console

    I got the DBrand plates for mine... think they have been forced to stop selling them now though.. 46265437-xO9Ua.jpg
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    Ps5 in stock at Asda George. Hope this helps someone.
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    I've got a currys VIP code if anyone wants to PM me. First come first served.
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    MadeDixonsCry30/09/2021 17:27

    Lol, I'm so frustrated with people like you, I'm desperately looking for …Lol, I'm so frustrated with people like you, I'm desperately looking for one for myself, but, as I always say to others "Don't hate the player, hate the game".So, good going I guess, LOL

    Get HotStock or check Argos instore tomorrow
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    Sharpie14/10/2021 22:19

    Got a VIP code deciding if I should swap out launch model for newer …Got a VIP code deciding if I should swap out launch model for newer version with fresh warranty.

    Plus give your old to cex for £520
    £70 in the pocket

    Not saying that's what I'd do, just a possibility
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    Lococol24/10/2021 08:42

    Thanks for your opinion but I really havent. Do the maths. I understand …Thanks for your opinion but I really havent. Do the maths. I understand that traders probably wouldn't pay for such a bundle (that's the point) but for a gamer like me its perfect. Its a fair price and I am happy with all the items. PS5 £450, Extra controller £60, Pulse £90, Then £100 for 4 decent PS5 games that I can play and then give to my nephew. All good here buddy

    £60 for a controller
    £90 for a pulse headset
    £100 for those 4 games
    as john w henry famously said... "what are you smoking over there "
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    Lococol25/10/2021 15:59

    I messaged it to you. Enjoy.

    Received and ordered, Thank you very much.
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    I am out of stock any idea when the next batch is due so I can replenish and get some kids their much needed consoles for xmas.

    Cheers (edited)
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    Anonymous User
    milanista7715/11/2021 10:53

    What kind of payment options did they have? Did they do instalment?

    Credit or debit card
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    Anonymous User
    dan_uk16/11/2021 10:54

    Anyone here (that's reading this) bought a PS5 with the Currys code? How …Anyone here (that's reading this) bought a PS5 with the Currys code? How do I find stock - is it just a case of ringing the store you want to visit and seeing what they've got available?

    I just went in-store to pre-order it says it can take up to 6 weeks. Cheapest bundle is for a console plus red controller £509.99
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    Edit: code pm'ed to LiamSmith78

    I have a Currys code for a ps5 bundle valid until 20/11/21. Bundles are £509 with extra controller or Ratchet or Demon's souls. It's £499 with Spider-Man Morales.

    Pleased send me a message if you've been looking for ages and have posted on this thread before. (edited)
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    Save or bookmark these websites ready for tomorrow:
    GAME -9AM…n-5

    ARGOS -…wcB
    OR register here for restock details:…ify

    SMYTHS -…461

    JOHN LEWIS – 9AM…846

    ASDA – 9AM…tml

    TESCO – 9AM

    CURRYS – 9AM…Ltd

    AMAZON -12 NOON…h=1


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    42673525-fBAEf.jpg 42673525-H2hOn.jpg

    Delivered. Never going to complain about Amazon or Hermes ever again.
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    N7SciFiNerd17/09/2020 08:44

    Ordered from very but gonna do a second order just in case first one gets …Ordered from very but gonna do a second order just in case first one gets cancelled worst case I get 2 consoles can flip 2nd for a small profit

    Peeps, don't be this guy.
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    UPDATED 23:44pm on 18/11/2020

    Re: Supermarkets …..Nothing will be available 'in store' to buy. All launch day stock will be via ONLINE ONLY.

    Amazon UK: stock at noon on the 19th Nov. but check Amazon from midnight today to be on the safe side.
    VERY: Limited stock from MID MORNING
    ARGOS: NO STOCK on launch day
    SMYTHS: NO STOCK on launch day
    GAME: Sometime tomorrow, possible 9AM?, but I don't even think they know what stock they have! But next stock due for delivery MID - LATE DEC.
    BT: BT Customers can log into their "MyBT" account and purchase a PS5 from November 19.
    EE: Those who belong to mobile network EE can also claim a console tomorrow as part of their existing contract, carrying the payment over 11 months with no interest.

    Hope this helps people to secure one. x
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    Just arrived woooo
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    Des_Fletcher19/11/2020 06:38

    Facts. Anyone who buys a launch day model. Is a mug.

    Facts. Anyone who sits on HUKD ps5 thread at 6: 30 in the morning and aint even interested in it. Is a mug (edited)
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    It really is quite tedious having to tidy up this thread again and again with the same comments.
    This thread is meant to be for PS5 Order info / help / advice.
    Of course, some chat and banter is fine, but when it just descends into 'Someone brags about their purchases for selling on at a profit' 'Arguing about scalpers' 'Name-calling and fighting' etc it really is taking the thread in a very wrong direction.
    If someone posts, bragging about how much they've made on whatever website selling their various PS5's, please don't respond. Don't take the bait. Please report them. We'll then delete the comment and either warn, suspend or ban them. Please.
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    Just arrived from shopto 42690997-NQ3zi.jpg
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    I am really curious as to how many PS5 orders (Currys) were down to jamie15 and his great tip credit where its due

    Hit LIKE / THUMB THIS UP: so we can get an idea of the numbers....

    @ Hipppppooooo or MOD - make it a sticky so we can all see...

    Maybe we should donate a little something to jamie15 charity of choice as I know he's saved Christmas for a lot on here....

    NOTE: @ jamie15 suggested a donation to a foodbank (SEE ORGINAL NOTE BELOW) if we were at all inclined to express our gratitudes - not obliged but his wish...if you wanted too - TOP MAN / GREAT EGG

    42745315-9J4yI.jpg (edited)
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    So there was a separate thread that talked exclusively about the upcoming launch day order that cut out all noise, but it’s been merged into this one without any warning. Thanks HUKD, now we have to sit through everyone and their mother bragging about dispatches and multiple orders, complaints about scalpers , complaints about not having dispatches just to get any relevant information
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    42712124-8FZco.jpgI might need to upgrade my TV
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    glad to see i helped a fair few out. Good luck with all your orders!
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    unidentified24/11/2020 17:19

    Can you imagine a child sitting on Christmas Day, having wanted their PS5 …Can you imagine a child sitting on Christmas Day, having wanted their PS5 so badly and getting an I.O.U. note from Santa telling them he couldn't source one until 21st January? Awful thought.

    Could be worse they could be sitting in some dirty hole in Africa covered in flies looking for a dreg of water to stay alive. I'm sure the brats can hold out until Jan for their PS5
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    After taking this thread off Moderation a few days ago we now have popped it back on Moderation due to the volume of off-topic posts. Remember this thread is to help other members of the community with PS5 order info/advice/links etc. It isn't here for people to brag about how they bought a number of PS5's and then how they then sold them at a profit, or to belittle other members, or argue, or mock etc. Shame it's come to this (again), but sadly, that's where we are. (edited)
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    I remember getting the PS4 on launch day with Knack at a local Asda. They had 7 consoles only and I was 7th in the queue. Over 200 in the queue for one too. The women behind me drove from York and wanted one for her son for Christmas. As a person that already bought one and online and was dubious about it coming, I offered the console to her instead. The console I ordered turned up the next day. She was buzzing I gave her the console. Don't be a scalper and make hundreds. Basically taking advantage of vulnerable people. If you do manage to get more than one, do a good deed and sell it to a genuine person that won't resell. After doing what I thought was a good dead, I felt pretty chuffed. Each to their own I suppose.
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    Curry's website admin this morning
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    I can confirm no consoles available at Blockbuster or Woolworths.
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    micol12/12/2020 12:51

    It's a disk version and I've bitten I got it for £620 in the end as …It's a disk version and I've bitten I got it for £620 in the end as the box has been opened and is damaged. I've gone against my principles but feel that £110 over RRP is very good compared to most and the price i pay for not being on the ball.On the plus side. If I can still snag one if new stock appears next week then I can always take it straight to CEX and hopefully get my money back? (Does that mean I'm a scalper! ).

    Well you've had an interesting 24 hours

    Scalpers are scum
    Scalping is a disease
    I'll never feed this filth
    I think I'll buy off a scalper
    Scalping isn't that bad
    How do I become a scalper
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    This thread should close. It’s no longer about helping source stock for the average consumer. It’s become a toxic discussion on how to capitalise at the expense of others.

    It has no value and neither do the scalpers continually trying to justify their behaviour. (edited)
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    Looks splendid don't you think?

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    Don't care what some people say, I'm addicted to this thread.

    It's like my cocaine.
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    I grew up pretty much getting nothing I ever wanted from my parents. But my parents are the best in the world. They gave me everything I needed. Now I'm an adult and I can buy my own things, and appreciate the importance of not giving kids everything they want. I don't want to sound mean, but I can't really understand this "poor kids who won't get a PS5 for Christmas". I find that incredibly spoilt. They'll be able to get one at any point in the next 7 years. But that's just my perspective. Of course no offence to anyone buying a PS5 for their kids. Nothing wrong with that at all. I just don't love the idea of portraying kids without PS5s as poor and unfortunate. If that's all they're going to be upset about, then I'd say their lives are pretty great.
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    this thread went from stock alert to dude wheres my parcel
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