Posted 22 February 2024

Speakers for YAMAHA CRXN470D?

All you experienced audio guys out there... can you recommend me a pair of budget speakers to use with the YAMAHA CRXN470D? It has a built in amp so i understand i can only use passive speakers. Budget is £80 max. 90% of use will be listening to my Heavy metal CD collection, other 10% via USB. The Unit has bluetooth out so will be listening at times via BT and wired headphones so did not want to spend too much on speakers. Output Power/Channel (6 ohms, 1 kHz, 10% THD) 22w + 22w

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    I've always been impressed with Q Acoustics, you'll easily pick up some 1020/2020/3010 for that price second hand.
  2. Uridium's avatar
    Look for some used Wharfedale Diamond 9.1 (legendary budget speakers), CEX sometimes have them, always some on eBay

    Should find some in the £50 price range, nothing comes close to them at this budget level…iew (edited)
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    Thanks for both replies. I can only see Diamond 9.0 speakers listed on CEX ( out of stock ) but will check back again...CEX must be a popular place to buy speakers as Q Acoustics budget models all OOS too.
  3. Bigfootpete's avatar
    Active speakers just meant they have their own amps built in, you can still use them with a separate amp as far as I'm aware. But you don't really want active speakers anyway.
    Richer sounds is the cheapest place to get reasonable speakers, but having a look there isn't a lot of choice for your price range.
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    Thanks, i am over 60 miles away from my Richersounds and have to use as i am in n.ireland.
    They did have some Fyne Audio F300 speakers heavily reduced to £49.99 but i missed the boat there as took too long to checkout..might go for some bog standard Fenton DMS40 at £38 new if nothing appears on CEX next few days.

    Ok, did not know i could still use active speakers with the Yamaha..that is interesting as opens up a shedload of more options. (edited)
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    Thanks all for the replies. just bought Yamaha NSBP182 speakers for £40 so happy with that
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