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Posted 5 days ago

Tecknet replacement product

Has anyone had cause to ask Tecknet for a refund or replacement ?

Bought a 100W charger through a deal posted here and it's failed just outside 6 months.

I've emailed them as I found the original email order confirmation.

Nothing heard yet.
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  1. AndyRoyd's avatar
    This is kinda simple:

    1) Visit Tecknet's terms & conditions page at tecknet.co.uk/pag…ons

    2) Wade through all the bizarre meaningless drivel until you arrive at
    Para 5. Your right to cancel

    3) Click on the word "here" within the phrase
    Please see our returns policy here.

    4) Waste your time embarrassing yourself whilst coincidentally wondering why you ever bothered contract with such an arrogant and plagiarising supplier.

    5) Find yourself wishing you had performed better (or even any?) pre-purchase due diligence.

    6) Consider requesting HUKD withdraws the supplier's "acceptable trader" status (likely more wasted time).
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    I had to have a look at them when this thread was posted. Their registered office address sets the tone.

    Personally I also wonder why they are allowed as a retailer on HUKDs.
  2. PonJaul76's avatar
    They replied within 2 days like they state. Asked me to confirm I was happy with a refund as they don't stock that charger any more and the email confirmation of the refund received same day. Can't fault that tbh (edited)
    Willy_Wonka's avatar
    Thanks for the update. It is useful information. Most people don't bother.
  3. Angel21's avatar
    Absolute rubbish products
    I bought an umbrella from them. It was supposed to be windproof
    9.50 reduced from £18.00
    Broke immediately
    Cheap Chinese products
    Complained, twice to them eventually got a full refund

    If you are insistent, they will give you a refund .It took a little bit of time before they replied to my emails (edited)
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    'emaelse' - nope no idea what word that is?
  4. Willy_Wonka's avatar
    When did you email them?

    It says they try to respond within 48 hours & as Monday was Bank Holiday then by tomorrow morning unless you message them later than thursday afternoon.
    PonJaul76's avatar
    Aware it might be a day or two still before they respond if they do. More interested in if people have had issues and they've been forthcoming with refunds or replacements. Don't have the original packaging
  5. PonJaul76's avatar
    Refund received today. Can't complain to be honest. Off to find a deal on a replacement now
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