Posted 2 March 2024

USB C Monitor….ds
I am looking to use the above as a dual monitor set up for our new office space but they have one usb c port and one HDMI I want it to be as tidy as possible. I have used one of the monitors and it currently charges the Laptop which is great.
As mentioned in the interest of tidyness how could I go from USB C in laptop to both monitors in the cheapest tidyest way possible?
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  1. gagagaga's avatar
    That's absurdly cheap for a screen with USB-C PD.
    We use Dell ultrasharp USB-C screens (24"/27" mostly). They have Displayport MST and DP out. One cable to the laptop for power out, video/usb in, then a displayport cable out to the 2nd monitor.
    This won't have MST/DP out ... you'll need to pay a chunk more than that to do it.
    Alternative is a Thunderbolt hubs similar to the £50 one on here last week - that can power the laptop and run 2 screens. (edited)
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    Couldn't you daisy chain one monitor with the other using hdmi and provide power and both displays using the one usb c?
  2. EndlessWaves's avatar
    Connecting them both to the laptop is going to be the cheapest way and will only involve cables and no extra power supplies and boxes so in some senses is the tidiest too.

    Your other option is to add a hub or dock in between the laptop and screens but most are set up to be the power source themselves rather than drawing power from one of the screens so that would mean an extra power supply and it's cable.

    I believe the spec does allow for power to be sent the other way, from screen to laptop through a hub or dock, but I don't know if it's very commonly implemented.