Posted 15th Feb 2018Available: National
Who knew? I certainly didn't


remember Argos is now part of Sainsbury's. So you can now use your Argos Card in Sainsbury’s stores for Normal Credit* purchases at your standard contractual interest rate.

Buy Now, Pay Later is not available on Sainsbury’s purchases, but you can still use your card for Normal Credit. So how does ‘Normal Credit’ work? Just like a credit card, you can shop using your Argos Card in Sainsbury’s stores or at Argos and you don’t have to pay anything straight away. As long as you pay your Normal Credit balance off by the date shown on your next statement, there won’t be any interest charged.

*Argos Card in Sainsbury's Terms and Conditions
An Argos Card customer can use their Argos Card in Sainsbury’s stores, at staffed and at self-service tills. Argos Card cannot be used for Sainsbury’s online purchases, purchases on the Sainsbury’s Retail mobile application, for purchases at: Habitat Concessions; Lloyds Pharmacy within Sainsbury’s; Sainsbury’s petrol stations (including the purchasing of fuel or any goods from the Sainsbury’s petrol station convenience stores) or the travel bureaux within Sainsbury’s stores.
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