Posted 15th Aug 2022
My 18 months on M200 fibre runs out next month. Currently paying £24. The price hike quoted was £47.50 from month 19. Phoned up yesterday to negotiate and their "best offer" was £43. Asked to be put through to retentions and they quoted me £32 "today only, take it out miss out". I opted to miss out and formally cancelled. Retentions phoned me back today and offered £18 per month for 18 months for the same package they wanted £47.50 for!

Just thought I'd share in case anyone else is in a similar position. It's worth calling their bluff and cancelling.
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    Last time my contract was up they didn't ring either, marketing preferences ticked too, in the end someone gave me their number and I rang and said I'd missed a call and they gave me a good deal, can't find the number for the life of me now though.
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    Outbound retentions is 0203 743 6947
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    Do they ring your virgin landline or your mobile number? I've never bothered to attach a phone to the landline, I'm not even sure I have one any more to plug in
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    They phoned me on my mobile as I don't have a landline either. They're pretty relentless. 3 calls by lunchtime yesterday before I finally answered in time
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    Our 100MB broadband deal that was costing £10.25pm comes to an end next month. Was due to go up to £47.25.

    I cancelled, and retentions called back to offer 200MB for £20pm. Not as good as others have had on here, but better than I can get anywhere else, so have gone for it. Also have a technician coming out tomorrow to try and resolve the constant WiFi drop outs.
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    Anonymous User
    Have you split the channels so you have a dedicated 2.4 and 5ghz, instead of them being merged - that fixes lots of problems
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    Make sure your marketing preferences allow them to call you on the website. It’s then a waiting game normally a couple of days and just see what they offer. You tend to get the best deals around price increases so early next year what ever you do make sure you do the dance again then. Never paid more than £25 for 200 and had it a lot less than that for the last 6 or 7 years.
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    My 200mb service was due to jump from ~£24 to ~£44 this month then to the “normal price” of £53 next month after my last discount had worn off.

    The best CS could offer was £28 and had the cheek to thank me for my 9 years of loyalty yet they claim new customers still get better pricing when questioned how much my loyalty actually counted.

    Gave my notice on Wednesday and had a call on Saturday from outbound retentions, 200mb for £20 or 350mb for £26
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    I think its the best u will get is put in partners name.
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    I was paying £34 for M350 and weekend landline calls.

    The best Virgin could offer me was £46 for the same package. I cancelled it as I was ready to switch providers for a lower package.

    I got offered the M500 and weekend landline calls (Home Worker) for £36. I took it.

    After that I signed up for a cheap £6 monthly (4GB) O2 sim only contract and now I am on Volt 1GB and 8GB sim.. Total £42 for all that.

    EDIT: I don't need the O2 sim but it will be very helpful when I roam in the EU.

    BTW Uswitch are doing some great O2 sim only offers atm. (edited)
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    I can certainly attest to the value of calling their retentions.

    I joined Virgin just last week on the promise of 200mb fibre broadband, talk anytime and a 100gb o2 sim only for £32 a month. At no point was volt mentioned so I was expecting to get those benefits on top.

    Installed the BB last week and got the o2 sim this morning. Rang to verify the number port which hadn't been done and in the process of doing that, I was told that I was only getting a 50gb sim which would be boosted to 100gb under volt.

    Told the person it wasn't what I signed up for so got through to retentions and explained everything. Said that if I couldn't get what I had agreed last week then I'd have to cancel. After a long hold, he came back with 350mb fibre & anytime calls for £12 quid a month for 18 months, so if I wanted to keep the sim as-is, that would be a total price of just £27 a month instead of the £32 I agreed last week.

    I said "I'd like to snap your arm off for that now please" and he genuinely said "Just let me sort that out for you now then sir, but i'd prefer it if you didn't snap my arm off"
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    Totally agree - BUT it can't be a bluff. If you can't get a good enough offer you have to be prepared to leave. Anything else they can sniff out and will hold their line. Only those prepared to go will get the best deals - usually. I left them twice as their best offer was no where near enough. Timing is everything and right now they are loosing thousands of customers due to less disposable income around. Now is a perfect time to negotiate. It won't get easier
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    Mine is going from £30 to £63, their offers were shocking, wouldn't match a new customers price, gave my notice, haven't heard a peep from them yet!
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    Keep holding out and they will call
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    Advice to anyone who's with VIRGIN . When you receive the letter saying your monthly price is going up (you got a month cancellation FREE PERIOD) because your 18months 'new customer deal' it's finishing . DO NOT ACCEPT ANY OFFERS JUST CANCEL !! Then ask your partner/ sibling etc to take internet in their name (they need to live in your household ) for a 'NEW CUSTOMER DEAL' and you back to your low price ;). Tons of deals with vouchers etc on compare websites. They do NOT care that there was VIRGIN internet in the house etc. . Best option go thru their What'sApp App much much better than waiting for HOURS for a phone call
    Obviously first RETURN the router and then ask your partner/sibling for 'NEW CUSTOMER DEAL' Internet from VIRGIN. (edited)
  11. MrDealionio's avatar

    First offer £46pm
    Second offer £43pm
    Put cancellation request in
    Called back next day
    Third offer £36.25

    Tried for account credit as well, but she said no...
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    I struggled for 3 months to get a deal, no contract (£35) was cheaper than a contract (£53) then I got Volt (wife has O2) and was offered £22. Usually getting a deal was quite easy but it's been quite challenging recently.
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    I just got 512mb for £26pm.
    I will apply my volt benefits with O2 to get free upgrade to 1gb.

    Can't argue with that.

    Cancel your virgin.. push through with cancellation, say no to all offers from CS rep as they have no retention power.

    Wait a few days and get a text/phone call from retentions department. Decline first offers, tell them your max budget and they will give you the best offer the can.

    Ask for free intelligence WiFi as an extra if you sign up or WiFi pods. Etc.
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