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iPhone SE 100Gb of data unlimited minutes £24 per month / 36 months at Virgin Media
Posted 8 h, 5 m agoPosted 8 h, 5 m ago
Came across this deal and it's the cheapest around. I'm sure other networks would also match if you didn't want to go with Virgin. 36 months. No upfront costs

EE sim only plan, 100gb @ £24 per month for 18 months. Assuming you stick with the plan, at the same cost (ignore RPI price rises), you will have effectively been paid £36 to accept a free iphone. I dislike anything Apple, but this is a good deal if you are prepared to stick with the same phone. Alternatively, sell the phone, and with the money given and money saved, you could buy a couple of decent phones in the duration.


I'm with EE and my contract is up the 4th of this month I have a iPhone 5 with them on a 24month contract unlimited mins and txt and 10gb of data , I won't a iPhone and I was wondering what EE's best retention deal would be as anyone had a good retention deal from them, can someone please advice


If there joining up with 02 surely EE network will change ?


I guess that's why the monthly cost is low. I've been with EE for about 6 years or so. So 36 months isn't much. Usually networks will price match anyway. Saying that, would you want an SE for 36 months. I've had my 6s for about 3 years so some might.


18 months looked alright. What's the deal with 3yr contracts ? Is it the standard term now ? (shock) :p

Virgin Media M100 Fibre Broadband Only £24pm (No Setup Fees) + FREE £75 Amazon Gift Card + possible £30 Quidco @ Broadband Choices
03/07/2020Expires on 03/07/2020Posted 30th JunPosted 30th Jun
Broadband Choices exclusive deal, Virgin Media 100mbps broadband for £24pm on an 18 month contract (new customers only), + £75 Amazon voucher from Broadband Choices + possible £30 … Read more

Sorry to jump in. Have your friend refer so you have the code. Do nothing with it until you have paid a bill or two. Phone and advise that you have not received your RAF credit. Don't give the code straight away as they (depending on who you get) will often just credit your account there and there. If not bring the code in to play. BTW your friend has to do the same at their end. A bit of a faff but worth £100 between the two of you.


Yes, it is separate. The quidco (for me) has been hit and miss over the last 18 months so I don't rely on it these days and I have over £3000 from quidco and topcashback over the years.


Thanks for the reply. Just wondering if we can benefit from both "refer a friend" (£50) and broadbandchoices (£75 Amazon voucher).


The quicdo is for broadband choices I think. So go through Quidco to broadband choices and then to Virgin.


But can you get the £75 Amazon voucher and the Quidco cash back on the top of that? Broadband Choice says has to click the link from their website.

Virgin Media 54Mb Broadband £26/18 mth, £75 bill credit, £50 Amazon voucher from Broadband Genie.
Posted 29th JunPosted 29th Jun
54 meg broadband and phone line with weekend calls, via Broadband Genie. New customers only. £26 per month, 18 month contract = £468 £75 Bill Credit from Virgin £40 Amazon Vouch… Read more
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If your sale didn't track you won't get the 50 Amazon voucher and won't get any Quidco. Not sure you will get the Virgin credit (though you should be able to check that with Virgin). Without tracking this isn't such a great deal. If I were in a similar boat I would likely cancel the order with Virgin and start from scratch, numerous deals out there right now


Broadband Genie stated my sale did not track and I have to contact virgin. I have a contract, web ID and everything. Who do I contact?


Thank you for the link. I'm with hyperoptic, so no use to me but that's a good deal


If you don't need a landline this deal is better, 108mb for around £18/mth


There is an offer in money saving expert for £100 bill credit which seems good. Monthly charges £24

Virgin Oomph bundle £89.00 a month (18 months + £35 set up fee)
Posted 29th JunPosted 29th Jun
The full package Discount now for 18 months and broadband soon to be 600mbs Broadband M500 Fibre Broadband Average download speeds of 516Mbps Our fastest widely available broad… Read more

Anyone know the cheapest monthly (standalone) landline phone rental?


The better deal is they are now offering 500mbit broadband as standalone. The ultimate oomph as a standalone package cant be beaten though, 500mb internet (soon to be 600), phone line, unlimited mobile sim and full tv package including sky sports and bt sport. You cant come near with all those things at that price. This isn't a particularly better deal today as has been said though as its gone up £10 to £89 and minimum term increased to 18 months. Nearing the end of my ultimate oomph package. The internet has been great (my speeds vary from 400-550mbits) and its been great to have all the sports. However compared to sky q, the virgin v6 box is really poor, it used to be pioneering when they brought out tivo with VM around 10years ago with suggestions and recording recommended programmes, but it hasn't really innovated much since then. There is supposed to be an upgrade of the software to Horizon, but this has been pending for over a year. There is also supposed to be a deal with sky where virgin can have more ultra hd content which is supposedly happening sometime this year. My main gripe with virgin tv is that anything catchup is streamed and not downloaded to your box, so the quality and responsiveness doesnt feel as good. The layout of catchup is not particularly intuitive. and my biggest gripe of all is that ITV player and 4OD are in standard definition and not high definition (unlike sky!!) This is a real deal breaker. At the end of my contract I shall be seriously considering going back to sky or even just trying freeview (lets face it, most of us watch more on netflix/disney/amazon now. I would only keep pay tv for the sports now. (i will most likely keep virgins internet though, as it hands down beat the gfast speeds i was getting at a similar price point)


All great until you realise how bad their TV boxes are, so slow, laggy, buggy, mess of a UI and all the channels are still SD. However there are no apps, you'd think they would have at least adopted Android TV or something if they aren't capable of doing it themselves. It would be useful if it was like the Nvidia Shield with all the Channels built in..... but it's not. Plus the thing vibrates like hell, you can hear it constantly in a quiet room, you have to turn it off at the mains to stop it.... but then it takes like 10 mins to boot up lol. Oh and their Router sucks as well, so look forward to sticking it in modern mode and getting a replacement for the Wifi. Frigging BT sucks and the service is so slow, but at least they're willing to give you Mesh.


I get 350+ all day long on my 350 connection. I find most people who say they dont get the speeds dont actually know how to do a speedtest


^^^ Same. Not saying this is the case necessarily with the poster further up, but quite often those unhappy with the speed when performing a speedtest are either a) Doing so using wifi b) Doing so while others in their household may be caning Fortnite or some other online game c) both of the above

Virgin Mobile (EE) SIM Only - £12 Unlimited Minutes Unlimited Texts 30 GB Data (Data Rollover) 24 Month Contract / £25.50 CB (£10.91pm)
Posted 28th JunPosted 28th Jun
Virgin Mobile SIM Only Deal - £12 monthly for Unlimited Minutes,Texts & 30 GB Data (24 Month Contract)
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2 years no way i'm with Virgin now and out of contract,If it was a year i might go for it.


Voda will join hands with Three, who have maximum 5G spectrum but less infra. Thats the only option now .


Your a bit behind their joining up with o2 ,Vodafone deal cancelled.


Yep they are switching to Vodafone in 2021 so gotta take that into consideration aswell before biting


This is a fairly decent deal but the 24 months feels like a very tight noose around the neck. So much can change in 2 years.

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New Linx Virgin TV Telly Tablet 14.1" IPS 32GB Octa Core 3GB RAM Android 7.0 Tab - £149.99 @ eBay / technolec_uk
207° Expired
Posted 17th JunPosted 17th Jun
Large screen Android tablet model VM_MD_001 with 14.1" HD IPS screen (1920x1080). Very good price for a brand new tablet - used examples have been selling for more.

Seller has put the price up to £169.99 :(


Sky Go works fine. I've not had any problems with Bluetooth and WiFi used together.


I'm interested in this. I have a Huawei m5 which is fine for me but also looking for something bigger just for streaming really. A problem with the m5 is that if you use Bluetooth headphones it throttles down the WiFi, so the WiFi is nowhere near as fast when connected to Bluetooth. I think they both use the same antennae or something. Does anyone know if this has a similar problem? Also does sky go work on this?


Thanks for the info, it seems this will be perfect for my intended use. The apps you mention are the ones I was interested in. You've been of great help, this is just what I've been looking for, Cheers 🌞


Yes it does - I installed GPS Test.

Virgin Media Big Bundle for £29.99/month with no setup fee + £80 Amazon Voucher = £359.88 over 12 months @ broadbandgenie
Posted 17th JunPosted 17th Jun
VM Big Bundle for £29.99 with no setup fee and £80 Amazon Voucher and possible TCB With a complete home entertainment package from Virgin Media, you can take your broadband and TV… Read more
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They called themselves the customer care team, so unsure if they are customer service or retentions these days. Maybe a bit of both but definitely call them up, give them a price you want to pay in terms of budget and say you've found an offer elsewhere, can you match or get close to my budget and they'll get it to match or as close as and will generally offer credit or free channels or boosted internet. If that person doesn't play ball, say you'll think about it and call up again in a few days. Main thing is, if you want a lower price, just keep trying. Annoying as it is, they don't automatically give discounts to loyal customers (all companies same) so just have to persevere!!


Did you have to get through to the retention team to get this or just general customer service? I now have less than a month to go out throw the a cancellation request and am expecting a call back from them in n xt couple of days


There’s still time for it to happen. Have also heard cancelling direct debit can trigger the call. Altho who knows what’s happening with their call centres with COVID right now.. I’ve previously been able to call retentions and request a call back from the outbound team and got one the next day


I cancelled around a week ago and haven't received a call yet, I've turned my marketing preferences on. Should I call their retention team?


The real deals only come from the outbound retention team that you can’t ring yourself sadly. Just have to cancel and await the call

Xperia 10 II with Sony headphone WH-H900N (FreeStyle Sim Contract cancel after 1 month) - £330 @ Virgin Media
456° Expired
Posted 16th JunPosted 16th Jun
As per their site,we can take FreeStyle Contract for 24 or 36 months and pay for device in full (324) any time and can cancel sim plan after 1 month(cheapest 6pm for 1GB) which is … Read more
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Thanks. If you ever happen to get one of the film-type protectors (ie not the tempered glass type) I'd be interested to know where you get it from. Seem to be not many around!


I didn't no, just the usual bit of film that came on the screen


Out of interest, did you get a screen protector for this?


Answering my own question: Sony tell me they won’t be selling dual SIM variant of this phone in the UK.


I was told I wouldn't be charged £6 for the first month as it's still in the 14 day cooling off period. We shall see if that is the case though!

Unlimited minutes + Unlimited Texts + 8GB data for £8 Per month / 12 months at Virgin Media
Posted 16th JunPosted 16th Jun
Great Deal from Virgin Mobile. Unlimited minutes + Unlimited Texts + 8GB data comes with Roam Like home in EU and Wifi-Calling and Tethering. Great Deal and can also add family … Read more

Seems like a good time to take a iphone out 14 days before lol


Seems nice of virgin, double next year then


Not this year... got this text message 2 weeks ago Hi, it's Virgin Media. As the coronavirus is causing such an uncertain time for everybody right now, we won't be raising our mobile plan prices in line with Retail Price Index inflation in 2020. So, your monthly mobile plan cost will stay the same this year. For info, see


Third party care, since Liberty Global


Virgin customer service is non existent! When they cannot answer your enquiry they simply disconnect the call and wash their hands of any responsibility dont know how they are still in business I'm now on three much better customer service and much better plans

Deanston Virgin Oak Single Malt Scotch Whisky 70cl 46.3 % ABV £29.95 at Amazon
181° Expired
Posted 15th JunPosted 15th Jun
We make our Virgin Oak the traditional way, using 100% local, Scottish ingredients, our own water and our own electricity Our whisky is aged in 100% American Oak casks before being… Read more

Virgin oak....Touching (pirate)


Remember that an age statement is only the age of the youngest whisky in the bottle. Something that is NAS could contain some older whisky married with some younger spirit - see Laphroaig Lore for example, which is NAS and contains some 21yr Laphroaig.


The above comments sum up this whisky perfectly. The Virgin Oak is a great whisky when compared against other non age statement (NAS) whiskies at similar price points. It is also a great introduction to whisky for anyone taking their first steps. The Deanston 12 is a brilliant whisky and has received a lot of praise. It is probably one of the best bang-for-buck whiskies on sale. Both whiskies are non-peated and suited to those who like complex, floral and delicate notes to their whisky. In conclusion: It is difficult to recommend the Virgin Oak over the 12, but it is easy to recommend it over almost any other whisky at the same price point. Disclaimer: taste is subjective etc. etc. etc.


Wish more would put an age statement on younger malts...Ardbeg 5 is great and there are some belting indy bottlings with younger age


We should grateful someone is doing this with younger whisky. Comparing this with its outstanding bigger brother is unfair. Try comparing it to a NAS Jura and you find this a very clear winner

£100 off PLUS 2 Free Bottles at Virgin Wine - Obscenely Huge Reds Case £128.88
-100° Expired
Posted 10th JunPosted 10th Jun
You can get up to £100 off red wine plus two free bottles. First click this link for the £100 off red wine bundle. There are other selections on this link with a lower denomina… Read more
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I had an introductory box from VW a couple of months back and all the wines were really good, including the Black Pig mentioned above. I've recently had another mixed red box which has been quite disappointing, certainly no better than a careful supermarket selection. I'm going to give them one last go then cancel the subscriptions if the choices are mediocre. Just looked at the selection. The Perez Cruz is top quality.


I agree. I’m sad I missed the magnum on Laithwaites for some of the 12 bottle offers as Santander are doing 20% cashback at the moment as well.


Only the prize seems great the last few years


Be better off getting 12 Rex mundi,Cabalie,black stump and a free magnum delivered for £90 imho. So for that reason I’m out on this occasion sorry op


With lots of us having to spend a significant amount of time cooped up at home, having a well-stocked wine rack will be more important than ever, and we’ll be delighted to bring some much needed enjoyment to your doorstep! Use your £20 VOUCHER on any wines you like - just pop 12 or more bottles into your basket, with a minimum value of £99.48 and we'll deduct the £20 there and then. What are you waiting for? Get cracking!

Virgin Media 54Mb Broadband £26/12 mth, £75 bill credit, £50 Amazon voucher from Broadband Genie.
203° Expired
Posted 10th JunPosted 10th Jun
Go via Broadband Genie Virgin Media* link and you'll pay £26/mth, but Virgin will apply a £75 bill credit to your first bill. You will also be able to claim a £50 Amazon voucher fr… Read more

OK thanks. Its expiring tomorrow


Thanks to "shayanden" for find this deal (y)


I haven't gone for the deal yet, waiting for a few weeks for current contract to expire. Not upgraded my TCB yet either


Have you upgraded? Did the cashback increased?


Virgin Media - Ultimate Oomph Bundle - down to £79 a month / 12 months + £35 set up fee + Free TV/£150 Credit
304° Expired
Posted 8th JunPosted 8th Jun
Hi, The Ultimate Oomph Bundle is down to £79.99 from 99.99 a month for 12 months. You can also get either a 43” LG TV or a £150 bill credit. This offer is valid for the next 3 d… Read more

yeah totally agree, was just interested what model we were getting


Not yet- I think it makes sense that you need to get through a month before they send out the TV. If you were to cancel after 2 weeks, which you're allowed to I think, they'd have a nightmare getting the TVs back from people. Expect it to arriive a little after 1 months usage of the new virgin.


sorry for the late post on the expired deal, i got the offer and was installed on saturday and recieved an email saying i will recieve my free gift ( 43" lg tv) in 2 8 days. Has anyone already recieved theirs or know what model the tv is?


I've not done it myself with landline as I don't use it. Only use mobile. But Google should be able to find someone who has done it and made a guide. (y)


Ok and is it easy to port back to virgin land line

Virgin Media broadband 350Mb and Phone on Oomph Package £39pm / 12 month contract + £35 setup = £503 + a 5Gb sim with unlimited mins & text
-111° Expired
Posted 7th JunPosted 7th Jun
Virgin Media broadband 350Mb and Phone. This deal is part of Oomph Package which includes a 5Gb sim with unlimited minutes and text. In the event of outage your sim will be given … Read more
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I've enjoyed reading this thread. I've been swearing at the TV for COD having lag issues (the three orange boxes) but now I realise it's a VM thing!


Hi @DharujanNathan thanks for sharing your first deal with us, I've added some additional information to the title including contract term length and the sim added benefit. For those wanting higher speed internet access and a shorter contract term it's one to consider if reviewing availability options for your postcode. If you are a Virgin Customer personal feedback on how you've found them with customer service would be great if you could share that too with us (y)


This is my second year with VM and there are three things I'll point out if you are thinking of moving to them. 1. Their customer service is non existent. Since Covid, I have lost internet for 5 consecutive days and this was only fixed in the 5 days as I was spending between 1 to 2 hours a day chasing them. Had they of not sent the engineer at my request, it would most likely not be fixed now. 2. Their billing system is shocking. You're fine if you stay on the package you started them with, but if you make any changes, they totally cock the bill up and after 4 months of chasing them, even VM customer service team appear to have given up and have directed me to CISAS (Communication & Internet Services Adjudication Scheme). 3. I pay for 350mb, but for the last 3 months I average anything between 20mb and 100mb. I have had multiple engineer visits, but nothing has improved. The so called technical support have suggested that WiFi boosters will fix all of my problems, even though I have never complained about WiFi as most of connections are hard wired. As soon as another provider in my area can support anything over 100mb, I am off.


Now issues with speeds until we had to replace our router, on 2.5 we went from 100mbps to around 10 and as low as 0.03 with two new routers. CS say that many factors could affect speeds but can’t tell me why there is so much difference between the old and new router. Going to get a mesh and fidget about it.


I have 350 VM and its great. No issues on speed or faults which rarely happen and normally the box down the road. Where else can you get that speed .....if 79 mbps works and you call it fast good luck.

Virgin Media M100 Ultrafast Fibre Broadband & Phone (Inc weekend) £25 p/m for 18 months via Uswitch, NO SET UP FEES (£450 Total)
Posted 6th JunPosted 6th Jun
100mb fibre broadband and phone (including weekend calls). NO SET UP FEES. 18 month contract. Seems like a good deal to me.

No TV the wife would kill me! I'm fine surfing but oh no.........





100M is hardly ultra fast but looks like an okay deal.


Bought a New router on the basis of HIB reviews, bit the HUB turned out to be fine. Much better than my previous Now TV (sky) one

VM100 Broadband 100Mb £24 per month for 12 Months [Free Hub, Free Activation and Free Engineer installation] £288 Total @ Virgin Media
1650° Expired
Posted 6th JunPosted 6th Jun
Follow this link. No affiliate 12 Month contract. Free Hub, Free Activation and Free Engineer installation, … Read more
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Near the end of contract. I didn't pay any fees just returned the modem.


That will incur an early exit fee.


I had changed mine in 2015 and it started a new contract. I clearly remember because I had a £7 loyalty discount on my original contract, which lasted for the first 7 months on my new contract and I then had to pay full price for the last 5 months. When I queried i, I was told that when I entered into a new contract, the discount was not renewed for another 12 months (how convenient!!!)


Just give them an address that doesn't have Virgin services.


I’ve changed houses before with virgin, it certainly didn’t start a new contract how can it start a new contract when you’re allowed to move address on your existing contract or pay early exist fee .

Oppo find x2 lite + 100gb data + unlimited mins 36 month contract for £24 /month by Virgin Media (£864 Total + Claim Free Earphones)
-88° Expired
Posted 5th JunPosted 5th Jun
New oppo x2 lite on pre order. Free handset + 100gb data + unlimited texts and calls for £24 a month on a 36 month contract. Can also claim free wireless ear pods worth over £100. … Read more

It's also available on 24 Month contract @ £30.50 a month which if say £20 a month goes for any 100gb data a month then you only paying £10.50 a month for the phone or £252 in total which is a great deal for a 5G Ready great phone as well as claiming free wireless headphones worth £119


36 months?! No thank you

Virgin (uses EE network) 30Gb data, unlimited minutes, unlimited texts - 24 months £12 month - Total Cost £288 @ Virgin
Posted 4th JunPosted 4th Jun
£6 a month discount Unlimited minutes + 30GB data Multi SIM, 24 months contract, Unlimited minutes, Unlimited texts, 30GB data
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Just over a few weeks now, virgin Mobile signal and speeds have dramatically decreased almost all over Birmingham some spots no coverage at all or next to nuffin'. I use to get full bars 4g reception at home indoors and outdoors. With speeds of 50mbs download & about 37mbs upload, no probs whatsoever. Now it's just H+ that's it & 1-2mbs up&down at at home inside or outside (fierce) . So seems like Virgin Media is no longer USING THE EE NETWORK. I am absolutely pissed off ATM!


If it was 12 month i would go for this but i don't like long contracts.


I looked at this but unfortunately I'm with 3 and dont get 3 or 4 g indoors. But every other network you do. So was moving away from 3


No, that means mobile network code is different (and it's 234-31 or 234-32 instead of EE's 234-30, 234-33, 234-34). Nb, you can easily unlock your phone:


you can get 30gb + unlimited call & texts for £10pm with Smarty Mobile and is only on a 1 month rolling contract, so no long lock-in or credit checks (as you pay in advance). (NB Smarty is owned by and uses Three's network, so check coverage) .

Virgin Media Big Bundle Mixit TV + M50 Fibre + Talk Weekends £33pm for 12 months (£35 Setup - £431 Total)
-153° Expired
Posted 4th JunPosted 4th Jun
Vm is offering big bundle for £33 a month and £35 activation fees so for 1 year it will be £431 But quidco got £130 and VM offering either speaker or £75 credit so in essence it is… Read more
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Done that for over 10 years Rastome but you don't get retentions by talking to customer service ,You have to cancel totally then they will ring back with a deal.Retentions after you cancel are the ones who can give you the best deals.I do it every year,They are still a terrible company though if i could get matching BB somewhere else i would ditch them asap.


@den169 All you have to do is call customer services retention team when you contract is about to run out and tell them what you want. May have to speak with couple of people, but if you are politely persistent, you’ll get what you want. This is what I’ve been doing for past 6 years with Virgin. Last I renewed in December ‘19. I had a deal for 200mbps, basic TV and phone line, similar to the one that’s posted but quicker internet for £31.50 pcm. Payment was meant to go up to £54 as they do silly 12month promo contracts and then it goes up. First person on the phone said it’s not possible, so I politely asked to speak with her supervisor. Waited another 5mins and said I want the same service for the same money as I was happy with it or I’m leaving, 2 seconds later the answer was “OK, no problem, all sorted”. 15 minutes on the phone once a year won’t hurt me, they keep the customer and I have no hassle with changing providers, even if there may be something out there £2 cheaper. And people on management level realise that or are being trained to retain customers (hence name of department). After all in business it’s cheaper to keep a customer from leaving than attract a new one. I never had issues with Virgin and have been moving every 6-12 months (at least 5 times) for the 4 years prior to house I live in now. It’s simple as - if you don’t ask, you don’t get.


Received call today was offering only M50 for £26.i straight said no (lol)


Virgin are utter garbage. I haven't had Internet in six months. Multiple engineer visits, takes days to actually speak to someone following any event as you have to use the garbage app or generic number for contact and explain the issue to five different people before getting to someone who can do something. And virgin media are outright lying scum, the tier one tech guy in India told me today I need to pay for a greater than 100mb package to get better than 600m/s latency because I use 500gb a month data (fierce) The only solace is I'm not alone, just check their twitter or reviews online. Regulator should take their license.


They will ring you with a deal a few days before the 30 days are up.

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