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Virgin Mobile Sim 60 gb for price of 20gb - 12 Months at £20 pm / Term £240 @ CPW
Found 9 h, 12 m agoFound 9 h, 12 m ago
Virgin Mobile SIM 60gb for price of 20gb. 12 month contract from Carphone warehouse. Apologies if put up previously. Can't see it though.
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Same price for 100gb direct from virgin


Cold deal. Better deal here for the same price.

Virgin media super fast broadband 108 mb average and phone - £28 x 12 month contract no set up fees through uswitch
Found 18th SepFound 18th Sep
Been looking about this seems decent faster n cheaper than sky max fibre
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Upload speed is awful on the 100Mb deal, 6.5Mb/s, it beats ADSL2 but seriously it's real fibre you should get 100Mb up and down...


That’s simply not true/accurate as an all encompassing statement. It might be the case for you, but I get a constant 210Mbps on my 200Mbps service.


That's what I've been doing, but I find that every department just don't care. I've managed to get my bill down from £29 to £21, but they even screwed up my first bill. Even sent an email to the CEO, but didn't get a response for five days!... And don't get me on the so called technical department. They haven't got a clue.


My advice, complain complain complain. Been with them for 2 months, had problems with actually communicating with the offshore team, so go £5 off my £27 bill per month for the rest of the contract. Then had a problem with my phone line, got £50 off as a goodwill gesture. If you don't complain to their head office, sadly, nothing is going to change.


Does anyone have the hub? Is it trash for more than 4 devices?

Direct flights UK to Vegas with Virgin £333 @ Travel Trolley
15/03/2019Starts at 15/03/201920/03/2019Expires on 20/03/2019Found 17th SepFound 17th Sep
Amazing price for direct flights from London Gatwick to Las Vegas Return Perfect flight times in my opinion. I have just booked a little break for the boys! I’ve never seen flight… Read more
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Not just that but March is hectic in Vegas, huge conferences, college basketball, St Patricks Day and Spring Break result in extortionate hotel prices


Maybe they're very popular! Most peeps just buy air fares! If you get your ticket & travel with no hassle. What's there not to like! (y)


This is due to it being March. Vegas is cold still in March and you'll have to check when the hotels re-open their pools.


that's a very good deal. there was a deal earlier on HUKD with BA which included hotel for £550 ( ish )


I have used them and they were fine

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*Now live* SIMO - 100Gb Data / 5000 Mins / Unlimited Texts £20pm on a 12 Month Contract - Total £240 @ Virgin Mobile
27/09/2018Expires on 27/09/2018Found 17th SepFound 17th Sep
Now live until 27th Sept Loads of data included with this - 100GB 4G / 5000 Minutes / Unlimited Texts for £20 per month. So totals £240 over the 12 month contract length. The off… Read more

Loooooooooool, no comment, but I hear. :-D


I'm in London, and with 3UK too ... In answer to your question, it's a 50/50 really?. As/when I'm in the Woolwich (South East London) area, to say I sometimes get dire 'service', is an understatement. :-( Lol. But when I'm East London - Ilford, Barking, East Ham, Canning Town, Stratford, etc (irrespective of where, etc?), I have no issues with service whatsoever ... So your sayings are not a conclusive answer per say?. As (even in London), it really depends on the 'location location location?, hehehehe.


Hmmmmmmmmmmmm, interesting that, but true enough though (unfortunately), as per my own experience over time on earlier other Networks some Year's back ... Line Rental hikes, Text Message hide's (yes, there was once a time that text messages rained as king! - before BBM/Whats App came along, lol). Yeh, those Network's know how to be 'creative' with some of their customer's I believe, lol.


There was some incidents a few years ago where they did this because the tariffs weren't economical any more. Three did the same thing as have the rest over time. All the affected customers were out of contract and on really old tariffs so free to accept the tariff change, a new one or leave. This deal is a 12 month contract. Because of that Virgin aren't likely to up the price mid contract other than by the RPI in July (like every network does now unfortunately). If they do you will be free to leave as per OFCOM's rules


You're completely wrong on that. For a start EE don't do their Max plans on Sim only anymore, all speeds on SIMO go to a maximum of 60 Mbps. Virgin's maximum speed it 50Mbps (though it has been known to go higher this is what they quote) but given most people are a) not likely to get those speeds & b) not notice any difference in those speeds the 10Mbps difference is academic. EE also don't stop data for everyone else if there are lots of EE Max customers around and Virgin don't have any less access to it Either. Certainly Vodafone and the rest suffer just a much from congestion in places. At my workplace congestion with Voda is awful at home the network flies. What you do miss out on with Virgin though is the 800MHz spectrum, which only EE and BT Mobile have access to on the EE network. This only really matters if you are interested in VoLTE rather than a phone call dropping back to 3G/2G. For some people signal issues will mean that this is important. For the vast majority it isn't important. They probably won't be able to access it anyway as only certain handsets are supported and it's not even rolled out everywhere yet. Virgin don't have WiFi calling either again this may be important to some but not the majority at the moment for similar reasons. Virgin do have access to loads of wireless hotspots though. Virgin are what is called a Full MVNO This is different to light MVNOs such as ASDA, Vetctone et al which are light MVNOs. Virgin supply their own SIMs with their own number allocations from Ofcom. They also control the call, text and data exchange interfaces meaning they have greater access to the network and more control with what they do with it. With light MVNOs these would be handled by the network. Being a full MVNO means that Virgin can be offer competitive and highly customised tariffs. Sky are also a Full MVNO but I don't think any of the others not owned by networks are. Like all networks, EE & Virgin are decent networks but only if you can get a signal and decent data where you are. Everyone is going to be different on this so saying that people are much better on X network is a bit silly. They may be if they live where you live and go to the same places you go to but they probably don't so it's about finding the network that works best for them. My advice would be to get a few PAYG sims and try the network out for signal. You probably won't even have to top them up, just pop them in and check the signal bars.

Save on Virgin Experience Days/Buy-a-Gift etc using Zeek vouchers - See op
Found 17th SepFound 17th Sep
Okay so semi complicated so stay with me on this one! So if you are looking to use Virgin Experience Days/Buy-a-Gift etc then there is a way to save quite a bit in the meantime I… Read more

I was buying a bike in Halfords and bought £320 worth of vouchers, felt bad for poor lad entering all numbers at till but works great. Always withdraw topcashback to zeek now.


Usually a quick fumble in the dark and very unmemorable!


thanks dannyboiz! I get why people don't get it though, a lot of to-ing and fro-ing but it all adds up


16% ive been getting :)


Think this may have gone unfairly cold just because people don't understand it! haha. Brave effort (y) (highfive)

Non-stop from London, UK to Las Vegas, USA for only £284 roundtrip on Virgin Atlantic @ Skyscanner
Found 16th SepFound 16th Sep
Non-stop flights from London, UK to Las Vegas, USA for only £284 roundtrip with Virgin Atlantic. DEPART: London, UK ARRIVE: Las Vegas, USA RETURN: London, UK DATES: Limited ava… Read more

Read an article recently about the airline sites that seem to track you via cookies and push the price up each time you visit. The article tested with a second, separate PC and found cheaper prices. It can be worth clearing cookies from the last hour, or using a different browser when you come to make the booking to avoid this. However, your post sounds more like the main site getting a list of all prices every so often and it not updating that price list when you went through booking and the site rechecked the specific current price for you.


About a month back I found return half term flights from LHR to LAX for 4 for £1500. I went though the checkout, entered my card details and then it said the price has increased by £1000. Came out of the screen and tried again, price still said £1500, went though checkout and again the message that the price had increased by £1000. I didn't book but twice I entered my details and payment details. It's not always the price it says on the screen with VA.


No, it’s first class for 350 quid. Jeez


Says the guy posting deals on Richmond sausages talking about how they can be microwaved. LOL


If you are going to copy and paste a "deal" from another site (SecretFlying) I think it's only fair to give them a link/credit? Also, Skyscanner is just a comparison site so the deal is not "from Skyscanner" it's from whatever OTA is listed in the Skyscanner search results (and many of these have awful reviews on Tripadvisor etc). In most cases you are better off booking direct with the airline rather than some third party you have never heard of and for longhaul if you use complete savings cashback you can get 10% cashback on many airlines including Virgin, which means the price works out similar to or cheaper than the OTA's anyway.

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virgin media retention deal - Full Bundle with Vivid 200 and weekend calls. £45pm x 12 months = £540
LocalLocalFound 15th SepFound 15th Sep
just got a retention deal with virgin media after handing in 30 day notice. I have full house bundle with vivid 200 and weekend calls. was paying £70 with £9 discount when cancelli… Read more
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I cancelled last Monday after 20 years a customer. No call back yet and my profile preferences are set to allow. They’ve sent me a returns box for the kit so I suspect that’s a see-ya-bye.


30 day cancellation? Or is it anytime within 30 days


Had a call from loyalty team or who ever they are today. Said it was his job to stop me cancelling. Asked if it was just price which I replied yes. (Vip package, 2 x V6, 200mbs and unlimited phone). Said what were you offered I said £80 for lot he said did you think that wasn’t good enough, yep wanting better deal then phone line went dead (lol) (lol) (lol) (lol)


Thats all they offered me


Not really a rip off? £24 x 12 is £288, £238 after the credit or £19.83 per month for phone line and 200MB broadband (similar price just for the landline these days). If you Pay line rental saver (still available?) up front you can get that down to around £17.16 a month.

Virgin media 50mb fibre - £17 pm + 50 bill credit - £154 total - £12.83 per month (Retention Deal)
Found 15th SepFound 15th Sep
After giving notice to virgin after the price hike email, received 3 calls from virgin to offer me this retention deal. I have asked them to cancel my phone line as I never used t… Read more

29 pounds for 50mb deal the prices getting worst eachday. if your phone line can handle nowbroadband for 38mb for £20 with cashback.


I just had call back next day after cancelling, the chap was a right *****. Offered me £29 for 50mb & e+w calls (was £21 and goes up to £48 next month lol!) and I laughed, told him a Sky offer I had and he just said "good luck with sky" and cut off the call and didn't even let me reply. Totally unprofessional.


I cancelled a month ago tomorrow and missed the call back. I called last week and said I missed the call back and they left a note to call me. Luckily they rang today and I got £22 for the Vivid 100 (guaranteed price for 18 months) with no phone and £30 credit. Others may say they beat that but I'm happy.


I Got this today for £16 with £50 bill credits I quoted the NOWBRoadband package they give it to me for £16


Call 150 cancellations department say I would like to hand in my notice due to your yearly ridiculous price rise.

No more Friday afternoon Peak train fares on Virgin Trains
26/10/2018Expires on 26/10/2018Found 14th SepFound 14th Sep
Lower train fares on Friday afternoons until 26th October 18, from London Euston. Summer is like one long Friday feeling, and we’re dragging summer out as long as we can. Right th… Read more

Yeah...but still very pricey for something that is already expensive.


Shouldn't have to do that,we in the UK have the most expensive rail network/fares in Europe :{


Fly or split your ticket, it'll be a fraction of that


Exactly, first class people tend to subsidise the service too or it'd be even more expensive!


Hey I wonder if these tickets come with a seat? I’m my experience they don’t

Iphone Xs Pre order £41 p/m  1000 minutes -  Unlimited texts 1GB 36 months £1476 @ Virgin media
Found 14th SepFound 14th Sep
Iphone Xs Pre order Cheastest I could find £41 Note* I have SIM only atm and they send me an offer for £250 cash back if I trade in my iPhone 7
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I love it when people go all out to defend their bad decisions (lol) (lol) (lol) (lol)


Even ypu know that isnt true plus you also know iphones are Chinese phones too dressed up in American marketing


(lol) (lol) (lol) That was a good jab at trying to be funny lolz Keep it up


I was referring to just this one. The other ones don’t have “real reasons” as such.


Fair dos then why does every apple XS deal on the new page go cold no matter what then?

Virgin Media Broadband Fibre 200Mbps 12 Month Contract £27.00p/m £30 credit! (£294 total) - Retention
Found 13th SepFound 13th Sep
Virgin Media Broadband Fibre 200Mbps 12 Month Contract £27.00p/m £30 credit! Just call to cancel existing package. Excuse can be price rise or not happy with service. Go through … Read more
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I haven't heard back yet - open to actually moving on though, seems like there's some good cashback deals with BT etc. so I might give that a go! Not sure if I should re-call them and give it another go, or wait it out - I suppose I'm concerned they'll never call after they changed my contact preferences, because it said they change may take 28 days when I switched it back...


They rang me the next day when i cancelled it.


How long to ring back ?




I got 100Mbit for £20pm for 18months, plus £50 credit. I tried to push for 200Mbit for that price but she wouldn't budge - it would have been £25

Free Toshiba 32 Inch Smart TV plus £100 Amazon Voucher with selected TV bundle Including BT Sport, Sky Sports and Ultrafast Fibre Broadband at Virgin Media (New Customers Only) via Vouchercodes *Ends TODAY*
Found 12th SepFound 12th Sep
Currently Virgin Media is giving 32" TV Smart TV with seclected bundle but you get extra £100 if you go through it with Vouchercodes. Free Toshiba 32 Inch Smart TV plus £100 Amaz… Read more
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They are virgin mugs paying them full price CEO laughing all the way to the bank rolling in new cars parked outside virgin headquarters.ahahah


Don’t know why more people who just have broadband are not doing the same..especially if you have been with them for years


Rochester, you play the hard way even emailing the CEO like your style. (highfive)


Which is expensive just for broadband


Brilliant thanks for the answer, i remember a year ago i saw in a showroom they had an offer for 18 pounds for internet but the showroom has closed since then and dont entertain paying 27 a month.

Retention deal on Virgin Media - £77.50 per month - 2 V6 boxes - Fully Loaded TV channels (inc Sports), broadband and weekend calls x 12 months = £930
Found 11th SepFound 11th Sep
Telephoned to leave, got this deal which I think thisis ok. 2 new V6 boxes, fully loaded tv channels, all sport channels including sky sports, top 350 broadband, weekend calls..
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How long do they take to call u with a deal? I cancelled mine on sunday but still no call


Sorry don’t know that


Yes you can, lady was very helpful


Can you get 350mb anywhere?


I want the 350mb broadband only.

virgin retention deal Player Bundle TV + VIVID 100 fibre broadband + Talk Weekends @ £34 for 12 months
Found 11th SepFound 11th Sep
Finally managed to get this as an upgrade to my Vivid 70, for which I was paying £42. Got also 3 months of Sky Sports for free 8)

Sadly I think the person saying they get it for £30 is either photos shopped that bill or is on a friends a family new member discount.... and that’s why they won’t show the discount applied. Virgin don’t discount below a certain rate, what they will do is drop you to the lowest possible and then credit your account with £50 or £100 to take it down for the year.... how do I know? I worked for them for 5 years. I currently pay £36 but really it’s £40 they just credited my account with £50. (I no longer work for them)


Lol, this is very true, but you still don't need to actually cancel as you have to give 30 days notice. So you could just wait 25 days to see if you get a call (you usually get it within a couple of days) and then can always ring up to then ask what's the best deal, if you haven't heard anything. They do everything to keep you from cancelling when you first call but they can't offer you the best deals as that's left to outbound retention. Remember this for next time ;)


This is my plan, but what happens to my phone number when the phone line is disconnected and reconnected with a different account? Do I get a new one or is there a way to keep the old number?


...I haven't even mentioned cancelling, but simply asked to get better deal to match ones for new customers (cheeky) To be frank, can't be arsed going thru the process of rejoining under my missus name for the sake of a few quids, as it would cost me much more, mentally, if there would be no internet for a week in my household, as I would be eaten alive by kids and good lady herself (fierce)


But also think you maybe and employee or know someone who works there

Virgin media: beat the price hike!! - £30pm retenetion offer
11/10/2018Expires on 11/10/2018LocalLocalFound 11th SepFound 11th Sep
Received this email , an increase of £3.50 monthly from virgin. Also in the email Ofcam have forced virgin to offer free cancellation to existing customers even mid term contra… Read more
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Best I can get out of them is £33 a month for 100mb (£1 more than it is at the moment on the same package) but with a £50 one-off credit. I don’t know how you folk get these incredible discounts.


Called them and was told that it was an ''overlap" because I cancel old contract recently and price increase will not affect my new contract


You said "foreign staff won't want to help"


If you received email , then yes it does apply to you. Surprising , normally don't include newish contracts. Quick phone call should rectify


Just signed new 12 month contract last week and today got email with £3 price rise..I hope it does not apply to me or does it??

Virgin Media adding first 4K UHD TV channel Free for Full House + VIP customers, starts Mon 17th Sept
Found 11th SepFound 11th Sep
I’ve been seeing this banner on my V6 TV guide. Starts next Monday on channel 999: “The schedule is packed with blockbuster entertainment series such as ‘Start Up’ with Martin Fr… Read more

Obviously (y)


It looked very compressed to me last night? Better to watch on UHD disc for sure.


Had an email today to say my bill is going up by £4 from Nov 1st. MODS - THIS IS NOT A FREEBIE


Admit that I'm wrong? I said my LG TV 4k picture looks the same as a HD picture. What have I got to admit to being wrong about you Muppet (y)


Just admit you were wrong you simpleton

Virgin players bundle,fibre broadband and TV v 6 box for recording TV, £100 Curry's voucher £32 p/m at car phone warehouse instore (£27 without TV v6 box and £50 voucher (£10 set up)
LocalLocalFound 10th SepFound 10th Sep
Seen this in c p warehouse Fibre vivid 50 TV newest virgin tv box £100 Curry's gift card£10 set up You can get the vivid 50 fibre foir £27 with £50 gift card
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Am i not going to deal with virgin with this deal though?


Yes I've did that once, but not honoured every time, There customer services are appalling,


They will though apply a credit to your account for the same value if you ask nicely.


Thanks. Imagine if they just offered the same deals to everyone(!) I hear you, thanks for the warning. (y)


If you mention the above, about canceling and putting in spouses name for new customer deals they will hassle you and tell you It can't be done, sometimes the will threaten the customer saying the property will be unable to have virgin again for months if you Cancel. Again the above threat is not true but its a scare tactic they use. So tread lightly

Virgin 1 Monthly rolling contract- 3GB(Data Rollover, free social media data)Unlimited texts and 1500 mins on EE 4G Network- £8 CPW
Found 7th SepFound 7th Sep
Select 3rd in the list. Virgin has stopped monthly rolling contract and this is probably one of the last ones with a decent price for 3GB/4G + 1500 mins, Data Rollover, Free social… Read more
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I wouldn't recommend this deal. I picked it up, and they originally put me on the wrong plan, their regular 1GB plan. When I called them up to fix it, they put me on the correct tariff, but on a 12 month contract without notifying me. Now, customer service refuses to help me when I explain my situation, so I'm stuck in this contract.


that what i thought,.... will call CPW tomorrow to confirm whats going on


I Its a monthly rolling contract.


anyone else having issues with this deal? i bought it but according to VM its a pay as you go sim (even though it states Pay monthly on the sim card)?


I found them average or just above from the past 7 years experience.

London To Orlando Return flights £252 on Virgin Atlantic via Skyscanner
Found 6th SepFound 6th Sep
Various dates Available book via Skyscanner

Virgin have never sold flights for anything like this price in the summer holidays. In the past 4 years the lowest school holidays direct flight I've seen is in the £600s. If you want cheap you have to look at connecting flights.


See in picts date 10 Jan 2019 coming back 20 January 2019


What dates? We just came back from Orlando on United Airlines (never again!) but would like to visit again next year. I can't find anything cheaper than £900/person for August 2019.


there are some genuine deals though. we booked and got flights for last august, similar prices with virgin to Orlando. everything was included. just read the small stuff


Virgin's "Lite" fare (as this most likely is) doesn't include luggage or pre-booking your seat but does include meals and drinks.

Nespresso machine from £1 for Virgin red app members
26/12/2018Expires on 26/12/2018Found 5th SepFound 5th Sep
Virgin red app members (free to join) have the opportunity to purchase a Nespresso machine from £1 when you purchase Nespresso coffee capsules. What’s the deal? If you love your c… Read more
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I make milky tasty sweet cuppa tea with sweetener, from my hands. Even others make it like it tastes not nice. I dont even use expensive teabags and cheap electric kettle, only semi-skimmed milk, typhoo or morrisons own brand teabags and aldi sweetener. Must be me. I thought this was for only £1 cheapest lol, from the virgin red app, wen i seen it.


That's because That's because it was the exact same offer and has nothing to do with any Virgin Red App. And you could have used the offer as Personal or Business. This offer doesn't even work now anyway. "The code you have entered is not recognized. Please try again or contact the Nespresso Club and specify the error code C100."


HUKD really confuses me sometimes. When this deal was available to business customers only it goes Hot But when it’s available to everyone it goes Cold.


I went for the Delonghi Ecam 23.120.B direct from Delonghi with a code it was about £250. Makes a pretty solid cup of espresso but it takes a few goes to get the settings dialled in right and you . Steam gets up to temp nice and quick so makes coffee in half the time it does with a single boiler like the icona or a gaggia.


Which bean to cup do you have now? I can’t decide between a £300-£350 bean to cup machine. Or singing up to nespresso.

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