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Virgin Fibre Broadband 54mbps (M50 - 100mb With Volt) £20 Per Month + Possible £147 Cashback (Effective £11.83 Per Month) 18m @ Virgin Media
Posted 14 h, 0 m agoPosted 14 h, 0 m ago
Topcashback available for £147, making this a very low effective costing. £0 Set-up, with Talk Weekends included, note that the £147 is for premium members, £119 for non premium Broadba…
Avatar MrSwitch
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Just ran my postcode out if interest and when looking at plan details it said 54mb average download but only 5mb average upload. Sure everyone will check when ordering themselves, but thought I'd mention.


Think it's this then


Customer service almost as bad as Scottish Power or Talktalk but not quite!


Before you buy just check the Topcashback account to see if it has tracked to be sure i do it all the time now and always get a payout!


Good price even without cashback Vodaphone just put my 50mbps up to £21.86 after getting a deal for £20 for 24 months i thought it was fixed price didnt know they could up the price so beware folks sneaky these ISP's

M350 (362mb) Fibre Broadband - £32pm + £100 Amazon Voucher + £39 Cashback, 18 month (£24.28 effective cost) £576 @ TCB / Virgin Media
Posted 22nd MayPosted 22nd May
You have to go via Topcashback compare to get cashback. After voucher and cashback, you will pay just over £24pm. If you have O2 Sim, you get Volt benefit too and your speed will be upgrad…

Sounds good to me! Where do you think is best contact them, email them as part of the order, or wait until the I have the broadband activated and stuff?


amazon vouchre offer gone!!! :(


Got 1gig with them, £38/month. Full speed at router through cat6. Drops off a bit obviously upstairs on the mesh WiFi but quite pleased otherwise.


The difference is Virgin is mainly fibre to the cabinet in the street then standard cable to your property. Openreach fttp is fibre to the premises. The main difference is higher latency on Virgin and slower upload speeds.


I have this with their new router and it's amazing. The range on the router is incredible! It's on my ground floor and reaches the end of my garden, the cellar, and upto the loft!

Virgin Media - M200 (213mb) Fibre Broadband - £28pm + £100 Amazon Voucher + CB (18 Month £504) @ Broadband Choices
Posted 20th MayPosted 20th May
Cashback available at around £39 for premium members. We have this, and it does indeed give me speeds of 200mb, they also have the deal with the 20GB O2 Sim card which is £9 more per month, …
Avatar MrSwitch
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Jumping on the conversation part about playing the cancellation game for a better deal, this is the Virgin Media WhatsApp number: +44 7305 327112 Took about 3 hours of conversation (their replies are every 10 mins or so) so have a get cosy but I got a deal I was very satisfied with.


Yes my contract had expired


Yeah, just set the 2nd as your installation date. Although I'd probably get in for the 1st so you don't have any downtime


Can I order it and start contract from September?


Just got a letter in the post 3 weeks before the contract will end. Currently paying £28 for M100 and well tqlk anytime I think, no idea if they set it up right, seems the only details they got right was our address when we first set it up over the phone. Had the landline for my whole life. Gonna suck to lose that. Hopefully we get something good then I guess.

Virgin Media 218mb fiber broadband + £100 Amazon Voucher + £39 cashback - £28pm /18m (£20.28 effective cost) £504 via TCB @ Virgin Media
530° Expired
Posted 15th MayPosted 15th May
Offer is back again with £100 Voucher and more cashback So after voucher and cashback you will pay just over £20pm. If you have O2, your speed will be increased to next available speed. h…

Help! 2 days left before cut iff and nobody has called me back!!! What do I do


Signed up with VM from this deal but considering cancelling. The service isn't due to be installed for a while, but just the process of getting into the online account (ebilling account as they call it) is an absolute mess. Customers on the forums unable to create accounts, all getting told to wait for this or that and nothing actually happening. Managed to get in contact with an agent over whatsapp, who assures me my ebiling account will be activatable soon but I don't believe them. Appreciate it may not be necessary to have access to the account, but problems this early don't fill me with confidence and on the assumption that the agents assurances come to nothing, I'll probably cancel my contract before it starts. Maybe they have been overwhelmed by sign-ups with the deals they have been offering recently, just seems weird that creating an account would be so difficult to get right.


Does the Amazon voucher only come with m200 or can I get the upgrade m350 with o2 sim and still get the Amazon voucher?


it's only allowing me to go for broadband + O2 and that's £37/month x 18m - 100 - 39 = ~£29/month mate


Any deals for existing customers ? Can I join as a new customer (as I’m not current account holder at address) to get a new joiner deal ?

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Virgin Media 108mb M100 Fibre Broadband £24pm for 18 months + £39 cashback + £100 Amazon voucher (New Customers) £432 via TCB @ Virgin Media
255° Expired
Posted 13th MayPosted 13th May
Make sure you log initially login via Topcashback and then click on the link, or else you would probably missing out on £39 cashback After £100 Amazon Voucher and £39 cashback , you will e…
Avatar KingOfSpades
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If you sign up via TopCashback Compare the cashback will track to your account. It's not an immediate payout from Virgin.


Clicking on the link takes me to topcashback link but I cant see the £39 cashback any where on Virgins page while checking out. Just the amazon voucher


I doesn’t shows up the £39 cashback on Virgin page, only the amazon Voucher


Nice one. I didn't even think to ask about the M200. Never mind! It's interesting that they said it was £4 more without the phone, as nowadays all the best deals I see are for broadband only (i.e this one), but it was definitely cheaper to take both when I first joined. As your sales guy said, it's always best to wait on them calling you back rather than go with what they offer on the initial call. The person I had actually referred to them as their "new customer deals".


Yep got mine today too. Same offer for £18 which I was happy with. I did ask how much extra for the next speed and they gave me that so 200mb + weekend calls for £18. Weirdly was £4 extra without calls lol. Guy said the Outbound Retentions team are the only team who can offer the low prices.