Posted 4 December 2023

Warm socks

Can anyone recommend some socks which actually keep your feet warm? I coach kids football on Saturday morning and have nailed staying warm everywhere except the toes!

Socks is my only option rather than footwear as I need to wear football boots
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  1. airbus330's avatar
    Ski socks seem to work for me in sub zero temps. I use Muck Boots which are insulated but expensive. You can get rechargable heated insoles, but I have not tried them, but I do use rechargeable heated gloves on my m/cycle and the are gamechanger for winter riding.
  2. mutley1's avatar
    my husband has thick walking socks that are sort of fleece lined. so have a look at outdoor places for walking or hiking.
  3. jon81uk's avatar
    Uniqlo Heattech are pretty good for keeping warm.
  4. Tyrone_H_'s avatar
    Tesco walking socks
    Tyrone_H_'s avatar
    I do 12 hour shifts outside down port of dover in cold conditions, never get cold feet. They are double lined
  5. Moss.b's avatar
    My toes go freezing. Need like a heating sock lol
  6. tardytortoise's avatar
    maybe boots a size or two bigger, so you can line with foam/cardboard/extra pair of socks/etc
    rob2005's avatar
    Thanks. Tried 2 socks. No difference. Foam/cardboard don't sound very comfortable
  7. AMaky's avatar
    heat holders plus thin socks under (edited)
  8. tempt's avatar
    Have you tried Alpaca socks? A bit pricey, but they are light and keep warm.
    rob2005's avatar
    Thanks. Will take a look at these
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