Posted 31st Oct 2022
I was wondering which were better. The Wera are significantly more expensive. The Wera Zyklop sockets look really good but not sure about the ratchet handles. I only own a small 25 piece 1/4 inch drive Bahco set which I keep in my home office. I was really impressed with the quality of it.

Looking to replace my Halfords Advanced Set. I've had to replace 2 of the ratchet wrenches under the warranty in the past 6 months. Whilst it has a lifetime warranty I'd prefer something that was more reliable. Only used for DIY, I'm not a tradesmen.
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    In my opinion Wera is great for day to day jobs but Halfords and Bahco are for more mechanical jobs. I just dont think Wera is suited for dirty mechanic type jobs. (if thats what your doing)

    If you are breaking ratches left right and centre it sounds like you may need to upgrade to somthing like snap on/mac tools or consider using a breaker bar or impact first. Im still yet to break a ratchet but always loosen first.
    No I'm doing the exact opposite of dirty mechanic type jobs. The ratchets broke when I was doing light DIY. The were only used once or twice during the 6 six month period when they broke.

    The only mechanic job I ever do is swap out the winter and summer wheels. I have a Teng Tools breaker bar, PCL air wrench and Norbar torque wrench for that job.
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