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What shops blow up your own helium balloon please?

Posted 4th Jun 2014
Does anyone who will blow up a helium ballon not bought from them and how much they charge if they do?

Thank you.
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Helium Balloons

Helium balloons are long a feature of all kinds of celebrations, in no short part due to the hilarity of sucking in the helium to make your voice squeaky and high-pitched. However, with helium becoming harder to source, it can be expensive to get helium balloons pumped up. To help you in your search for helium balloons, we’ve written this short guide. You’ll get tips on where to buy helium balloons, as well as answer some of the general questions you might have on the subject.

Where Can I Get Helium Balloons Blown Up?

The most obvious place to get helium balloons are party and birthday shops such as Card Factory. You can buy single foil balloons pre-filled with high-grade helium. You can get a small tank with Card Factory of helium for around £20, which is enough to fill around 15 foil balloons or 30 normal balloons.

Buying Helium Balloons at Supermarket Chains

While supermarkets don’t sell pre-filled foil balloons, some do offer helium tanks that let you fill up balloons yourself. Let’s have a look at the individual chains.

Do Asda fill helium balloons? No, but they do sell helium canisters under their George label. For around 25 pounds, you can get a tank that claims to fill 50 latex balloons. Reviews online claim that the actual capacity is much lower than this however.

What about Morrisons, do Morrisons inflate balloons? The answer is sadly no. What’s more, they also do not sell their own helium balloon tank that let you fill them yourself.

Some might also look to buy helium balloons at Tesco, but they don’t fill balloons or sell helium canisters.

When looking to inflate Helium Balloons Card Factory may be the best option. Most of their foil helium balloon can be delivered already blown-up or they can be sent deflated and then blow them up in store. Most local Card Factory Stores have helium in store and can inflate balloons!

Finding Helium Balloons Near Me

The easiest way to find helium balloons near you is to use the store finders of a supermarket like Asda or a speciality seller like Card Factory. You should also call up the stores to make sure they offer helium services, particularly if it’s a smaller branch of Asda.

Ordering Helium Balloons for Delivery

If you’re looking to order a single or multiple helium balloons for delivery, then your best bet is a speciality party shop like Card Factory. With these outlets, you can order both foil and latex balloons filled with high-quality helium. They will be delivered pre-filled, making for a great surprise for someone’s birthday.

How Long Do Helium Balloons Last?

For balloons blown up from a canister, you can expect them to float for around 5-6 hours. The float time will be much better for pre-filled or shop-filled balloons – around 1-2 weeks. The massive difference is due to the short-supply of helium currently available. A canister of pure helium would be too expensive for supermarkets like Asda to sell to customers, so they often sell mixtures of other gases to compensate.

Will Helium Balloons Last Overnight?

If you want your helium balloons to last overnight, it is best to buy them pre-filled or have them filled in a speciality shop. The quality of helium in shop-bought canisters is only good enough to have them float for around 5-6 hours. They will thus not still be floating the next day if you fill them overnight.