Posted 3 January 2024

When does Boots do its 90% off sale?

Usually every new year, Boots reduce the last of the Christmas stock to 90% off. Anyone know when they will be doing it this year?
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  1. chizzle's avatar
    Last year 90% in store sale went live around 13th March 2023. I managed to get some good stuff from my local boots. Keeping my eyes peeled for it again this year
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    Also, I folow a fb group which is fab.
    Here's a post of people's hauls from last year…55/
  2. Carrie_Moore's avatar
    90% in boots today
    Says 70% still on shelf but taken of at till 90% great stuff .
  3. Naylor664's avatar
    Hi all Boots 90% sale started today managed to get a few bits. Didn't know it was on.52186492-q36km.jpg52186492-OtJMp.jpg
    Mike747's avatar
    Is that a £30 advent calendar "reduced" to £3
    Must think we're idiots
  4. Tyrone_H_'s avatar
    I thought it was 70% and usually they hang it out till Feb/March in recent years as they dont have enough stock to refill the shelves as it is
    iCrazyCarrots's avatar
    Let’s hope there’s still some boots stores left by then :/
  5. MWC2012's avatar
    When all the stock has gone and sold to staff
  6. jon81uk's avatar
    Don't think they really did much 70% last year and it will be Febuary once they've tried to get rid at half price. Very unlikely it will reach 90% off.
  7. jamie.hardwick's avatar
    It was on today £187 saving 91% off with student discount 52190822-7GDvE.jpg52190822-EOFkj.jpg
  8. WaxMechaniK's avatar
    Thanks all, they must have dropped it from 90 to 70% in recent years. I won’t get my hopes up!
    jon81uk's avatar
    I don’t ever remember seeing 90% off, has been half price then 70% off for the last 20-25 years I think. Maybe once they only have a tiny amount left they discount further but I don’t recall seeing much.
  9. bossyboots's avatar
    I dont remember ever seeing it at 90%. Its always the same old tat anyway
  10. CurvedSlightly's avatar
    That'll be the 5th of Never.
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