Which? membership cost and is it worth it?

Posted 27th Jan 2017
as above, how much and do people recommend? Cheers.
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had it before and no, its not as good as it used to be.
Good first few months at £1, then regular price is £8 I think - I had no problems cancelling once I found the info I was looking for.
I have found it useful and recently they have sent me an offer for a free will so it has paid off
I think it is £10-99 now
Look into your local library. My central library is subscribed to the main Which? magazine. I can read it for free. Any articles of interest you could photo copy.
Mine seems to be £11.75/ month.. only really use it occasionally (to check before bigger purchases), read the magazine sporadically (some helpful articles every now and then), always wonder if I should cancel it.. and then don't, but don't really know why not.. you do have the chance to get some legal advice, but can't comment on quality of that as haven't made use of it.. (http://www.which.co.uk/terms-and-conditions/your-which-membership/)
Ideally you have a mate that has one to let you check the website when needed
Sign up for the free month , get the info you need then cancel.
Pop down to your local library & take photographs of any thing of interest.
Please send me the which magazines once you are done with them
yzr24/02/2020 16:35

@tobs84Please send me the which magazines once you are done with them

Are you sure you want his magazines from 3 years ago? Not even worth the postage when they are up to date
yes i am sure.
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