Posted 29th Mar 2020
Hi all!

Yesterday I tried to buy a new TV from Currys PC World for £399, and wanted to pay over 12 months with Flexpay, at £30pm. However, my credit application was refused, apparently due to my Equifax credit report. I've gone to Equifax, and signed up for a free trial, so I can try to see what's wrong, and according to them, my credit score is "Excellent", with only 1 credit check over the last 12 months.

Does anyone know why I might have been refused? I've tried contacting Curry's, both by phone & Twitter, but cannot get through to them.

Obviously I don't want to keep applying, as I know that can have an adverse effect on my report, but does anyone know if I'm more likely to be accepted if I go for lower payments over a longer term, or higher payments over a shorter term?

Thanks for any advice!

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What is Currys Credit?
Currys has a wide product range from TVs to home appliances such as washing machines or dishwashers. In order to purchase some of these products, customers can choose to pay in installments over a longer period of time with Currys flexible credit. Although it is important to note that Currys credit is not available for items for collection or order & collect.

By choosing this option to pay for your items, it means that the cost is spread over a time period between 12 and 36 months. Some may choose to pay the balance off monthly or you can deposit a payment whenever you like. Creating a “Your Plan” Currys credit account is handy since you can use this again if you want to pay for a Curry’s order using credit. There are also a host of benefits for those with an account such as promotional credit offers and interest-free credit.

How to apply for Currys Credit

You can choose to apply for Currys credit before you even buy anything, there are three different methods of applying. So how hard is it to get credit at Currys?

  • You can apply online before you buy anything, or you can apply online at the checkout, lastly, you can apply in-store.
  • All of these options require you to complete an application form and have an eligibility check, part of which is a Currys credit check. But Currys do state on their website that their eligibility check will not affect your credit score.
  • You will also have to show proof of ID as well as possibly authorising payment of £1.01 when completing an order.
  • Once all this is done and you have signed the agreement then you have successfully created a Currys credit account and can head to the Currys credit login.

Why was my Currys Credit declined?

Sometimes, even if you have the best credit score, you may be refused credit at Currys. You might think that this has got to be something to do with bad credit but sometimes it is due to other reasons. For example, relating to the information which you have provided on the form which you filled out. Also in the case of your Currys finance being rejected, it could also be due to your credit report rather than your credit score not being optimal.
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