okay..i turn my 360 on and i coudnt connect to xbox live so i fought somewrong with router when i check router connection with ps3 it was working fine then i fought wireless adapter plug was out when i check it adapter in back had red light and i said i never seen this before on my 360 so i went to find out promblem i tried all troubleshoot but didnt work it still had red light.
    ps.i had this adapter couple mothes ago i purchase from gamestation but i lost recict what do i do now do i have to wasted another £60 on wireless adapter so please help me out.


    Microsoft will give you a brand new free one.

    I rang up and said mine was broken (no lights or anything) (btw, indian callcentre)
    They asked when it was purchased..... I said about 3 months ago.
    They said it needs a replacement and that I should send it to some address (in the UK) and they would send out another one. They also said to put the receipt in the box, which I said I had.
    They gave me a ref. code and I went on my way.


    I sent nothing to them, but after 3 days, I tracked my ref. code on the internet and it said that my 'fulfillment order' had been shipped. I received a brand new (retail packaged) wireless in the post a week later. (Long postage from Germany)

    [SIZE="1"]Another interesting fact is that I never had an adapter in the first place, but just just blagged my way through a phone call to get a free adapter :w00t:[/SIZE]


    Microsoft will give you a brand new free one.

    whats the number you used?

    0800 587 1102


    0800 587 1102

    Yep I think thats the one I used, good luck!

    Tell them that you have a receipt cos they wont give you anything if you dont.

    BTW I did this back at the start of december, so I hope it still works and they havent changed policy.
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