Posted 7 February 2024

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for FULL 3yrs via VPN @ £3.85/month

I've been trying to find out if this is possible and couldn't find a definitive answer so took a punt and can now confirm it works.

Please note this ONLY works if you don't have an active ULTIMATE subscription!!

Effectively, you stack 3years of Gamepass Gold/Core AND 3years of EA Play. Once done, you can then convert for £1, using the official offer (…ate) or via the splash screens on the Xbox Home Screen.

Using the conversions 3:2 for Gamepass and 3:1 for EA Play, this gives you a full 3years Ultimate.

The figures work out as follows:

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  1. vincethebeast's avatar
    For those about to buy 3 years of Turkish Gamepass, please read this:…its

    There are now limits on the amount of months you can add for certain countries.
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  2. aseddon130's avatar
    Not sure why you've added EA Play to the conversation, you dont need to add that to your subscription to then convert over to Ultimate.
    s11auxwell's avatar
    you don't but it then adds an additional year taking it to the full 3 years... without it, you just get 2years although I'm having to jump through a lot of hoops to post this
  3. vincethebeast's avatar
  4.'s avatar
    Great tip Thank you for your perseverance posting. I would have thought adding EA Play would have tried to convert to Ultimate, so wouldn't have thought to try. (edited)
  5. fazered's avatar
    You beauty! I also hope it works in July when mine runs out.
  6. scubashed's avatar
    I see that eurogames have EA play for £15.95
    Had anyone used them before for codes?…54/
  7. SpyJoe's avatar
    Can someone confirm if this still works and it's the cheapest way to get 3 years Ultimate?
  8. SpyJoe's avatar
    Just done this and all I got was 2 years and 5 months, not 3 full years of Ultimate.

    So this no longer works...
  9. s11auxwell's avatar
    Did you apply a full 3 years of Gold/Core AND a full 3 years of EA Play?
  10. Gee123's avatar
    Does anyone know what the cheapest 1mth is atm mine has expired.
  11. comedychris's avatar
    this should be taken down now argentina and brazil and turkey etc max game pass stack is 13 months makes this not possible and people may buy 36 months and try it and it wont work and they will be stuck 2 12 months unusable codes.
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