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As the main competitor of the Sony PlayStation, Microsoft’s Xbox enjoys a massive share of the gaming market. From uncertain beginnings, this versatile platform has evolved quickly and amassed an impressive library of titles. To see a range of offers on the console, accessories, and games, take a look at the HotUKDeals Xbox page. Read more
Xbox One S 1TB + Assassins Creed Origins + 3 Months Xbox game pass £183.20 @ AO eBay (With code)
TODAYTODAYFound 4 h, 21 m agoFound 4 h, 21 m ago
Decent price for a 1TB console + a game + pass.

So it happens to others not just me. I'm launching a support group you are welcome to attend.


Tempted but will wait, few months ago this deal with FIFA, Forza and halo was 200£...


What do you need to sign up to?


100% correct, My nephew shots me in the face with a Nerf gun then he dance's like a knob.


this is £17 less than the amazon prime deal, but a controller less and less games. how does this compare value wise? is it a better value deal or amazon was much better? i think i may go for this as i didn't get the amazon deal, but not interested in this game

Free Survival Game preview of a preview Xbox One Vigor available till 25th july
25/07/2018Expires on 25/07/2018Found 4 h, 52 m agoFound 4 h, 52 m ago
If your a member of the insider program there is a game preiview which is available to download free now called VIGOR which is a post apocalyptic survival game. See here for more … Read more

Wtf so is this why? Is this whyyyyyyy!? DayZ pain, I'll get over it.


Been playing this since last week and it’s got great potential, little rough round the edges but it’s a beta what would you expect. It reminds me of The Division a lot, that point when you have a back pack full of gear...and the treaded fear of someone hunting you down an nabbing it! This is something new and fresh, an it’s from the developers of ARMA & Day-Z so hopefully there will be regular updates once it’s dropped.

adsjones article stating that it will be free to play.


From what they are saying you can buy a founders pack for in game gear (probably cosmetic) but they are saying free to play 2019 exclusive to xbox one.


Is that confirmed?

Ultimate Game Sale - Live until 30th July - Xbox One @ Xbox (Non UK regions)
30/07/2018Expires on 30/07/2018Found 7 h, 8 m agoFound 7 h, 8 m ago
Below is a pick of the good Xbox One Game deals from the Ultimate Game Sale from , there are far too many deals to list but I picked what I thought were some of the best … Read more
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Have you a link to doing on phone, is it using the Xbox app?


I added a VPN for Argentina and got to the stage of entering my credit card details added my home address and then an Argentinean address but both threw an error when attempting to pay?


Thank you! Absolutely amazing price.


Added to OP, £3.39 from Turkey


Having said what I said, the UK are prices are crap. £20 for the Fallout season pass.

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ReCore (Xbox One) £7.99 Delivered @ Argos Ebay
Found 7 h, 33 m agoFound 7 h, 33 m ago
Experience a new masterpiece from Keiji Inafune and the makers of Metroid Prime Build your perfect battle party by collecting and customizing Corebots companions Lead your Corebo… Read more

Heat from me and bought.


Not just enhanced for Xbox One X - it's a free update to the Definitive Edition, which was a huge overhaul to the game, not just graphics but a lot of bug fixes, new areas to explore and other additional features, including the Corebot that was missing from the original version of the game. This is also the Definitive Edition - or it will be once you've put it in your console and its updated. Also worth noting it's included with Game Pass! Not really - the Definitive Edition came out last year, so this regular edition is hard to find new now - but of course as the Definitive Edition is a free update it works out cheaper to buy the regular edition. Although the Definitive Edition is not exactly easy to find either, and currently neither Game nor Amazon have either version in stock, unless it's from third party sellers. This has been reduced to £8-9 before, but with limited availability, and there were a few copies sold in select Asda stores for £5 but obviously with even more limited availability because we all know what those wild goose chases are like. As it's £8 pre-owned at CeX and usually goes for £8-10 on eBay, £7.99 new and in stock is a great deal. Given all of the above, care to explain why?


If you prefer a digital copy, the definitive edition is available via xbox marketplace for £11.24


Cold from me my friend


£5 wild goose chase in the past, and less than £10 so i guess that makes it a nice deal... :/

Kingdom Come Deliverance Special Edition (Xbox One) £29.86 Delivered @ Shopto
Found 9 h, 34 m agoFound 9 h, 34 m ago
Special Edition includes New armour for Henry in-game, and new treasure maps and locations to discover Massive realistic open world: Majestic castles, vast fields, all rendered in… Read more

I Couldnt disagree more. Kingdom Come is the best game i‘ve played this year. It’s important to understand that the game is a proper RPG. The skills your character have a huge level of importance. The lock picking system is actually pretty easy - once your character has levelled up. It’s the same with archery; a pig to start with, but your character improves with practise. Technically speaking, the game does have some awful performance issues at times. Playing on my PS4 i’ve Experienced some outrageous slowdown. With that said, this is the first title that Warhorse Studios have produced, and its incredible. The scope and vision of this game are wonderful to see. Compared to the soulless rubbish that Ubisoft and activitision crank out each year, games like this are worth their weight in gold. As I said, I adore this game. I bought it at full price, and have played over 100 hours of it. It’s frudstrated the life out of me at times, but the experience has been a great one. I recently bought the DLC and plan to play it very soon. If you’ve got the patience to accept the technical downfalls of the game, i’d Say its an essential must-play title!


On my second play through on Xbox one, and can honestly say I've not enjoyed a game this much for a long time. It's not perfect and some of the bugs have been frustrating, but I've had one crash since I've started my second play through 2 weeks ago and pop up is very noticeable especially around Rattay but I just love the combat and setting. I think £30 is a fair price, but there are still bugs to be ironed out.


btw it's currently reduced to around £16.70 on Argentinian store if you have Gold in tow.


I agree. Great game


I love this game. A lot of the bugs have been worked out since release. It’s difficult to start with but once you get the hang of it, it’s great and they’ve added a bit to make lockpicking much easier too. Could be a marmite game though. You love it or hate it.

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The Elder Scrolls Online: Summerset (PS4/Xbox One) £16.85 Delivered @ Simply Games
Found 9 h, 37 m agoFound 9 h, 37 m ago
Order Your Copy Today and get ‘The Queens Bounty Pack’ Exclusive Digital Items: Court of Bedlam Costume Pocket Salamander Pet Treasure Maps Psijic Vault Crown Crate Experien… Read more

Sadly no, TheCroz: Am i correct in thinking this doesn't include morrowind? morrowind did with this for a limited period only. Also the base game ESO Tamriel is not included


I have an account on PC. If I bought this could I play my character on PS4?


Am i correct in thinking this doesn't include morrowind?


Vielen Dank, lieber Herr.


Yeah, it's €21.68 including shipping.

Xbox Live Gold 3-Month £6.00 MS Store
Found 10 h, 48 m agoFound 10 h, 48 m ago
Good offer

Quidco (TCB as well) tracks for £4 as well so 3 months works out as £2 absolute bargain! ! ! ! However, you cannot buy another 3 months at £6, but you can get the 12 months for £26.50, again with £8 Quidco/TCB


Great. Thank you.


Mine went up also, but was thinking could create/use another account to purchase the code as a gift...then use the code on the account you need it for. Might be able to work that way.


Mine ran out last week. Just renewed a year for £26.50. Nice one (y) (y)



Kingdom come deliverance (Xbox one and ps4 I think) - £29.86 @ ShopTo
Found 11 h, 52 m agoFound 11 h, 52 m ago
Redeem your past and emerge a hero! A first-person, realistic RPG that will take you to medieval Europe. The year is 1403, the region Bohemia, located in the heart of Europe, ri… Read more
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Back in stock!


i think this should be heated, can still get on back order.


Sorry it was my first time posting and I've just ordered one it was in stock then I guess they didn't have many in stock sorry. How do I take it down


I don't know whether that would be a good deal or not, but I do know that it's currently showing as out of stock on XBoxOne... and it's £39.85 on PS4. I noticed this is the first deal you've posted so I hope other members are kind and don't post comments that would put you off posting any future deals you find, but it is worth double checking everything before posting though. Have a great day!


Couldn't just search and check for the ps4 price instead of assuming?

[Xbox One] Dante's Inferno (Now available in the EA Access Vault) - Microsoft Store
Found 12 h, 27 m agoFound 12 h, 27 m ago
This one exists, I promise. It's now available in the EA Access Vault to download and play. Hopefully we'll see FIFA at some point soon, in the not too distant future. This game w… Read more
Editor Get dealGet deal

Great game. Yes it was touted as a God of War copy but this was several degrees darker. Would love a remake or remaster of this.


Ohh, hope you're having a whale of a time my dude :3 same, I have my 360, but haven't used it in like 4 years (embarrassed) If it is a steelbook, it must be one of a kind! (shock) cos I ain't heard Dante's inferno having one.


I think I will crack it open. I just put off doing it when I got an X1 as I’ve literally only touched my 360 (which for som reason I’ve kept) bout twice:o


On hols at the mo. Will check it is what I think it is (steelbook) when I return. Been in the cupboard a long time lol.


I don't think it's worth that much to keep it unopened? I would save on buying digital and crack it open. Just IMHO (highfive) Edit: could you kindly post a picture of the steelbook? I been looking all over and couldn't find a single picture of it :/ must be rare then.

Forzan Horizon 3 Platinum Plus Expansions Bundle (Main game and all DLCs and car packs) £33.74 @ Microsoft Store
Found 12 h, 38 m agoFound 12 h, 38 m ago
Get Forza Horizon 3 with all DLCs! Xbox One and PC. The world is yours with the Forza Horizon 3 Platinum plus Expansions Bundle! Explore the Australian outback, trek snowy Blizzar… Read more

No download version for both Xbox One and PC. There is no physical version of FH3 Platinum Plus


I have to say that this is one of those games I have completed to death......twice (everything 100%). Then every Friday, there is a "Forzathon", where you can win exclusive vehicles, credits etc for completing random tasks.. Never really fancied Forza Horizon games before, but got hooked when having a go on my son's game a year or so ago. Ended up buying the "Ultimate" edition for £18 (from Russion Xbox site), but that didn't come with HW or BM or a few of the car packs, so this is a really good deal, even if the game is 2 years old. Looking forward to FH4!


This smells of a desperate attempt to get some money for the game before it's released on Gamepass (even if it's only the base game excl. expansions). Surprised it isn't on there already though, i'll keep waiting and holding my breath :) Great deal though, Heat


Hi Is this the actual disc?


October-ish and free on launch with game pass I believe.

Star Wars Battlefront II [PS4/XBox] £10.00 @ Tesco
Found 14 h, 12 m agoFound 14 h, 12 m ago
Back in stock again for £10 each at Tesco website for both PS4 and Xbox version.

If you use click and collect option and pick a day and time for example i used Tuesday 12-2pm and select no to packing I could have it for £14...But I'm still struggling to convince myself it's worth it (lol)


Was 49.99 in donny game earlier! Cant believe it. Got mine @10. Whats the lootcrate issue?


Still not biting


EA are done and dusted with this game after the the massive consumer backlash that happened due to loot crate (or loot box) scandal surrounding it. Dont expect things like expansion packs to surface anytime soon as It has been reported that most of the development team have been moved on to different projects and there were just two guys left working on the game who are out of their league compared to the specialist skills of the rest of the team who got moved on. if it was £5 it would be worth a punt but £10 is still too much for what it is.


Southport extra had none on shelf, asked staff and they found one out back for me 8) PS4 btw

Xbox Ultimate Game Sale Is Here
30/08/2018 at 00:00Expires on 30/08/2018 at 00:00Found 15 h, 21 m agoFound 15 h, 21 m ago
Yes folks the Xbox Ultimate Game Sale Is Here, its an extensive list so I am sorry if I have missed some out but there are some great titles that have now been added and here are s… Read more
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Battlefront 2 is coming to the EA access vault if you’d rather get it through that XD


I never get these ultimate sales..... each to there own as i rarely buy digital unless its a multiplayer i know i will always go back to halo, gears etc... but the majority of these all seem to be story based games with little replay value. But to me its a push to even class this as a sale.... Res evil / watch dogs 2 / wolfenstein / far cry 5 etc... all can be purchased for less as a physical disk then can be traded against the next title which will more than likely have dropped further in price by the time you get to play it.


;) say no more.


Was hoping a few more of the oXBOX games would be in this. Orta and Conker specifically. I have 99% of what I want on this one, Only the 360 Castle of Illusion remake, but it won't actually let me buy it.


i literally collated a HUGE list of the best deals and tried to post and was told that I had been beaten to it (fierce) I had best prices from other regions too but I can't post it, bravo for the effort OP

Xbox 1 - Ori and the Blind Forest: Definitive Edition - £8 @ MS Store
Found 21 h, 36 m agoFound 21 h, 36 m ago
Half price at £8. Excellent game imho!!! Also Dreamfall Chapters is £8 from £15.99. Ruiner £8.37 from £16.74 Dues Ex Mankind Divided £5 from £24.99 The Surge £10 from £39.99 C… Read more

Is this a play anywhere title? Might get it to play on pc if can cos only use Xbox for Netflix in bedroom :{ Edit: oh, it seems like it is. I'm sold!


It is also great when your toddler sticks somehing in your disc drive that destroys any disc you put it in 😹


One of the best game on Xbox One, absolutely amazing. Can't wait for Ori 2.


I think it's difficult to guess. Ori and thr Blind Forest was released in 2015 (original) and 2016 (Definitive Edition, also physically in the USA) and it's still not available through Games with Gold or even Xbox Game Pass up to day. One thing to notice. Ori and the Will of the Wisps probably won't be released on Xbox Game Pass at launch. During Xbox E3 Media Briefing the logo of that service wasn't shown up. It's strange because they announced every title from Microsoft Studios will be there on day there. I think the agreement between Moon Studios and Microsoft is made up in that way to not give their game in subscription services. That's my guess. But we'll see how that story will develop in the future. If you buy Definitive Edition, original one is included as well. That's good for Achievement Hunters. Especially original release is not available now through official way, like Microsoft Store. It's like 2-in-1.


I too was always pro disc. But for those with gameshare it halves the price, so a better deal imo. That n some games you buy for less than £10 as hard copy end up being more or less worthless when reselling. So the premium for digi games means you can keep the game, taking up no physical space, and Save faffing with the DVD Drive.

Forgotton Anne £12.79 with Xbox Live Gold/£14.39 without
31/07/2018Expires on 31/07/2018Found 22 h, 21 m agoFound 22 h, 21 m ago
Had my eye on this for a while. There's a slight discount for those without XBL Gold and bigger discount for those with it.

It’s alright. At times it looks very nice, but at times doesn’t feel much of an improvement over 16-bit games like Aladdin. The core puzzle mechanic is fairly rudimentary, so doesn’t really result in a sense of accomplishment. The premise feels original and the progression is fine. A solid 3/5 for me, so not an essential purchase.


Our office was next door to these guys’ office. Great talent, but very inexperienced and young. Too bad the game isn’t a commercial success

Elder Scrolls Online: Summerset: Collectors Edition Xbox One, PC & PS4 @ Amazon - £49.99
Found 22 h, 31 m agoFound 22 h, 31 m ago
PC: PS4: The ultimate fan of The Elder Scrolls Online can grab the Collec… Read more

Dam makes me wonder if I put an RRP on my u bend after a heavy night! What could I charge? Probably more than the apologies to the wife!

The Elder Scrolls Online (xbox) £7.50 with Gold
Found 22 h, 44 m agoFound 22 h, 44 m ago
On sale from the Xbox store. You'll need Xbox Gold/Live to play this. Great game, good for people new to mmos too. Includes The Elder Scrolls Online base game and the Morrowin… Read more
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Get it from me for £6


I used to be a gamer, like you, then I took a controller in the knee.


What's your Gamertag?


i like it :D it depends on what type of games you like and how you like to play. You can play it and potter around on you own doing the main quest line or group up with others & go to pvp, hack & slash your way round & maybe capture a Fort or 3 & help make someone an Emperor. You can just spend all your time collecting materials & crafting armour or weapons or making furniture. You could join a Trade guild & buy & sell things & then sit in your mansion chilling with friends... i don't have any friends so i just chat with my pets & spend too long deciding what colour to make my next robe :) Hope to see you in Tamriel sometime (y)


I genuinely didn't know that the base game now included Morrowind. I don't think that's the case for the Game Pass version, though. Definitely. I still have a dabble every now and again. It's never going to be something I play consistently, but for £7.50 it's a no brainer if you like MMOs and are slightly interested in the Elder Scrolls environment :) You're getting a lot of game for your Septims (y)

Micro Machines World Series - Xbox One - £6.25 with Gold @
Found 22 h, 54 m agoFound 22 h, 54 m ago
Part of the Ultimate Game Sale. Great price!
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And still wouldn't waste storage on it I'm afraid . Not worth downloading even as a freebie . Such a shame could & should have have been brilliant as I loved the old Micro Machines games and was really looking forward to this .


I agree with the haters here, it's an absolutely rubbish port of a decent, addictive iPad game. I loved turbo tournament on the mega drive and still have a box full of actual micro machine cars, my son loved the iPad version of this so I thought this would be perfect to play 2 player on. Nope, just no. The load times, the gameplay, the cars and weapons, the lack of offline play, they just ruined a potentially awesome game.


£2.59 from Turkish site - no VPN required - thanks for sharing, heat added ;-)


Oh dear. Sounds like they've done a terrible job. I have fond memories playing on the Mega Drive as a wee lad.


if you hate it that much, you could always hope and wish it becomes free with gwg

Castlevania: SOTN backwards compatibility with Xbox one @ Microsoft store £3.37 (with gold) £4.05 without
Found 23 h, 8 m agoFound 23 h, 8 m ago
Classic! - £3.37 with gold (£4.05 without)
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Does is still take an age to load like the 360 version?


Omg this needs to happen! I'd be all over that like white on rice!


Damn, need this on Switch


Never played this first time round on PS. Bought it last time was on sale and now it's easily in my top 10 games.


One of my favourite ever games

Diablo III: Eternal Collection - £16.50 for Xbox Live Gold/£22 for non-Gold @ Microsoft Store
Found 23 h, 24 m agoFound 23 h, 24 m ago
The recently released Diablo III: Eternal Collection is down to £16.50 for Xbox Live Gold members
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Paid £22 for this the other week. No regrets. Bargain at this price.


It also alerts you to all the crap you don’t want to see. One list is sufficient.


What dies it matter if he does. Stop moaning.


It's always nice to see individual game deals. More fun than a list.


Please do it alerts me to things I may miss out on - thanks OP

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