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There's something about scooters which instantly appeals. Simple, convenient and – above all, great fun to use. These vehicles are a must-have for adults and kids alike. Scooters come in a wide range of styles, with stunt models, 3-wheelers, classic kick scooters, models for toddlers, and electric beasts. But all can be found for less at the hotukdeals scooter listings. Read more
LEGO 76160 Super Heroes DC Batman Mobile Bat Base Batcave Truck Toy with Jet Plane, Quad Bike, Motorbike & Water Scooter £51.98 @ Amazon
Made hot 13th JunMade hot 13th Jun
LEGO Batman Batcave playset – on wheels! The LEGO DC Mobile Bat Base (76160) toy truck building set incorporates 5 iconic vehicles, a bunch of awesome weapons and lots of cool gadg… Read more

Yeah I’ve seen several people on here not rate it. What I loved, I mean what my boy loves about it is how modular it is, with a secret jet ski, secret motorbike, secret “batwing”, secret quad bike, the rotating chair, the prison. It is however very frustrating how easily the chimneys and wings on the truck fall off, constantly. It’s ugly af, and pretty long to easily pull around. I dunno, maybe I was more been than the kid after all.


My son has been asking for this set for ages and guess what he didn’t like it after all. (It reminds me of Goliath from Knight Rider though)


My boys favourite set. Not the prettiest but by far has the most playability out of the hundreds of sets my kids have. Annoyingly the “lid” on the trailer falls off easily so recommend reinforcing it with spare black pieces. Sorted the problem.

HUDORA 205 Adult Folding Kick Scooter - 2 Big PU Wheels 205 mm, Adjustable Bar, Reinforced Deck - £56.09 @ Amazon
Made hot 13th JunMade hot 13th Jun
Height Adjustable From 31in to 41in- High-Quality Aluminum Material makes it strong &durable, rust-proof with pretty lightweight( Only 8.8 lbs ). Easy Folding Design- just one… Read more

Yes but only if they are right on the edge leaning over.. Just seen a fair amount of dangerous cyclists (with regard to pedestrians) in London.


That's their own fault. I'm so sick of idiots that stand barely on the path when waiting to cross the road. Just this morning in my car I had to trun into a narrow road with a woman and her kid practically hanging off the edge of the curb waiting at the lights. If there'd been another car there I'd have ended up close enough to clip 'em with my wing mirror. Why do they need to be practically in the road when they have the entire pavement, the lights don't change based on how close to the road you can get.


Some of the worst cyclists are in London on the cycle lanes, there some see pedestrians as simply a nuisance as they cycle too quickly near pedestrians waiting to cross roads


And where exactly is that? Car divers on the road: Bloody menace get off the damn road!! Car drivers once out of their cars + pedestrians: Bloody menance get off the damn pavement!! Car drivers & Pedestrians taking up cycle lanes: Bloody menance, I'm walking here!! That last one is particulally astounding. I've seen people actually go out of their way to walk in cycle lanes just to have a go at cyclists when they go by. The same sort of people that will then moan about cyclists that use the pavement. The grief I see cyclists getting from cars/pedestrians, even when they're where they're spose to be, makes me glad I'm too lazy for cycling these days (lol)


FYI... As above over a 13 year period the total pedestrian pavement deaths caused by road users was 8.6% meaning 91.4% deaths over the same period occurred on the carriageway. This only accounts for England, Scotland and Wales you'd therefore expect Northern Ireland to be well below these figures. Of further note six fatalities were due to cycle related accidents with pedestrians. I agree with you there should be less cars on the roads as most are doing short journeys on a daily basis (10 miles or under). Unfortunately due to short sightedness of previous administrations we've had other suitable modes of transport removed from urban areas, trams in the 1950s and also trains thanks to the Beeching cuts in the 1960s which provided good coverage even in rural areas now we have more commuters using their cars as they is little or no alternative. I've known a few hardy types to cycle in 20 miles a day but for most it's not practical or feasible. The current infrastructure particularly pavements isn't suitable for pedestrians, cyclists and e-scooters using them and there is enough issue with vehicles parking/blocking them and all the associated problems for disabled, mums with prams, etc, etc.


Typical it's out of stock from amazon now.. As with all the other "bargains" (mad) (poo)


I messaged Amazon on chat. They said it’s a technical error they’re working on and to try again later. Credited me £5 goodwill gesture.


I was getting a similar red can't deliver message. I changed to another saved address (same as usual one with different name) and it worked for me. Must be some errors on Amazons side. Very odd


why are these deals getting approved they dont deliver to uk addresses


You can’t buy it

Blusmart Heavy Duty bicycle chain lock with 5-digit combination for £8.49 Prime delivered (+£4.49) using code @ PFUK / Amazon
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Made hot 27th MayMade hot 27th May
Good deal with Prime, but not really worth it without. £8.49 using the on page 15% voucher - just click to redeem. Probably won't stop serious bolt cutters, but for an additional… Read more

Unexpire as back on!


Any bike lock will stop a junkie/chancer from taking your bike. No bike lock will stop a professional thief, but better locks will mean it takes them longer to take it. Bolt cutters, and cordless angle grinders/reciprocating saws will get through any lock (or what you've secured them to).


Rubbish lock. Only use it if your bike is worth £15 or less.


@17:35 The thief isn't gonna steal it because it's too much work to get no money (lol)


Tbh, had two bikes with those fancy gold standard locks, they didn't last much, bought one of those, so far so good. I think is more a matter of luck than the lock quality itself. With an angle grinder, it is the same, one of those, or one U-lock, you will get stolen anyway ;(

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Kids FA Sports Velotouro Kick Scooter Now £13.67 Free delivery with Prime / +£4.49 non Prime @ Amazon
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Made hot 26th MayMade hot 26th May
FA Sports Velotouro Kick Scooter for Kids RRP £20 Now £13.67 Free delivery with Prime or £4.49 delivery non Prime FA Sports Velotouro Kick Scooter for Kids Be A… Read more

Sorry you missed out :( I do always recommend setting up keyword alerts for items you are interested in, so you'll be notified as soon as anyone posts a deal, many of the best deals aren't around for long. Amazon especially seem to increase prices when they get a sudden influx of orders. I've expired this now maybe add it to your basket and see if it drops in price again if your particularly want this one.


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gone up to £40 now


Great find. Thanks for posting (y)

Minions Folding Inline Scooter £9 + free click and collect (Selected locations) @ Argos
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Made hot 15th MayMade hot 15th May
Seems a decent price with plenty of stock about considering its in the clearance section

These are great for the price but the main issues with this model (which is the same model you can get in most toy shops with about 20 different characters on) are that the wheels are solid plastic, not rubber which means a lot of uncomfortable vibrations into their hands and feet and a lot of noise, the handles are made of foam which soaks up water, and the rear brake wears out relatively quickly. My daughter loved hers but once we started using it on the school run these shortcomings soon became apparent.


None in Northern Ireland either. Hardly surprising as I doubt I have ever found a so called 'Argos deal' in stock anywhere within 50 miles


That's me sorted for work


I've finally mastered the 3 wheels... Yes!! Just phoned my Mum.. she said make sure me puts it somewhere safe when me's at work (y)


Just a word of caution that this looks like the Incredibles branded version that was on last month. The wheels don't have bearings so they aren't that fast. Maybe not a huge problem but limits their lifespan compared to the micro-scooter type one. Pay for what u get i suppose.