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Batman Skateboard £13.87 (Prime) + £4.49 (non Prime) at Amazon
Posted 20th JunPosted 20th Jun
79 x 20cm (31” x 8”) 7 ply maple deck for durability Double kicktail deck for advanced tricks Flat deck allows maximum space for feet enabling ‘boardwalking’ and other showy tri… Read more

You'd be surprised how many clients come to my lessons with rubbish boards, fortunately we lend out the professional standard skateboards (they retail in the £120-160 price range, so expect poo for £13). They instantly feel the difference, even with the mid-range Enuff decks mentioned above. You buy a cheap sub £30 board expect to replace the whole thing, you buy a £60 complete, expect to replace parts as they break, the same with the professional stuff. (y)


Which you’re perfectly free not to take part in. Personally I appreciate the advice and I’m free to follow it or not.


Yes, in London, sadly I can't say much more about it here as it'll be self advertising and would be removed. (fierce)


Sorry did I hear you correctly? You teach skateboarding?


Get a proper deck as these break in half and ride like a wheelbarrow

Get a Cliche Skateboard Deck for £10 When Spending £80+ (Includes Sale items) - Free Delivery (UK Mainland) @ Rollersnakes
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Posted 18th JunPosted 18th Jun
Could be some good deals using this, if you're shopping around for say... clothing or high end trucks for instance, then it's worth doing the price comparisons to see if it makes s… Read more

Glad you found it useful. It's one of those deals that needs a bit of work to really make the most of it. It's worth it if you can find stuff you genuinely need / want and the end price makes sense. The example that I gave made the board free and then some, so can't argue if you wanted the rest anyway.


Thank You, your comparison is very helpful too. Much appreciated.


Yeah, been a fan of theirs for a long while. Mainly when I was MUCH younger though. Getting back on to a board has brought more skate related deals to my attention. They run some good offers frequently too <3


Rollersnakes are a decent store. Nice deal

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adidas Originals Delpala skateboarding trainers in various colours from £24 delivered with Creators Club using code @ adidas
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Posted 17th JunPosted 17th Jun
A nice pair of skate shoes here, the all black ones are £24 delivered using the code EXTRA20 at checkout and signed up to the Creators Club . Seems like a proper bargain. The… Read more

That's what they said about the similar looking ones but not these, hope I don't regret following the guide.


These come up small go a size up


No s9ze 11


Bought Core Black for £24 delivered! Waiting for 4.8% Quidco to track


Sneaky Pete

Pair of Tensor Mag Light Skateboard Trucks - £53.51 Delivered (UK Mainland) Using Code @ Route One
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Posted 16th JunPosted 16th Jun
Back in with the niche items :D These trucks don't often see discounts at all, so I thought s discount of £9.48 vs other places would be welcomed by at least a few people. I h… Read more

Ahh, seems like they've taken it off as part of the subscription now :( It's 100% worth a watch


I just tried trying to watch Bones Brigade based on your tip, but Amazon want £5.49 to rent it (poo)


At 50 years old I’m just trying to get the courage to test ride an electric skateboard I put together during last years lock down (lol)


Back in the day were ACS Trucks. I had ACS 580 Pro.


Mullen was and is still my favourite skateboarder of all time. After watching Bones Brigade on Prime, I found even more respect for him, Tony Hawk and Steve Caballero. (Others as well) I always skated cheap trucks, although did try out some Indys, Royal and Krux back in the day on friends boards... The difference was night and day. Didn't stop me though, although kingpin snaps were more frequent than I would have liked.