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Meguiar's NXT Generation Car Wash 1.8L - £9 (+£4.49 Non-Prime) @ Amazon
170° Expired
Posted 8 h, 27 m agoPosted 8 h, 27 m ago
Price reduction on the large bottle

This has put me in a whirlwind of buying cleaning products I don't need got a power washer, snow foam lance and leather restorer .... cheers OP.


Gutted I missed this!


Got 2 and a mate got 2 thx for the post .


Just ordered mine @ £9


Damn! Just missed it

Vauxhall Corsa Hatchback 1.2 Turbo SRi 5dr - £8,096 (3+47 x £150.02 + Initial Payment of £477.06 + Admin Fee), 8000 miles @ What Car Leasing
Posted 18 h, 57 m agoPosted 18 h, 57 m ago
Cheap car (just above Kia, Fiat, Dacia and Suzuki). OTR for about £19K. Excess miles at 6.3/m which is quite affordable and 8,000 p/a should be enough for me at least. This is a le… Read more
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My GAP was really cheap with ALA I can’t remember how much exactly but it was around £120. Well worth it in my opinion. Especially given how easily companie write cars off now... (bug bear of mine)


Yes but there has to be some form of standardisation when calculating value for money otherwise we wouldnt be able to calculate it...






Utter rot had a corsa in 2012 from new and it never missed a beat in the five years I owned it

CMJ RC Cars™ Audi R8 GT Officially Licensed Remote Control Car 1:24 Scale Black / Red £7.98 (+£4.49 non-prime)@ Amazon
Posted 21 h, 56 m agoPosted 21 h, 56 m ago
Black in stock Red in stock Officially Licensed 1:24 Scale Replica Models with Stunning Detail 1:24 Scale replica models, officially licensed. (Audi R8 GT approx 5.4 x 8.7 x 18.… Read more
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I got two of these and used them both at the same time with no issues.


Thank you


Struggling to post the correct url This: And This:


Do you have the link please


Also from Argos 2 for £15. The 2.4Ghz gives better range. Solid build and I highly recommend it. If you’ll order from Argos you may mix with the white range rover which is same specs.

Rastar La Ferrari Light and Door Radio Controlled Car, £12.50 + £3.95 delivery at Argos
Posted 5th JunPosted 5th Jun
Nice offer here, hope it helps. Own an iconic car with this beautiful Ferrari. This authentically designed 1:14 scale, radio control car comes with an injection moulded body, ind… Read more

Thanks op. Ordered.


Just ordered it for £12.50 to collect from store. Thanks OP


Has Argos stopped doing the "Reserve" and collect? The only option seems to be be Pay and Collect.


My daughter has this. It looks great, remote works well and we've not had any problems with battery life. Really good price.


Just very poor quality, don’t think it would last long

Radstar Lamborghini Super Leggera Radio Controlled Car £5 + £3.95 Delivery @ Argos
Posted 5th JunPosted 5th Jun
Feels like a good price here for the toy car, take to basket to see the price. Description Own one of the world's most desirable cars with this scale Lamborghini Super Legger… Read more
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Oos nearly everywhere and no delivery


Well from experience; I bought three that were all 2.4Ghz and they all worked independently. Argos state on their product page; "2.4GHZ allows you to race 10 or more cars against each other. Race your friends and family!"


i wish my supperleggera was £7.50 haha kids would love this little toy!


lol 2.4, as in not the 2.7 that this one is. Choose different frequencies each time.


When they are 2.4GHz are they guaranteed to work independently?

Sonax Xtreme Brilliant Shine Detailer 750ml £7.99 @ CarParts4Less (£3.95 Delivery)
Posted 4th JunPosted 4th Jun
Was looking at the Turtle wax hybrid which seems alot of money, I have not used either product yet but this gets excellent reviews and seems a great price especially in comparison … Read more

Read the original post then comment


Not this stuff and ' Turtle Wax ' like it's the 1950s, nope..... :{


This is an incredible product for those like me who want to do as little polishing and waxing as possible and still get incredible shine and water beading. Spray it on after rinsing and wipe it off whilst drying makes it even easier.


They're two completely different products. Detailing spray is just meant for detailing an already protected car, ie removing fingerprints, smears, dust etc. The Turtle Wax product is the protection.


Sonax products are great quality ones and worth extra quid. Using this and it is the best - last few months at least, not like others just for a week. And you can dilute it with water, so will last ages. Also their screen wash is best of all I have tried.

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Shell Helix Ultra ECT C3 SAE 5W30 5L Litres Engine Oil 5 Litre Fully Synthetic £30.39 @ euro car parts / eBay
-115° Expired
Posted 3rd JunPosted 3rd Jun
EUROCARPARTS: £44 after discount CARPARTS4LESS: £35 after discount AUTODOC: 4L available for £30 This deal works out 5L @ 30.39 if bought 2 from EuroCarparts on Ebay. The total co… Read more

Plus I can do the oil change on my wife’s and kids Vauxhall’s with the same stuff


Not bad seems shell have put ECT on the oil package emissions control technology and charged an extra tenner .... I’m happy to use the dexos 2 ll04 5-30 in my Bmw 7 series as before the ect that’s what was recommended . Decent oil anyway but now the car manufacturers are at it .... Bmw were always 5-30 oil and have now changed their engine oil recommendations to 0-30 and guess what the oils more expensive .


I thought it was a good deal. I gues not :S


This isn’t the cheap crap that goes in VAG cars guys it’s the BMW approved one!


People probably not aware it's the ECT version...

Audi Q5 40tdi Quattro Sport S Tronic - £341.75pm x 24 Months £1025.26 Initial (Plus £234 Admin) - Total Cost £9,461.26 @ Select Car Leasing
493° Expired
Posted 2nd JunPosted 2nd Jun
Looks to be a very good deal for this Audi Q5 via select car leasing with an OTR of £40,340. 10k Miles per Annum 24 Month Term Initial Payment £1025.26 Admin Fee £234 24 x £341.7… Read more
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Old car, doesn't hold up the the X3 or new Volvos. We looked at it but it was crap aprat fro the very nice leather options.


Here fishy fishy...


Looks like they’ve updated the site to reflect the fact there is no more stock and they don’t want to sell anymore so cheap. Now £600+ pm and 2k deposit. Therefore I will expire the deal. Thanks


I called up about it and there was only 6 stock cars at this price. All gone, guy from company advised that Marketing should not have put the deal up but I’m sure it was fishing tool to see who is currently looking for a car


Hot deal - I managed to get a Audi Q5 Suv 45 TFSI 245 Quattro S Line S tronic with metallic option for just £20 a month more.

Air Freshener - LITTLE TREES - Daisy Chain/Mai Tai/Jungle Fever/New Car Scent/Sherbet Lemon - £1 at Amazon Prime / £5.49 Non Prime
Posted 1st JunPosted 1st Jun
Air Freshener - LITTLE TREES 'Tree' - Daisy Chain/Mai Tai/Jungle Fever/New Car Scent/Sherbet Lemon I did find Amazon's choice category for this item quite funny:
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Ordered mai tai. Hope it smells nice


Yeah! If you subscribe and save to 4 items per month you get 15% off most things if you also subscribe and save them


Appreciated @MrSwitch. I don't actually know how S&S works - do you lock the price at time of subscription?


We have 3 of these on S&S monthly 85p each That way getting 15% savings across most of the S&S items. Heat added op


very tedious trying to work out which one is £1, but i found one and ive ordered it so thanks


Wont be around for much longer. The grim reaper awaits Ecp.


The parts that were listed for my car arrived and did not fit. Although I accept that these things happen, I did not appreciate the 2 months of chasing them up to organise a return for them to one day message me out of the blue with nothing more than a collection time for the next day. Wasn’t given an address to put on my returned items, had to find this out myself. Since they collected my items, I am still waiting on a refund. Quick to take your money, certainly not quick to give it back. Despite some people I know having decent experiences with them, I will not spend my money here again.


Never had any issue with them always phone me up to let me know my order is ready and always very friendly


People love promoting eurocarparts and there fake vouchers / sales. They inflate there prices to compensate the vouchers. Hahaha so right mugs out there.


Let me guess - it was the gulf 5w30 X 4L at £5.32 a carton. This is what I ordered and it took 51 days but as they say “better late than never”

Volvo V90 2.0 T4 momentum plus estate - £276.99 initial rental + £276.99/month x 47 = £13,295.52 total @
Posted 30th MayPosted 30th May
First time submitting a car lease deal, so here goes. The Volvo V90 2.0 T4 momentum plus estate on lease at 276.99 a month with a 48 month term and 8000 miles pa. This brings the … Read more
greatermans always seem to put deals that dont actually exist when it comes to applying


You’re by yourself there I’m afraid.


Hehehe. Volvo defo don’t do Hype.


BRILLIANT !!!! What speed does it get up to in Over-Hype mode then? Oh, please, please keep these nuggets of wisdom & inspiration coming, they are so so helpful in my decision making process as I look at deals on HUKD.


Theirs a few things that make this a bad deal. First the OTR price £35,000. This has been posted a few time on this site for £26,000 Second, the rental period of 4 years for £13,295,52. This car again is on the Site already with a 2 year lease for £7,314. So it would be better to hire 2 years, as this will work out cheaper. Besides the issue of breaking down outside the manufacture warranty period. You Also have extra costs's such as Extra servicing or tyre replacement. Also after 2 years you would be able to lease another one for 2 years.. Obviously this is just my view of the deal.

OBD2 Car Diagnostic Tool ELM 327 v2.1 Bluetooth £2.37 Delivered @ AliExpress Deals / Rhcartoolstore
30/06/2020Expires on 30/06/2020Shipping from ChinaShipping from ChinaPosted 28th MayPosted 28th May
Thought this was cheap for an ODB2 reader with bluetooth. If you have a car with and ODB port, this is a great little tool to get some extra diagnostic information about your car, … Read more

Any chance you could post a picture of the better one?


I have one of these type devices from eBay. The first one was an obvious clone and had no end of problems. Second one I also suspect to be a clone but the internals look different from the first one and is much more reliable. What I'm trying to say really is, it is pot luck with these adaptors unless you buy from anywhere reputable


Is this genuine Elm 327 or a clone? And what is the risk of bricking your ecu with it and then needing a new car?



Didn't work on my last c180 either. It gets you into seeing the voltage but the reset option isn't there.

Guild Dual Action Car Polisher £43.95 Delivered @ Argos
Posted 27th MayPosted 27th May
Hasn't been this cheap for awhile.Also its recommended for the novice polisher.
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Is it a 5/8 spline


Is it a 5/8 spline?????


Cant believe you didnt get any 50/50 shots! I've got a little Corsa VXR in black to day next week, actually cant wait... the state of the paint is shocking


Shame it's still an Audi though... Just kidding, good job! (y)


After two days of hard work of Wash, claybar, polish and wax the results came out proper nice

Radstar Lamborghini Super Leggera Radio Controlled Car £7.50 / £11.45 delivered Argos
224° Expired
Posted 27th MayPosted 27th May
Own one of the world's most desirable cars with this scale Lamborghini Super Leggera. The radio control car version of this luxury sports car will give you hours of fun as well as … Read more

They also have the 911 available (y)


I think the exact frequency is pot luck unless you could get someone in Argos to find 2 different ones. All radio controlled models work on 27MHz it is the bit above that which is important e.g. 27.145Mhz or 27.280MHz. There is usually a sticker on the box giving the exact frequency. It is not worth asking Argos because they just say all of them are 27MHz.


Do you need bitcoin to purchase?


1:24 is bigger. My understanding is the : effectively means divided by. So 1:2 (1 divided by 2) is half the size of the full sized car. 1:20 (1 divided by 20) is a twentieth of the full sized car. So the full sized car is 24 times bigger than this model. I'm not sure how they deal with frequencies. Just been reading a bit and two cars may interfere but it says in the info above "27MHz frequency - race multiple RC toys in the same area at the same time.", so maybe it's ok.


How much to lease over 2 years?


Yes. Car companies like to do a discounted cheap short lease every so often to fill factory orders rather than sell the car for even larger discounts. As the latter has a more negative association with the brand.


Why? are you waiting with your friend that's got an audi q2 or range rover; both of which are far more unreliable


Replaced my mum's hideous Suzuki jimny with one of these after looking at some reviews.Bought the sz4 entry level for 10k only a year old and have to say it's a brilliant all round car.Plenty of things to like.Cheap to tax,cheap to insure ,very good on fuel 1.6petrol about 51mpg round town and 57mpg long run which amazes me .Plenty of space in the back and boot.Well laid out cabin.Great driving position and brilliant handling for an SUV.Only down sides are some of the plastics feel abit cheap but who cares these things are so reliable and Suzuki easily beats so called premium brands for reliability just without the badge but who cares were losing hardly anything on it.My only advice is maybe go for a midrange model for the sat nav rear camera.


Haha, are you sure? What vehicle do you have in mind?


yes, chances are it won’t.

Mercedes A200 Sport Saloon Auto 9+23 Lease 5000 mileage £227.99pm + Fees - £7529.66 Total @ Select Car Leasing
Posted 26th MayPosted 26th May
Got an email saying this is a very good exclusive offer for the new A Class Sport Saloon Seems pretty good to me - price based on 5000 mileage, Monthly: £227.99 a month Initial … Read more
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Porsche......there is no substitute. You either know or you dont (y)


I’ve got an A250 premium plus (inc metallic paint), albeit the hatchback, on a 6+35 profile @£264 a month with no processing fee, worked out £300 a month net which is cheaper than this deal on a MUCH lower specced car and a MUCH less powerful car. Sorry OP but this genuinely is a s***t deal


Very good (y)


I cant SEE your point, I think im going for a drive to test it


It’s not that bad. The W177 is a pretty solid platform and the cabins make most other marques look dated now. Sub £250 is really only going to ever get you ‘boring’ base models but they are generally for people who want a new reliable no frills car / commute machine. Saying that if you can find an A35/A45s for this price please do share

Enterprise Car Club - Key Worker - Get free membership for a year
Posted 26th MayPosted 26th May
If you’re a key worker, you automatically qualify for free membership – for at least a year – of Enterprise Car Club, saving £60. You will also get up to 45% off the hourly renta… Read more

Yes you have to pay 21 pence per mile on top of your hourly/daily rental. There is a petrol card inside the car if you need to refill (You can earn tesco/nectar points at the right petrol stations.)


Oh good


Except it says "NHS Staff/Volunteers, Emergency Services, Armed Forces & Key Workers"


From the page you linked "...all members prior to renting are to ensure they:(...)Are not living with or in close contact with someone who is currently quarantined or who has tested positive for the virus."So looks like they're not eligible anyway?


Do you have to pay the per mile rate on top of the hourly/daily rental fee or do you choose which of the tariffs you want to use?

Black Optimus SV Max Vision Flip Front Motorcycle Helmet delivered with code for £49.49 from ghostbikes
Posted 25th MayPosted 25th May
Black Optimus SV Max Vision Flip Front Motorcycle Helmet delivered with code for £49.49 from ghostbikes Use code : BANK1020… Read more

If you're ultra safety conscious.. you'd better stop riding your bike .


Any good for kart racing


A 5 star helmet won't stop your head from coming off.


Only a three star rating, I'd rather spend a bit more and keep my head attached.

Nissan Leaf Tekna in Red PCH Lease 6k/year £281.07 x 1 + 23 plus £250 fee £6995.68 @ Willow Leasing
202° Expired
Posted 25th MayPosted 25th May
Nissan Leaf Tekna in Red PCH Lease 6k/year £281.07 x 1 + 23 plus £250 fee £6995.68 @ Willow Leasing

Not really, as I do 95% of my miles in electric, that's why I went from Diesel to Petrol, I didn't buy it for fuel economy, I bought it for the 374bhp, it's a second car that will do probably 100-200 miles a month, the leaf does about 1500. Although I can nurse 40mpg out of it in optimal conditions I can also get it down to 20mpg driven hard (shock)


Yes we are all entitled to our own opinions, and I am not trying to set standards for others so please get off your high horse. At no time have I suggested that 'one' simply turns up and assumes that one can charge at a 'guests' house. Thats totally unacceptable. Anyone with manners would have asked their guests beforehand and, if given permission, would make the necessary arrangements for charging and make the appropriate recompense. If you would find it 'self-entitled' or 'difficult' then thats your opinion/problem. As more and more people buy an EV then this sort of occurence will slowly, over the coming years, become 'normal'.


Don't You think that's great though? Look how much the gap gas closed between petrols and diesels? 10 years ago you'd have been looking at 25 mpg for a 3ltr petrol engine. It's the clever tech that makes it all possible - petrols acting like diesels under low load conditions. If you've got a reasonably powerful car, after a short bout of acceleration up a slip road and onto the motorway, the car is barely ticking over maintaining motorway speeds - and that's where the efficiency kicks in.


I feel proper mugged off now, wait till I call up the dealer! I'll be telling him he sold me old tech. I'll also be having a word with "Honest John" he reckons the Polo does 37mpg. I've barely driven this car due to lockdown but the 335d was epic, 4.7 to 60 and 40mpg, this one I think will scrape 40mpg under grandad conditions but it quicker and sounds way nicer....


It's a very good car - at its price point. I chose it because it's relatively quick, fun to drive, well equipped and residuals are decent. Bought outright at a decent discount new, it'll cost me about £220 a month in depreciation over the 3 or 4 years I'll probably have it. I did consider the BMW 135 as it's a reasonable looker now (last gen is hideous and impractical with very little room in the back), and we don't need a huge car. BMW residuals are pretty poor in the short term, i'd never buy a new one unless I got at least 25% discount. Notice my emphasis on fun, above. I used to have a Golf R. It was very fast but dull to drive, way too planted. I suspect a 340 suffers from the same dull to drive save for 3 seconds of insane acceleration on the move. I prefer my Polo.

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