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Xiaomi Ninebot Mijia M365 Smart Electric Scooter (black) £333.33 @ Amazon
Found 16th MayFound 16th May
This is crazy pricing from amazon, get it in 1-2 days, free delivery. Features & details The electric scooter comes with a dual-brake system. Smart APP. It can track your cyc… Read more

After just getting back from Paris, scooters everywhere and even one of my highlights in getting around why is UK so backwards in not allowing them :|


They price match also I think you got 10% on yr first order if you sign up to their mailing list


Small wheels, high centre of gravity...... Face plant waiting to happen.......


At over 100kg I think you will benefit from running to work. Only 4 miles (strong)


Like there's enough police to enforce this (lol)

Kugoo S1 Electric Scooter - 120KG Limit - 18650 Li-ion Battery Pack - 350w Motor £261.75 @ Geekbuying
Found 14th MayFound 14th MayShipping from PolandShipping from Poland
Looks like a viable alternative to the ES2, and xiaomi M365. Top specs: 18650 Li-ion Battery Pack 350W Motor Strong Power and Running 30KM: 350W Motor, 30KM Running Distance. … Read more

My m365 always wheelspins (lol)


no issue putting 120kg on the m365 in general. but you will struggle up a hill


Easy enough to modify the motor output on the M365. The weight 'limit' is advisory at best.


For £260 i would at least expect them to fit a proper brake instead of just pushing the rear mudguard down onto the tyre ( which will obviously wear down the rear tyre quickly). The M365 has a proper rear disc brake, and slightly bigger wheels with pneumatic tyres - so a much better ride over rough pavements. Sadly the weight limit is lower at 100KG ( compared to 120KG for the Kugu ) . These are built for petite Asian people not heavy westerners.


I’ll never understand people spending this much money for something with no warranty

iScoot Stealth Adult Electric Scooter with Gravity Sensor - £179.99 @ Groupon
Found 13th MayFound 13th May
Not sure if this is hot or not? Can’t find much online!

Code THRONE brings it down to £161.99... not bad!


This is tempting, shame the last 10% discount code isn't working. Could hold out for another.


Thanks for pointing it out!! :)


Electric Bike? I think the title needs fixing this is clearly a scooter!


But the scooter is a much higher voltage than a mobile phone so will have much more power.

Ninebot Segway ES2 Kick Scooter Folding Electric Scooter for Adult / Kids 36V 300W 25km / h Max Load 100kg £263.01 @ BangGood
Found 7th MayFound 7th May
Be quick, as this code won't last long. Adjust the colorful Ambient Lighting ES2 to your personal style and stand out ● The front and rear shock absorbers provide maxim… Read more

I didn't see this deal when it went live but really want one of these. Currently the price is still on at this price but its showing "pre order" do you think if I order one now they will come back in stock and I will get it for the cheaper price any time soon?


The one thing that really put me off the ES2 is the fact that you can't change the tyres, yes they are hard tyres but the threads eventually wear off and you have no means of replacing it unless you change the whole front hub motor as well.


Thank you for your kind words @ChiefBargainHunter (y) (y) (y)


Worth noting that power cells for M365 are easy to get and inexpensive, while for Ninebot - just the opposite. Just in case someone wanted to tweak (yes it's possible with M365 and it extends the range), or needed to replace them. Facing the same dilemma, I kept reviewing internet sources and it looks like M365 is just better supported by the community and independent producers. Additional battery compartment sealing kits available no problem. Extra gasket for the main hinge to make it less shaky, no problem. Extra tyres, or full tyres, same thing. User support on forums, FB and YT is excellent. Etc. Summa summarum, Xiaomi looks like a better overall deal.


Love the self realisation and learning process - have some heat or some positive vibes :)

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Original Xiaomi Scooter Mijia M365 Smart Electric Scooter £280.88 including delivery up to 5 days @ Mi France Store / AliExpress
Found 6th MayFound 6th MayShipping from SpainShipping from Spain
Original EU Version Xiaomi Scooter Mijia M365 Smart Electric Scooter Skate Board Adult Mini Foldable Bike Hoverboard 30km with APP delivery from Spain - 1 to 5 days

It seems the rear callipers nearly always need adjusting when the scooter is new - seems the onus is on the buyer. Mine has a slightly wavy disc AND the calliper leans too far over, so after a total of more than 3 hours trying to get a balance of no friction and decent braking, I sacrificed a bit on the latter. Since then, in an attempt to hold the calliper more in line with the disc on the wheel, I have over-tightened one of the bolts and now it wont tighten at all, the thread on the main frame has worn away. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated!


I bought one as part of this deal, already have a problem with it, Xiaomi don't want to know about it, so no - you are not covered


is anyone else's handlebar slightly off centre?


Thanks good to know. My son of 6 told me exactly that but I wasn’t sure lol. Does it mean that peep stays while cruise control is on


seems to be £290 not £280 but still arguably a decent deal. ordered mine last week and waiting delivery

Xiaomi M365 Electric Scooter £349.99 @ Laptops Direct - £50 cheaper than Amazon
Refreshed 5th MayRefreshed 5th May
Cheapest I can find at the minute. Good runaround scooter for cities. See them around Leeds and Manchester quite a bit. 2 year UK warranty 5.5hrs to charge Claimed range of 18 mi… Read more

Even if these scooters become legal, I doubt it'll make a dent on the amount of oil burners we see on UK streets. At best, most people will own both a scooter and car.


This is pretty good news. But most importantly, will the prices go down for the electric scooters? :D


Who cares they are fun and practical had myn for 1 week and it's great


I want one of these but wonder how much of an idiot I would look riding it.


I've had mine for couple months now. Highly recommend it it your thinking of getting one. I get approx 14-16miles out of it depending on which mode I'm in. Use the car much less for short journeys.

*2019* *Pro* Model Xiaomi Electric Scooter 300W Motor 3 Speed Modes 25km/h Max £421.58 @ BangGood
Found 24th AprFound 24th Apr
Cheaper paying in dollars with a fee free by around a tenner, don't forget 6% cashback for a further £23. Please Note: 1. The above prices are already inclusive of customs duties… Read more

I’ve weighed the options up over the last week and decided to go for the M365 pro. My main reasoning came down to function and price for my requirements, with the wide wheel being £480 more but with a very similar range it didn’t make sense for me to pay extra. Maybe I’d have chosen the wide wheel if there were a few substantial gradients on my commute. Plus I’m thinking the £480 I save can pay for the upgraded Xiaomi model in the next year or two. Final thought came down to the laws, if they clamp down (which I doubt they will), then it’s less of an impact if I have to ditch the scooting idea. Thanks for bringing the wide wheel to my attention anyway.


£899 for the new 2019 version with dual motor and from the UK! £150 preorder discount. electricscootermart.com/products/mercane-widewheel-upgraded-2019-version-electric-scooter?variant=20637733027910 The WideWheel is in a different league to the Xiaomi I think and that's reflected in the price.


What’s the cheapest you’ve seen the wide wheel?


Minu Mibis folks are getting mixed up with this and the standard model :/ for the cold rating


Why cold

Xiaomi M365 Electric Scooter £359.97 + 2 Year Xiaomi Warranty (Or Finance Options From £9.30 Per Month) @ Laptops Direct
Found 23rd AprFound 23rd Apr
The box.co.uk deal has went up in price yesterday, but Laptops Direct are selling it now for just short of £350, you csn also pay via PayPal payment option from 6-24 months at 14… Read more

Its a laptop in the shape of an Xiaomi Electric Scooter :D


Possibly. Tw*** (lol)


Maybe its due to exchange rate changing this morning?


But it isn't a laptop..


Expired, not such a great deal anymore. Had to refresh the page doh!

Xiaomi M365 IP54 12.5kg Ultralight 30km Long Life Folding Electric Scooter £261.13 with code  @ Banggood
Found 23rd AprFound 23rd AprShipping from ChinaShipping from China
At Banggood you get the M365 again for £261,13 incl. shipping. The shipping is free of charge and the taxes are already paid in advance. You get the price by using the above mentio… Read more

No, delivery dates still the same :(


Thanks for the info. No tracking number for me, still July for delivery. Has it changed your delivery date?


Don’t know if your order’s showing a tracking number yet but I emailed them and there’s one on my order now. You can track it on 17track.net, I did have to email again which site to track it but got there in the end. It only shows major tracking locations but it’s better than nothing :D


Mine’s showing the same so fingers crossed it comes earlier! Thanks for the reply (y)


I never , updated delivery time is now the beginning of July, it was shipped a few days ago and was ordered on the 23rd of April. Hopefully it's just plain wrong and it will arrive towards the end of May

Price Dropped - XIAOMI MI ELECTRIC SCOOTER UK Stock (M365) £349 @ Box.co.uk
Found 19th AprFound 19th Apr
Dropped by £20. KEY FEATURES Up to 18 mile battery life Double braking system Portable folding design Easy to learn Minimalist design Headlights & taillights Shock-absorbing t… Read more

It's awesome it's really fun to ride it has great power for what it is just make sure your holding the handlebar at full throttle it pulls you back haha (y)


I just got myn! Had a quick blast on it up the street wow it's so much fun haha I went up the shop and back lovely machine


Mine arrived yesterday via DPD, paid for express delivery. Impressed with the build quality and it was setup in 5 min. I'm around the 111kg and it's fine, probably if your lighter it will be quicker


I paid express shipping which was supposed to be delivered to a Tesco store on the 20th. Everything went smoothly ...scooters were even out on route via collectplus however the driver never delivered them to the store even other items made the stop. the driver just marked them as rejection from store... which was not true as I spoke with the people at the store and they haven’t rejected any deliveries or been notified about the scooters. Soooo looks like they have been sent back to the seller....so much for “express” service.


Yeah because of Easter bank holiday weekend, ordered my one yesterday no dispatch yet

XIAOMI MI ELECTRIC SCOOTER UK Stock (M365) + 2 Year Warranty £369.99 @ Box.co.uk
Found 14th AprFound 14th Apr
This will probably go stone cold, but thought it was worth the post for those that want to buy from a uk seller and getting the 2 year xiaomi warranty with it. I believe you can g… Read more

Yes, it does! I actually kinda like it though and am leaving it on. :)


Does it come with the pure sticker already on it?


:) - I'll try not to be swayed.


Don't be discouraged by my (unnecessary) opinion. If you like it, go for it :)


That is what the manufacturer claim, but they also don't specify how much travel the suspension provides. For that reason along with range I'm buying a full suspension ebike instead of a scooter, though I wish they were cheaper.

KUGOO S1 Folding Electric Scooter 350W Motor with LCD Display Screen @ Geekbuying
Found 9th AprFound 9th Apr
For anyone who missed out the Scooter deals before, there's another one from a different brand. It's actually slightly cheaper than the M365 deal was, but it's shipped from Poland … Read more

The Govt changed the whole company car tax system because they were concerned with the environment but that was a right sham. Given the amount of tax they make on each litre of fuel sold....you are 100% correct. Keep selling new cars and keep us driving them. I really can't see people getting prosecuted for using these in the short term. The odd idiot will make the news but that's only to create a swathe of anti scooter sentiment. My commute is only 3 miles so one of these would be perfect.


anyone got one these? what is the feedback like?


£255 on AliExpress. Delivered from Poland. £252.76 33%OFF | KUGOO S1 patinete electrico adulto scooter plegable 350W Motor Folding 8 Inches 30KM Mileage PK Xiaomi Mi M365 with accessories https://s.click.aliexpress.com/e/JZ3ej5A


Looking at the specs... This one doesn't have an app, but only displays data on the app. Work that out (or am I reading it wrong?)


I got one old guy screaming at me for riding the scooter a few times I went past him driving his car. I blame his age for the outburst (excited)

Razor Power Core E100 Electric Scooter Blue @ Amazon Warehouse Used vEry Good £81.09 (20% Reduction @ Checkout)
Found 8th AprFound 8th Apr
Power Core technology and design Increased ride time (60 minutes of continuous use) Speeds up to 11 mph (18 km/h) Kick start High-torque motor
Get dealGet deal

But have every right to as per conditions. Also states no manufactures warranty. As I said, for me, I personally didn't want to take the risk.


Yes, I realise that, but still, Amazon would be unlikely to just cut you off. And there should still be a manufacturer's warranty.


Who I rate but for warehouse deals it's completely different which I didn't realise till I looked into it


It's Amazon customer services at the end of the day. If it stops working, they'd take it back long after the set 30 days, Warehouse or not. There should be a manufacturers warranty anyway.


Thanks, that’s helpful

Xiaomi Electric Scooter Pro 300W Motor 3 Speed Modes 25km/h Max @ banggood - £422.19
Found 4th AprFound 4th Apr
2019 Xiaomi Electric Scooter Pro 300W Motor 3 Speed Modes 25km/h Max. Speed 45km Mileage Range 12.8Ah Battery Double Brake System Multi-function Control Panel. I'm not sure how th… Read more

You pay duty tax? And how much it’s? Thank you!!


Surely PayPal should take an interest in this?


I'm currently in dispyte with Gearbest after the non delivery of my scooter ordered in November. Its been 'stuck' at the transfer warehouse since 28/2 with no sign of it Gearbest are no help, paypal don't seem interested so I'm currently 355usd down. I'd seriously think again about buying a high price item from them again ;o(


I didn't know it would work on pro model :(


If I got the caretaker sacked and took his job I literally would live next door trench and cable already run

Xiaomi M365 IP54 12.5kg Ultralight 30km Long Life Folding Electric Scooter @ Banggood £264.94
Found 1st AprFound 1st AprShipping from ChinaShipping from China
If you were wanting one of these Scooters from Mrswitch's deal before https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/xiaomi-m365-ip54-125kg-ultralight-30km-long-life-folding-electric-scooter-25… Read more

Anyone received there’s yet and able to confirm if it’s the European model or not? And if so then what firmware is it running


Pmsl !! That’s quite funny :) 98.2k, I have clothes too. My bag is 4.2kg :( Funny comment though, you get an award :p


i just tried this code and it seems to work....current saving is 89.62!!


I have spent the last few days thinking about this and calculating, and I can happily say that I've come to a conclusion. You are 2KG within the limit. I hope that this answers your question.


I concur. I'm 6'4" and 140kg and have no problems using these in Paris and Madrid.

Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter Mijia M365 Smart e Scooter £295.22 @ AliExpress
Found 31st MarFound 31st Mar
so i bought this just before valentines day this year for the wife. it came from poland and took just 5 days with DPD. all i can say is that the mrs loves it. she got a top constan… Read more
Get dealGet deal

It's from Poland, still not shipped and soon to be cancelled


Sorry to hear that. Where is it coming from? Mine took 5 days from Poland from order being placed to it being delivered


Placed an order recently, 6 days ago and it is still being processed by the seller, not even shipped. The order will be automatically cancelled in 2 days if not shipped. Don't expect 3 days delivery.




That's brexshit Britian for you

Xiaomi M365 IP54 12.5kg Ultralight 30km Long Life Folding Electric Scooter £250$ / £263.03 (No Customs to pay) @ BangGood
Found 29th MarFound 29th Mar
Paying in dollars at checkout with a fee free card gets you the best price possible. Now this is an absolute steal, this will come in 40-50 days, whxih if you are willing to wait… Read more

Thanks not showing when search in Android app under scooter.


That was the one.


This: https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/xiaomi-mi-electric-scooter-black-31920-halfords-3192234 ?


It was £399, then 20% off so £320, but then others had cycling discount or discounnted vouchers through work. The scooter has since been removed from Halfords website. It still pops up on my 'similar items' or something but when I click it it loads a different page. Not sure why, maybe it's stock levels or something.


I think it worked about at something like £330

Micro scooter Condor - electric scooter - £879.99 @ Halfords (+ 20% off with bike, helmet or scooter trade in / 10% off w/ Blue light card)
Found 6th MarFound 6th Mar
Micro scooter condor v good electric scooter currently 20% off with trade in a cheap bike helmet plus another 10% off through blue light card or xexex (work benefit). If can… Read more

Anyone who pays this much for an electric scooter you cant even legally ride on the pavement is an idiot. This is not a deal at this price its a scam.


Super cold


Wtf are these really that much. Been trying to sell daughters razor for 2 months and know one even wants it at £45. They are £170. This is crazy for a crappy scooter


Gutted that I missed the xiaomi deal yesterday, would have got another as a back up https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/xiaomi-mi-electric-scooter-black-31920-halfords-3192234?page=5#comment-37201427 Really impressed with the range considering my commute has a lot of up hills.


Shared on another thread. Thank you for highlighting it (y)

2019 Xiaomi Electric Scooter Pro 300W Motor 3 Modes 25km/h. Speed 45km Range 12.8Ah Battery Double Braking Multi Controls £422.71 @ BangGood
Found 5th MarFound 5th Mar
The cost includes customs. This is the pre order new version n of the M365, there are key differences set out in the table below, Mainly longer range, bigger battery, 6 function … Read more



Where did you get he was going 40 mph?


His scooter was going 40mph and he was acting like a idiot. Max speed is 15 mph on the m365 and pro




I'm guessing they have more important things to deal with.

Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter - Black - £319.20 @ Halfords
Found 5th MarFound 5th Mar
Credit to @karl.moseley for posting the 20% discount deal. To get this price use code TRADEIN20 at checkout and take an old bike, scooter or helmet to trade it in. These Xiaomi… Read more

Has anyone else noticed the speed is significantly slower once the battery drops below 60%?


Which app do I need to download to check speed and battery?


I suspect it'll probably magically come back in to stock when this code expires


have halfords stopped selling these? been keeping an eye on stock, but no longer listed on the site


Product not listed on the website anymore. Shame as I was trying to keep a look out for expiring click and collect orders.

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