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Lifetime 8ft x 12.5ft (2.4 x 3.8m) Simulated Wood Look Storage Shed at Costco for £999.99
Posted 31st MayPosted 31st May
Normal price £1399.99. Current offer price £999.99 including vat and delivery. (After £400 off) From 1st June to 21st June. Features - Made from High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE)… Read more

You can bolt the floor to your base if you wish , no problem with the weather mines survived big storms , i back onto a open field so gets very windy


What's this like in wind ? And the weather resistant on it?


I've just put up the larger one a few weeks ago, so happy to answer any questions if required. Happy with it. This is a great deal.


it is as i have had both


Stock didn't last long :-(

Duramax ECO 10' x 10' Hot-Dipped Galvanized Metal Garden Shed £356.81 at Amazon
Posted 31st MayPosted 31st May
*WARRANTY NOW INCREASED FROM 10 to 15 YEARS* The ECO 10’ x 10’ Metal Garden Shed is made from hot-dipped galvanized steel for durable corrosion protection and enhanced longevity w… Read more
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dont waste you time folks I got one of these it took two or us some time to build even with tools... rust and waterfalls you might as well say as well as hitting your head every once and a wile


Yes if!


It's really not. They just look horrible, don't last and stink of council estate.


After spending some considerable time building a Rowlinson Murray hill 12x24 garbage I would never buy a cheap metal shed again. I have modified mine as Rowlinson think it's a good idea for the building not to have corner posts. Normally you would build a frame and clad it but this model gets its strength from all the panels fastening together which is fine when it's built but not so when you are building it. I put my own corner posts and then added four intermediate posts where the trusses are. I also raised the trusses further into the roof as even with 6' 3" eaves you felt you were going to bang your head all the time. The garage is great now it's been modified and built apart from the looks. It looks like a shipping container with a pitched roof so it's going to get cladded in log lap. In winter it looks like you have sprayed the roof with a hose pipe. Condensation is so bad it drips and I put a DPM in the concrete. The DPM though is at ground level so won't be doing its job. I laid another layer of DPM on the concrete and fixed 18mm osb3 to it which helped the condensation a lot but didn't clear it. Ventilation makes no difference on an uninsulated metal roof as it did it before I put the roller shutter door on. I bonded polystyrene to my roof but you must seal all the edges otherwise condensation will form in any gaps left and it will rust. The price for this posted isn't bad considering the size of the shed as a timber one will be double that at this size. Personally I wouldn't waste my money on a metal building again.


Thanks for posting; we have added this to the Highlights section (y)

Yardmaster Shiplap Metal Shed 6x10 free delivery no vat - £359 delivered @ One Garden
Posted 30th MayPosted 30th May
Yardmaster Shiplap 106TBSL Metal Shed 6x10 Just purchased this as looks a good price £50 off making it down to £359.99 With Free delivery and no VAT i know its metal nuts & bo… Read more

Low roof on it tho, this is higher, enough to stand in


Oh please...


Thanks, the wire netting and sleeper sounds like a plan. I was considering keeping it in hidden in the conservatory but for the Mrs it’s not a long term solution. Go figure.


If going for a wooden shed, staple in some wire fence netting on the inside, otherwise they will just remove a plank to get in. no lock will stand up to an angle grinder, so restrict their access to the lock and chain as much as possible, like chain it to a sleeper mounted in front. a simple alarm with a remote bell box will limit the time they will want to sit there or go live in the country, I haven’t locked my shed in 30 years


The last thing you should be putting into a metal shed is electricity unless it's an IP65 rated install and its equipotential bonded to an earth rod.

Defender Wireless Shed Alarm £15.95 - Dispatched from and sold by Solon Security on amazon
Posted 29th MayPosted 29th May
I've just bought a new shed and just thought I would see if you could get an alarm for it. Came across this on Amazon and ordered it. Gets good reviews and is wireless with a keyp… Read more

These are only £6 at toolstation. £6.02 @ Toolstation


Was just about to say this. I would add that the fact they have said it suggests it’s a terrible product


Alternatively, you could but a rottweiler and train it to beep loudly at 110db when it detects an intruder. Simples.


You must have quick hands if you can do that in 5 seconds (y)


Looking at the reviews and the answers to questions from the seller looks like that is a typo - its 5 seconds or a bit less.Question: How much time i have to shut the door before it activate itself after entering the code? - before leaving house. Answer: This alarm has an entry/exit delay of 5 seconds. By Solon Security SELLER on 11 January 2017 But advert says 15 seconds. By vince on 07 September 2019 5 seconds only By James H. on 11 January 2017

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Mercia 6x4 Wooden Windowless Shed - Robert Dyas - £199.99 Delivered
Posted 20th MayPosted 20th May
Been searching for a reasonable priced shed with no ridiculous delivery times (this has a 1 month waiting time) for a bit, and thought this one one of the best deals.

OOS now. The fact it's described as a "value shed" puts me off a bit. For about 10 years of use you're probably better off spending a bit more for something of better quality.


Same here. Hopeful.


Just had an update! "Your order has entered the manufacturing process and once complete, will be assigned with a delivery date."


I'm still debating what to do. Doesn't seem to be anything better around currently for the price. But August is no good. May as well wait until autumn if that's the soonest they can deliver. By then, prices will be back to normal, and delivery times will be reasonable. Might have to go back to Plan A and get another Keter Store-It-Out Max.


Me too. Cancelled it and still searching...

Keter Factor Double Door Plastic Apex Shed - 8 X 6 Ft - £595 Delivered @ Wickes
220° Expired
Posted 19th MayPosted 19th May
With its elegant wood look effect, the factor 8 x 6 garden shed is made out of a strong, weather-resistant plastic with steel reinforcement and a heavy-duty flooring. Providing an … Read more
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I have a 4x6. You cant fit much in it. But after 2 years, it still looks new. If you have space, buy biggest you can


What are you on about. I've had mine just under 2 years, no such problems. I highly recommend it, you do need a solid base and definitely need two people for assembly.


Out of interest the 6x8 version of these they have at £450 plus £6.95 delivery at Argos. Stock for delivery seems to fluctuate however Amazon have price matched. These are the 6x8 as opposed to the 8x6 on this post. Mine is coming very early tomorrow morning! I've had the 8x11 of these for a couple years and very pleased with it Been using the recycled plastic squares to create the base... Only bad thing I've had happen is bought a 6x6 on the Tesco Direct site when it was closing at half price. Finally cleared some space in the garden last week to erect it and discovered only had half the shed, one box instead of two!


Cool. Mine came with its own floor too (different model though)


Thanks... I have a flat slab base so should be fine

Keter Store-It Out Max Outdoor Plastic Garden Storage Shed, Beige and Brown £120 @ Amazon
-290° Expired
Posted 19th MayPosted 19th May
These and many other storage sheds are out of stock everywhere, even better is the fact it's reduced from £149.99 down to £120.00, thats if you can find them anywhere... Obviously… Read more

This is not in stock but is available to order on Amazon again, no estimate of delivery date though.


that looks decent, great idea to have some shelves in it too, mine could use some, just a little too pricey for what i wanted one for, 10 yr warranty is good too :)


Thats the one I saw in the Range and it did look decent, if they'd of had any left I would of bought that one. In the end I went for this one from Argos, purely for looks, colour and the good reviews...



dont have a link but the instruction book says it's a Toomax storaway plus XL and in the shop it was 99, it's Decent quality too

Keter Artisan 9ft 2" x 7ft Duotech Plastic Shed - £799.99 Delivered @ Costco
702° Expired
Refreshed 26th MayRefreshed 26th May
Update 1
Offer Extended to 31/05/2020
Good offer coming up with Costco from the 11th May. A little smaller than the last one we saw at £899, but to be fair it's also £100 less. Price includes free delivery as mentioned… Read more

I'd image likely at some point but depends how long you can wait. I've been waiting for this specific model and size for about a year (assuming I didn't miss it) but pulled the trigger on the 11x7 version a few weeks ago before this one came on offer. They seem to have a different model and size on offer each time so if you're not set on this exact one something else will likely be reduced soon.


what are the chances this offer comes back?


For storing anything slightly valuable I wouldn't bother with Keter. I would go with these instead: I bought one to store my bikes last year and they are amazing, unbreakable unless you have an angle grinder to cut through (search YouTube for demo!). Customer service was also excellent. No comparison, worth paying the bit extra in my opinion. Needs a solid base though so bear that in mind.


I have 2 of the 8x6 keter plastic sheds. Both approx 6 years old, solid and as good as new. They have survived all sorts of weather and i would not hesitate in buying another. I have had no issues with them at all and no maintenance etc.



Keter Factor 8ft x 11ft (2.6 x 3.3m) Shed £699.89 delivered @ Costco
18° Expired
Posted 4th MayPosted 4th May
Back in stock - sold out previously. The Keter Factor 8ft x 11ft Shed is ideal for your general garden storage requirements. This sturdy shed features wide double-entry doors and… Read more
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I think I'll just stick with the wooden type from now on... Thought I'd head down to Screwfix and had no idea about this during the current winds today...




I had 2 wooden sheds prior to my current Lifetime resin/plastic shed. Both wooden ones rotted after years in the garden and like you attracted mice/rats. I got my current Lifetime shed earlier this year and so pleased with it and no regrets at all. No worries about it rotting or having to paint it each year.


This is a great price to! I paid £300 more for basically the same shed. I believe Keter is an Israeli company and made from recycled materials (angel)


Had one of these 20+ years would never go back to wood. It’s brilliant. Just make sure when it’s windy the door is secured properly. Ours wasn’t and ended up in neighbours garden. Keter replaced the bits that broke. Excellent customer service

Palram 6 x10 Midnight Grey Skylight Plastic Shed £549 at Walton Garden Buildings
499° Expired
Posted 4th MayPosted 4th May
Description If you’re looking for a large and secure storage unit, this Palram 6ft x 10ft Midnight Grey Skylight Plastic Shed is just the ticket. Made from lightweight, UV protecte… Read more
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I wouldn't touch this with a barge pole. I had the 6x8 double.door one. Erected in September, collapsed and bent to hell by February in the winds. Panels are bent and torn despite being described as "practically indestructible". Worst purchase I've ever made and a case of style over substance. It's now in bits behind my new WOODEN shed which is much better.


Looking at the main pic for the post, would make a wonderful den for a Tron fanclub. Though it might be a tad large for that purpose. Not voting heat-wise.


Reduced to £519 on amazon 8ftx10ft - we paid £625 for the same one last week. Free delivery.


Eat some Weetabix (y)


do not buy this shed, it has issues to close the door properly when itvis windy day! Voted cool

Einhell 550w Electric Hedge Trimmer 240v 56cm sword metal gears - £29.99 / £34.98 delivered @ My Tool Shed
331° Expired
Posted 22nd AprPosted 22nd Apr
Cracking price for a quality trimmer, metal gears, diamond cut blade from a trusty German brand. Cuts branches upto 26mm which is a rarity, especially at this price. Cheapest I've … Read more
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Care to expand on that? I am asking because I have outside plugs for the garden and a power plug extension reel to be able to reach all around the garden.


I’m thought Hermes and Collectplus were the same price for Northern Ireland as well.


Only RM have the same price. All couriers charge additional for any non-mainland areas inc anything involving sea crossing (NI, any other islands) and remote areas (highlands of Scotland etc).


I'm subscribed to the thread because I bought one moments after it was posted. So 🤪 back at you!


And yet you're still here 🤪

Virgin TV: Free Temporary access to 17 extra channels (Discovery History/ Science/ Shed, Nat Geo, Animal Planet and more) @ Virgin Media
313° Expired
Posted 17th AprPosted 17th Apr
Broadband ISP Virgin Media UK has today announced that they’re giving their existing Pay TV customers access to a further 17 channels, this time including various popular documenta… Read more
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I've also been getting Sky One, Sky Two, Sky Crime, ID, Sky Comedy, and Fox free. I've just been checking every ciple of days to see what has been added.




Got them all already. What about some discount? Tighter than a ducks butt is Virgin.


I've just had sky news HD and a few other channels in HD added they just appeared


Great stuff, thanks for the heads up OP (y)

Keter Factor 8ft x 11ft (2.6 x 3.3m) Shed £699.99 delivered @ Costco
1085° Expired
Posted 17th AprPosted 17th Apr
**GOES LIVE MONDAY 20th APRIL** Got one do these last time they went on sale at Costco. Really happy with it, delivered by Panther Group within 5 days of Ordering and they brough… Read more
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All done!


Just had an email from Costco to say that the order has been cancelled because the couriers they use are no longer delivering to Northern Ireland but previously they were delivering to Northern Ireland, even during covid 19. This is strange, considering I was told the couriers were not delivering to Northern Ireland until further notice and now they have been delivering to Northern Ireland but have recently stopped?!?! (annoyed) (skeptical) (confused) (shock) :(


Looks great (y)


Me too....that was hard work lol.


Shed base is down.....finally! Painting to be done before building the shed :)

Wooden Garden Shed Apex Roof Felt Windowless Floor Outdoor Storage 8ft 6ft £309.94 ebay / directgardenbuildings
201° Expired
Posted 8th AprPosted 8th Apr

Hi All, the reason why I put this deal is because the price was £209 down from £309? then they changed it back to original price. I'm aftrer a shed for garden things so I don't need anything that expenssive. Happy Days all and stay sfae ;)


In budget sheds short of someone small and local who might do you a good deal Tiger Sheds are best if you want cheap and just about adequate, Albany sheds are the next step up, but you need to buy those from a local retailer. Albany have thicker cladding and framing, glass windows, thicker felt, but cost a bit more. Having said that I've only seen Tiger's standard range.


U r correct, shiplap is what I meant. 1- Thick shiplap (no gaps for spiders, like a tongue and groove) 2- Thinner shiplap 3- Overlap (flimsy and full of insects) 4- Metal (flimsy, condensation, insects, rust) This is my experience, I am a basic DIYer. I'm sure someone can be more informative. I researched last year looking to buy and found Tigersheds website the best for quality and value. Tigersheds I didn't buy purely for the reason of my wife's secret credit card bill (skeptical) Had I bought it she'd be self isolating in it long before now. 8x6 £320 delivered


Ie heard of shiplap, overlap havent heard of larchlap, any chance you could maybe rank the styles from best to worst?


Unfortunately not but it doesn’t look great.

Zoob Racerz - Build it, Move it, Zoob it - 55 Pieces £14.99 + £2.99 Delivery @ Clearance Shed
196° Expired
Posted 6th AprPosted 6th Apr
Zoob Racerz Fastback Head To Head - Build it, Move it, Zoob it - 55 Pieces Kids Activity Toy, £14.99 WAS 59.99, £2.99 delivery. Zoob Racerz Fastback H2H has 2 pull-back motors.… Read more
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If you have prime, you can get it for £16.85 inc deliver.


My son had this and loved it! Cost £30 when we bought it.

Outsunny Wooden Garden Storage Shed Cabinet Organiser w/Shelves 128Lx50Wx90H cm £110.99 at outsunny eBay
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Posted 3rd AprPosted 3rd Apr
50% off of a garden cabinet to store any belongings that have no place to go. Free shipping and if you aren't happy there are 30 day returns as well.
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Anonymouse01 Saw some on B&Q and Wickes but they have virtual queues for their sites now


You got a link?


Fair dos, I’d deffo recommend getting something a bit sturdier than this, for the price range there are better wooden small storages


Less plastic. I want another shed however


If you want less in your garden why bother commenting lol

Sealey 34pc Wall Tool Storage Garage Shed Pegboard Set £24.39 Delivered using code @ eBay / buyaparcel-store
283° Expired
Posted 3rd AprPosted 3rd Apr
Sealey 34pc Wall Tool Storage Garage Shed Pegboard Set £24.39 Delivered using code @ eBay / buyaparcel-store
£24.39£28.7015%eBay Deals
Maybe you've organised the house and now it's time for your tool space. This Sealey pegboard set can hold 34 pieces, and is a great way to organise your DIY space. You'll need to … Read more

Got these, but for 12.99 a pack Yaheetech 100Pcs Pegboard Shelving Set Pegboard Hooks Storage Shop Garage Organizing Tools Hanger


Cool. Which hooks did you use out of interest?


Made my own recently with a 20 quid 2.4 m x 1.2 m ply. Quartered by the friendly chaps at the diy shop. Screwed the 4 pieces together, marked it out, then went to town with the drill and a wood bit. Bought hook kits off amazon. Certainly took a while but I think it’s awesome 8) Gotta figure out where to put the other two sheets now and maybe buy some more tools to fill em!




Sorry chap, voted cold by mistake. Good deal 🍻

Wooden Garden Shed / Tool Storage Cabinet With Shelves - £79.89 Delivered Using Code @ eBay / 2011homcom
257° Expired
Posted 3rd AprPosted 3rd Apr
Wooden Garden Shed / Tool Storage Cabinet With Shelves - £79.89 Delivered Using Code @ eBay / 2011homcom
£79.89eBay Deals
This won't be the best solution for all, but I do think some may be able to make good use of something like this. I'd be tempted to attach one to the side of my existing shed for g… Read more

Thanks. Ordered and heat added (highfive)


.... and your fork 'andles.


What's wrong with keeping it on a reel? ;)


Potential for a good size cold smoker


Joking aside, I may order this. I've been looking to get a beer fridge in the garden, and it would fit perfectly in this :-) I've spent my down time getting the electric hooked up so all I'm missing is a fridhe and a small shed (highfive)

Outsunny slim wooden garden storage shed (71 x 60 x 211cm) for £99.99 delivered @ eBay / Outsunny
91° Expired
Posted 31st MarPosted 31st Mar
Outsunny slim wooden garden storage shed (71 x 60 x 211cm) for £99.99 delivered @ eBay / Outsunny
£99.99£119.9917% Free P&P FreeeBay Deals
Slim wooden shed perfect for storing tools and a few bits and bobs you need to keep your garden in check. Ideal for those with smaller gardens, as this is only 71cm wide and 60cm d… Read more

Where's the lawnmower go?


(lol) (lol) (lol) is that a joke, I'm sure my spade can live life without a house but if after 5 years of it dieing in the rain I'll get a new one...a lot cheaper


Looks like you might get a few people in there ...


Outside urinal maybe, you're not fitting a porcelain throne in there!


Outside loo maybe??.... (lol)

Keter Artisan 11ft x 7ft (3.2 x 2.1m) Shed £899 delivered @ Costco Online
777° Expired
Posted 30th MarPosted 30th Mar
Keter Artisan 11ft x 7ft (3.2 x 2.1m) Shed £899 delivered @ Costco Online
£899£99910%Costco Deals
A perfect blend of modern design and ruggedness, the cleverly architected Artisan 11ft x 7ft shed provides the ideal outdoor storage solution for your garden. The innovative DUOTEC… Read more
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Hey @LankyChris We have done the same with a water butt and just attached normal guttering and brackets to ours, and I’m informed by the other half that he used 3.5x16mm screws and it’s not a problem We are thinking of doing the same with the lighting, I have been keeping my eye out for a solar panel light, in fact there was one a few weeks ago in Aldi but out of stock would probably have to make the vent a bit bigger to poke the wire through but not an issue Cant comment on the storage I’m afraid


I've not built mine yet (need to finish building the base in the garden first) but I'm just thinking about organising the contents and customising once built. Storage Has anyone with one already attached shelves, tool hangers etc directly to the walls using screws? Are they strong enough? What length screws did you use? I've also seen mention of Keter's own D-Clip system for attaching to the walls here and in some reviews but I can't find any more information or links to it anywhere. Lighting With the vent I'm thinking it should be easy to attach a solar battery light to the inside of the roof with the solar panel on top and wired feeding through the vent. Ideally with a motion sensor on the light so it doesn't need a switch. Can anyone recommend a good one? Guttering Also I'm thinking about attaching some guttering at the back to stop all the water coming off the roof water running underneath the base, and so I can collect it in a water butt. Has anyone else done this? I've found this kit but at £50 I'm wondering if I can just attach normal guttering brackets to it. It looks like it's just the clips that are the only non-standard bit of the kit. @SimonFin @azstar @ncd @Mini20284 @Lollypopz @r0xsta or anyone else with one: any tips or recommendations on any of the above?


Yeah in the North East so could be, although the teaching txts are from 'Keter' so guess it's direct from the supplier.


Cheers for update. Ordered mine on the 5th.. not heard anything yet but maybe yours is from another warehouse. I’m west of London Windsor


Just had a txt: delivery scheduled Friday 24 April. I ordered one on 6th April for anyone waiting on theirs.

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