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Chain Monkey Supreme Bundle by Tru-Tension, £10 - Free click & collect (Limited stock) @ Halfords
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Posted 22nd AprPosted 22nd Apr
Good value bundle with limited stock available. Tru Tension Supreme Chain Care BundleMaximise the maintenance of your motorcycle drive chain with the Tru Tension Supreme Chain … Read more

Thanks op, found one in stock near me. Bargain!


No stock anywhere.


Seems to be a glut of motorcycle deals recently.


Wish I could find one


Just picked mine up from Bolton ;)

MagnumPlus Mammoth Chain 1.1m x 10mm ( 1.8m x 10mm) Integral Lock, £10 each + free click and collect at Halfords
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Posted 22nd AprPosted 22nd Apr
Nice offer. MagnumPlus Mammoth Chain 1.8m x 10mm Integral Lock MagnumPlus Mammoth Chain 1.1m x 10mm Integral LockThe MagnumPlus Mammoth Chain 1.1m x 10mm Integral Lock of… Read more

Ordered one yesterday afternoon from the Tunbridge Well branch, went to collect it today and they said that the stock was wrong and they didn’t have the lock, but they kindly gave me a Magnumplus Goliath 1.1 which is a better version. I didn’t even have to ask, they just offered the better one straight away and said “Is this one OK?”, I almost laughed when I said “Yeah, It’ll do”. Halfords £10 bargain.


Stock available in Scarborough


I agree, nothing can deter a professional thief. Those that drive around in vans looking for motorcycles, mopeds and expensive pushbikes have all the tools (and weapons) they need on board. The problem with the UK is that the penalties aren't severe enough. Also bystanders won't challenge for fear of getting stabbed.


Good price, but as usual with Halfords, no stock


When you have a 22mm chain for home a 16mm chain is relatively light! I use a kriega tail pack to store all my security. I bought it a few years back, the 22mm is overkill, but my motorcycle is very visible and as a chain should never break it is an investment well worth it IMO. Especially as I never remove it from the ground anchor. Having one chain always in the tail is very convenient.

MYX Motorcycle Balaclava (Ultra Thin) - £1 (Free click & collect / Selected Stores) @ Halfords
Posted 22nd AprPosted 22nd Apr
A worthy purchase if you need one. :) £1 - Available only with free store collection. -- An essential motorcycle accessory, the MYX Motorcycle Balaclava is an ultra thin balac… Read more

Bank withdrawals**


So why can't they ban these then?


Perfect for moped riders in London.


Got it, thank you


Purchased......HEAT 🔥

Yuasa Motorcycle Battery (e.g. YT7B-BS / 53030 12V YuMicron DIN / YB12AL-A2 Yumicron) - £10 each (Free collection) @ Halfords
Posted 22nd AprPosted 22nd Apr
Just noticed some good value motorcycle batteries at Halfords. Available with free click & collect or home delivery (+£3.99) £10 each Yuasa YT7B-BS Powersport Motorcycle… Read more

Thank you for your post. Charged up fine.


Just picked up the second part of my order with the YT7B battery and it was activated on 11/2020. Quick multimeter check shows 12.77 out of the box. I've put it on my smart charger to get it topped up.


Mine too. Was at 10.1volts. Is now on charge. Only need it for the Chinese diesel heater in the garage.


Id have been happy at 6.5V.. This is the 53030 I picked up in Sheffield (Crystal Peaks).. Activated 06/2019 and box still sealed so never been charged since. I've got a dumb charger, so itll happily charge this.. but I assume its not going to help.. Ill see what happens and return if needed.


Got mine up to 12.7/ 12.8, now to see if it holds!

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RST GT CE Leather motorcycle Jeans - Black / Black - £129.99 SportBikeShop
Posted 20th AprPosted 20th Apr
Sports touring leather jeans with CE certified level 2 protection and knee sliders Full grain drum tanned cow leather construction Perforated leather zones for added air flow 3D b… Read more

RST gear is now CE certified where applicable which means it's triple stitched on the seams and passes abrasion testing. 'AAA' being the best down to 'A'. Their old gear might not have been great but anything made in the last 3 - 5 years is very good. Some of the premium brands are terrible so it pays to do a little research.


I’ve got a full RST setup (pants/jacket/gloves/shoes). Absolutely love it. Only criticism (as with most leathers i guess) is that it’s very heavy. Other than that, the quality is excellent for a very fair price if you can get the stuff on offer. Just need to find a quiet lid now!


Yeah, well some of the premium brands aren't that good. I'd not usually touch RST after seeing several sets fail badly in crashes - I've an old pair of their leathers and I'd sooner crash in jeans... But at this price point, especially with level 2 hip armour, there isn't much 'branded' gear that can compete. So worthy of heat I reckon.


Just as good as the premium brands without the price tag.


Nothing to see here move along .....Lockdown waisters ..... ;)