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SIM only packages can allow mobile users to keep their old devices and save money on their monthly bills. There is plenty of competition on the high street to offer the best deal, with providers that include Virgin, Carphone Warehouse and EE. All of the worthwhile SIM Only offers can be found as soon as they are announced at the hotukdeals listings pages. Read more
Three 12 months SIM only Contract - 30GB Data Unlimited Minutes & Texts £15 a month (£180 a year) - Quidco Exclusive (Possible £70 Quidco)
-62° Expired
Posted 29th JulPosted 29th Jul
PLEASE USE THE QUIDCO LINK TO GET THIS DEAL. With cashback, making this £9.17pm SIM Only plan 30GB data Unlimited minutes Unlimited texts 12 month Advanced plan Includes: •5G … Read more

Tried Three for two months from November last year. I spent the whole of December in Florida and their free use in the USA was wonderful with proper 4g data everywhere and a great signal. Sadly in just 6 weeks usage in England I had two complete days of network outage and further regular signal drops on both data and phone signal. I live in Manchester so no excuse for bad signal. Never going near Three ever again. Voted freezing cold here.

Stuart_Smith doing a deal with Three at the moment - £16/month, 12 month contract, unlimited everything.


You might aswell just get a smarty SIM for a tenner with 30gb data on plus any cashback not that I would.

Three sim only unlimited mins / texts, 8GB data £8pm ( £6.33pm after £20 automatic cashback) @ Mobilephonesdirect
Posted 29th JulPosted 29th Jul
This deal should be £8 pm but they will give you £20 automatic cashback effectively making this deal £6.33 for unlimited mins, texts and 8GB of full 5g speed data if you can get it… Read more

I did this deal on Topcashback, as I was one month from my contract ending. 8GB for £8.00 Contacted Three (Via chat) as soon as I got my new sim through the post. Asked for them to to move me onto the new contract, and to keep my existing mobile number. This was completed , but I was informed that I would need to speak to the Returns Team (This was because it was late evening when I called them, and no-one was available on the phones at this time) as I need to cancel my old contract!!



It's amazing how people want you to do all the leg work for them.


Standard price with Smarty at the moment, search them up.


I've seen people on here go to the hassle of setting up a VPN to use a Turkish account to access an online game code site, then pay in Russian rubles to save a whopping 52p on buying it from the UK site! This is hotUK deals, a penny saved is a penny saved XD

Tesco Mobile unlimited data sim only £30 pm for 12 months £360
-388° Expired
Posted 28th JulPosted 28th Jul
Tesco Mobile now offering unlimited 4g/5G data plan for £30

What the FUP on this o2 unlimited is 650gb a month.


We have different definitions for “standard”.


It's standard their 5G and 4G deals for unlimited are the same - so they are unified into one really - it's just under the 4G they offer less data options that's the only difference from the 2 options.


5G isn’t standard on Tesco Mobile yet as they have 4G only SIM only deals still. They had 15GB for £12.50 a few days ago that I wanted to sign up to but it’s gone now.


But the £20 ones don't have a signal (lol) (lol) (lol)

100GB Data and unl minutes and text, 6 months free Disney+ or Amazon Prime video for £20 per month (12months) on O2 Sim Only
Posted 27th JulPosted 27th Jul
100GB data Unlimited minutes Unlimited texts 12 months contract direct from O2. £50 possible topcashback. Thanks to @luke.o.zade Offers included: Get 100GB for £20, for … Read more

If you prepared to go for the 18 months plan then its 120gb for the same price.


This has been highlighted here a fair few times, but I agree it’s a good deal. Hopefully it sticks around until my contract ends in October, as I’m keen to give O2 another go after many years with either EE or 3, both of whom have had their ups and downs.


I didn't even log in. I just googled it. Thnx anyway :)


Ah are you on topcashback plus ? I'm on the regular classic.


Isn't it 50?

TalkMobile 1 month sim only deal from uSwitch 4gb for £6.50pm
Posted 26th JulPosted 26th Jul
Talkmobile 4gb ,unlimited mins and texts.No contract through uswitch .
Get deal*Get deal*

He said that test was done when connected to indoor hotspot.


Just done a test as connected to hotspot, speedtest also performed over hotspot which is awesome .. test i did is indoor.


Virgin £6 for 3gb


I don't expect to be ringing them at all.


Sky £6 for 3GB

Talkmobile SIMO £8p/m + Unlimited mins / texts / 9GB data 12 month contract = £96 total
-278° Expired
Posted 25th JulPosted 25th Jul
Talkmobile Sim only £8 p/m - Unlimited mins/txt/ 9 GB data 12 month contract
Get deal*Get deal*

Look, I haven't voted either way, but I think people don't like when someone posts 3 different plans from a provider at the same time, while he can just mention all of them in the same deal. It looks like talkmobile itself are adverting on here.


People doesn't read the comments to vote, but the deal description. In this case, I counted 3 numbers and 9 words.


I don't think there's too much to read about this "deal", op doesn't make use of words.


Probs spamming


Hot good deal can't understand why the cold

Talk Mobile SIMO 25GB Data Plus Unlimited UK Mins & Texts 12 month contract - £13/month = £156 total
-369° Expired
Posted 25th JulPosted 25th Jul
TalkMobile SIMO 25GB DATA Plus Unlimited UK Mins & Texts 12 month contract
Get deal*Get deal*

Where I live, I get best coverage from EE, 2nd Vodafone. Talkmobile has some cheap sim only deals as well


Been with them for around 7 years and I can’t really remember a time when I haven’t had signal


Don’t know why Talkmobile getting such cold votes. I don’t get any network problem, and CS are usually quite good


Cheers I'll check them out.


What, so you're saying they're either C### S### A load of W### Or just like my A### (y) (y)

Plusnet Sim Only - 10GB (12GB existing broadband customers) with Unlimited Minutes and Texts - 12 month plan £10pm (Possible £50 Cashback)
164° Expired
Posted 25th JulPosted 25th Jul
With an already reasonable base price of £10 per month for 10GB data with unlimited minutes/texts, this Plusnet offering becomes even better when taking into consideration cashback… Read more

More like the poor man's Jason Manford


That bloke looks like a poor man's Peter Kay.


Ring them up on free UK number 0800 and the sales team are UK Centre


They don’t. I’m with Plusnet.


crazy credit check knocks me out of the sign-on process every time, and leaves you in a limbo where they've taken £10 but no email, no link to follow. Tried three times. Totally unusable. Voted cold.

Sim Only - 12GB Data with Unlimited Minutes and Texts - 12 month plan £8pm @ Three
1386° Expired
Posted 24th JulPosted 24th Jul
Very decent price for a 12GB allowance sim. :) I appreciate Three may not be for everyone, but as with any network, if you are new to their service it's always advisable to chec… Read more

Yes - apparently it was then showing the FULL amount it would cost - but I have only been charged the £8 NB: Make sure you add the 0 spend cap to your account when changing things - I got scammed for £4.50 by an unsolicited sms.


What a shame network! Just connected to unlimited plan and having no internet for a half of a day already and tried to report ,but they disabled option to call technical team support . That is disgusting! Good that I have 1 more week to choose another network 🥴


My live chat calls were a queue of 20 the first time so had to wait about 15 mins, when I contacted them when SIM cards arrived in the post I was amazed I got an instant response. Initially I did try calling complete waste of time, I always select the option “want to cancel contract” as this generally got a better response, not this time. On hold for 45 minutes and gave up, did it again after 63 minutes got through started talking to advisor and then got cut off (mad) Hence used live chat which was far more timely. Guess it depends on time of day etc how long you wait. My contract ended in August last year but my rate was pretty good anyway but this deal beat it nicely (y) .


Ya I use 3 as i can use my data in Singapore without additional charges, and have no prob with signal in UK, I had just changed to the £10 for 12gb last week, they changed it to this deal over webchat easily enough


I was at the end of my Three contract, from reading these posts I knew it was cheaper to leave, keep my number with a PAC and go pay for 1 month PAYG elsewhere, then apply for the topcashback deal. To renegotiate my contract Three aren’t taking calls at the moment, only doing live chat, it took 1 hour 40 mins, with four different members of staff, but I got the 12gb & unlimited bits EVENTUALLY for £8/m without cashback, persistence paid off, but couldn’t avoid the pain of live chat to even cancel contract which is still required. Anyone in the same position, it’s your choice, go straight for cancellation and PAC to save dosh and minimise livechat time, but still have to sign up with temporary PAYG, cancel a month later, get PAC from that provider and hope topcashback still have same deal, ps SMARTY who use Three, are offering 30GB plus unlimited call/texts for £10/month PAYG and you can use their PACS

Vodafone 5G Sim Only Lite (2Mbps) - Unl Minutes Texts and Data for £24pm (effective £12pm - £144 cash back via redemption - 12m) @ Fonehouse
Posted 24th JulPosted 24th Jul
Nice deal for an unlimited 5G sim from Vodafone provided you don't mind the cashback route Unlimited everything, for £24 per month before cashback. £144 cashback brings the effec… Read more

Wow, that's pretty good, didn't know EE could go so high!


Cannot believe people voted it hot they must have been smoking the same as vodafone!


I don't know but they need shooting !


5G 2meg speeds what is vodafone marketing team smoking. (zombie)


Vodafone Red Plan - Ultd mins/txt 60GB data £20m / 12m sim only (after CB £7.50 a month / £5.42 after Quidco) @ Affordable Mobiles
Posted 24th JulPosted 24th Jul
Apologies, I had marked this as the Red Entertainment Plan, which I got wrong. It is actually the Red Plan. But I still think this is a good deal Similar to a deal posted already … Read more

Yes you can. There’s one for £8.5p on which lets. Upload online which means far less faf


Its 60gb of uncapped data


It says 20 gb for me and slow cant seem to find it on quidco


In my experience in East Midlands.. rarely E, 3G in the sticks. 4G in towns/cities. Generally decent coverage.


Does the link still work for anyone? Cant find the offer, possibly expired

Three Unlimited Everything SIM only £16/mo 12mth at moneysavingexpert
750° Expired
Posted 22nd JulPosted 22nd Jul
Promotion via MoneySavingExpert... Cheaper than the usual £18/mo and just 12month contract 12 month contract Unlimited minutes and texts Unlimited data 5G Ready at no extra cost … Read more

Got my sim today on this offer. So far so good definitely worth the £16 pm.


Does Topcashback pay out if you go for the £16 a month instead of 18 a month ?


I did this, I agreed at the £16 contract via chat just to find out that they put me on a £32 a month contract. Now it's a week that I'm spending my days chatting and talking with the worst customer service on this planet, trying to get out of it. After talking with a dozen of morons they sent me a final bill of £143. Stay well away from them.


Lots of discussion here saying Three are the best / worst. As a Telecoms Engineer who knows a bit about 4G I have to admit you are both right. If ANY company puts up a 4G mast it will be Brilliant on the 1st day with only 1 user. As more people use it then eventually the available quality will be reduced for each user. The more people who use Three in your area the worse your experience of Three will be. The more people who use O2 in your area the worse your experience of O2 will be. Unless these companies put up more masts to share the demand of their 4G. For 95% (ish) of us who live where there is more than 1 company who can provide us a 4G signal the best thing you can do is test each one by getting a free sim and going to the places you will use the phone. No tool online will tell you the quality of the signal (e.g .how fast you can expect to get on a regular basis) - it will only tell you if you are in the coverage area of a tower. I also want to point out an observation I made of the physical equipment used by each company. This goes back to 3G days but I was in an equipment room with Three, O2, Vodafone and EE equipment. The latter three were all in racks with neat wiring and alarm panels and back up power. The Three equipment was just in a pile on the floor with messy cables. All 4 worked well and in that location the Three worked the best, closely followed by O2 and EE. But this did put in my mind that Three do not spend as much on their equipment as other companies do.


2 options *Go on three live chat ask them politely for the £16 unlimited plan you might have to kickup a fuss depends what agent/advisor you get. Some will change you over without any problems some will just denied the deal even exist. *Send a text to 65075 PAC *Pac your number to another payandgo network order this sim deal and pac your number back to three.

Sim only 60gb 12 Months Contract - Total Cost £240 ( £102 after cashback) @
Posted 21st JulPosted 21st Jul
Minutes Unlimited Data 60GB 5G Yes SMS (Text Messages) Unlimited Cashback Save £138 Cashback by redemption Monthly Cost £20.00 Upfront Cost None Total Cost £102 I don't think you … Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

Yes I went for that one as my home broadband but it's just below


the cashback amounts look like they have all changed, this was the last one i saw



No but it's £90 for £17-£29 SIM only


it's not on that deal (i checked). Clicking the £130/ £160 TCB, directs you to different offer, where you pay the £26pm, hope the cashback tracks and hope Vodafone pays out, however you may get £35, which isn't much of a deal

Three 5G Sim Only - Unlimited Minutes, Texts and Data for £18pm (effective £10pm - £96 cash back via redemption - 12m) @ Fonehouse
953° Expired
Posted 21st JulPosted 21st Jul
Nice offer for an unlimited sim provided you don't mind the cashback route :) Unlimited everything on a Three 5G sim, for £18 per month before cashback. £96 brings the effective … Read more

Any additional cashback possible via topcashback or quidco?


Is there any speed caps on this or limits at all ? I want to use it at home in my 5g enabled router with sim


The link is still working. It hasn't expired yet.


Why was this expired when it still works?


Actually, no inside my home around 2 miles from the mast, under the mast is the worst place to be because of how signals work ;) I hide my location because of Internet weirdos from London.

£8 a Month Three 8GB Data Unlimited minutes, Unlimited texts, 12 month Plan (£96 Total) via TopCashback (£32.50 possible cashback)
Posted 20th JulPosted 20th Jul
TOPCASHBACK DEALS £8 FOR 8GB DATA + UNLIMITED MINS & TEXTS £32.50 cash back via TOPCASHBACK back SIM Only plan 8GB data Unlimited minutes Unlimited texts 12 month advanced p… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

Nice first deal @blackburncraig - bonus heat if you're actually from Blackburn (and a Rovers fan, of course) (strong)


Right now, it’s TCB’s reputation taking more of a hit than the third party’s. You would think they would encourage their affiliates to payout to their users (of TCB and third party) as quickly as possible.


So all this "send me a pm and I'll look into it" got you precisely....nowhere? As I figured - the rep might as well just be a bot, pops up saying the right things but not actually doing anything! Shame


Haahah new info :( got a canned message to say they’re working with their affiliates and such. It’s going to be 7 months since I placed the order.


I used to defend the signal and 4g on three, but having recently moved away onto another network, you appreciate how bad it is for call quality and 4g reception. I think there's better networks out there for a similar price

For Plusnet customers only 6GB, Unlimited minutes and texts £8 month/12 months - £25 prepaid Mastercard at Plusnet
Posted 20th JulPosted 20th Jul
Works out £71 for the year -6Gb. Also £90 a year for 10Gb a month (£10 month plus £30 Mastercard.
Get deal*Get deal*

I've never had any issues at all with plusnet and I swap between them and bt every 18 months . At least it isn't a foreign call center where you can't understand what they are saying.


For real, this is 100% accurate (lol)


Plusnet mobile isn't run by Plusnet staff. It's Life mobile. They're decent for that reason only. 80% of the staff at Plusnet (broadband) have been there less than 2 years and barely know how to wash their hands after taking a dump, nevermind doing their job correctly.


To put this into context... don't mix the phone reviews with the broadband reviews. I believe the majority of Plusnets issues are to do with the 'piggy backing' - so most times there is an issue it had to be passed to and fro to get anything done. Doesn't help if you have a problem though. I have P N broadbandand can't fault their customer service.


Look at Trustpilot for another opinion, 1.4 stars out of 5, 83% 1 star from 7000 reviews. They have the worst customer service in the telecoms industry

Unlimited 5G data £30 per month at Voxi
-235° Expired
Posted 20th JulPosted 20th Jul
It might not be the deal you'd been hoping for after the glitch... But unlimited data now £30

Brilliant thanks very much 😁


It's valid for 2 years normally mate as long as you pay every month, also it seems the data counter is broken again as mine hasn't moved as ya can see, despite using YouTube, now TV etc (y)


Thanks very much, so you're getting 12gb at the moment :) If you get an offer and change to it, is it usually time limited then, and probably not long term?


They have special offers every so often


As a side note, are people getting 8GB a month for £10 with VOXI? TCB says it's 8GB, VOXI website says 6GB

O2 Sim Only 120GB For £20 Deal - With Unlimited Minutes & Texts‎ 18 months
Posted 19th JulPosted 19th Jul
Happy with your phone? Save money with a Pay Monthly sim. You can even keep your number if you’ve joined from another network. And you can choose a 30 day, 12 month or 18 month con… Read more

You got it spot on in the first 5 words! I would caveat that not all connections are equal on each network - convinced that there are differences made, largely on profitability basis, e.g. giffgaff is 2nd class to o2 Pay Monthly. Then you have these stupid Vodafone caps (2 & 10Mbps). Really keen to find a case where someone uses more than 100GB per month at 2Mbps (and has not plucked themself bald)! (lol) o2 is OK for me, 3 is getting worse (over capacity I suspect), EE is good (was blistering) & Voda is good too. For my brother in law Three is unusable at times, o2 is good.


Unlimited Vodafone SIM off put in a mifi router( £30-£60 ) replaces VM.


Whats this pls


Guess it's down to location. I switched to Vodafone recently and get between 30-70mbps (sometimes 80 but rarely) download speed and around 20 upload but as you can see from the table above O2 is slowest on average speeds. Its pretty accurate as I got a Smarty sim to test the 3 network and Vodafone blows it away. I used to get between 6-25 download with Smarty and prior to joining Vodafone on a pay monthly contract, I was with Virgin Mobile who use the EE network and got 30-40mbps download speeds


Too right three is pants here.

Plusnet SIM Only - Unlimited mins/texts and 2GB of data 12 months £6/month - Total £72 (£35 Cashback via TopCashBack makes it £3.08/month)
61° Expired
Posted 18th JulPosted 18th Jul
Makes it roughly £3.08/month with the cashback via TopCashBack. Pretty good for unlimited minutes/texts and 2GB of data, and on EE network.
Get deal*Get deal*

Only showing £26.25 cashback for me?


(lol) (lol) (lol) (lol) (lol)


Three didn't pay for me must have known I'd complain about the rubbish signal.


Surprised this isn't hotter TBH.


Can’t remember how long it was but it didn’t take that long for Three to pay out 4 years iirc. The ones I’m waiting for are car insurance and home broadband/tv/phone. The later might be 9/10 months by the time it pays out.

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