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SIM only packages can allow mobile users to keep their old devices and save money on their monthly bills. There is plenty of competition on the high street to offer the best deal, with providers that include Virgin, Carphone Warehouse and EE. All of the worthwhile SIM Only offers can be found as soon as they are announced at the hotukdeals listings pages. Read more
EE retention/upgrade Sim only 4GB data unlimited calls & unlimited texts for £8 with EU roaming 12 months contract
Found 8th FebFound 8th Feb
My contract ended with EE in December .. I found a deal here for Vodafone basics which was for 4gb data unl/unl without any roaming, took out that contract asked EE for pac .. but … Read more

Wait till you need customer service!! Absolutely shocking worst I’ve ever come across........I was with EE for years......never again for that reason


That’s what they offered me.


I rang them with the intention of leaving, to go to three for the data, but I also have a line for my son and I share my data. They said, after disappearing a few times and coming back, that because I had been with them for a while, they could do this deal; which isn’t displayed anywhere, I think it was just what she was able to cobble together. Hope that helps/makes sense.


How did you get it for £20, I went on chat and told me £30 was best they could do for a upgrade


Like you say, if you only use a small amount of data, then it makes sense. I share my data with my son, so it’s 50Gb each, which is more than plenty; so it makes sense for us.

Exclusive offers on Additional  Plans But Anyone can Take it (12 Months Advance Plans, See Description) @ Three
Found 8th FebFound 8th Feb
Recommended specially for New sign ups that will be cheaper to go through the previous "Three deal", that offers £1 higher than this deal Except "£20 AYCE" You just need any numb… Read more

I use it for work. Uploading and downloading large media files everyday. It has replaced my home wifi cost too.


Yes, i think it's expired. :(


Just went on the link for 30gb deal.Now showing at £18 p/m.I will leave it


You have unlimited data and unlimited hotspot tethering, you can even use a Mifi or 4G router now (embarrassed)


Maybe they stream You Tube or the likes ;) you could always be less tight and go unlimited data for £4 more (ends 19th Feb). Caution: you may find you’re BT line delivered broadband absolutely substandard, please be aware Three can take no liability for your (bare) minimum Openreach provided broadband term.

SIMO Vodafone Auto Cashback - £20/12mth 20gb data plus unlimited calls and texts entertainment plan + £80 cashback
31/03/2019Expires on 31/03/2019Found 8th FebFound 8th Feb
Ok so a similar deal came up a short while ago where it was... 20gb Red extra plan for £20 per month plus a £80 automatic cashback after 36 days. This is the same deal but its n… Read more
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But for me it works


Three network is rubbish


I meant the three sim that the poster was extolling the virtues of, which i wholly suspect DOESN'T include free Spotify. Some rather daft alternatives posted in this thread....




Does it include free Spotify Premium/NowTV/SkySports/Amazon Prime Video?

Three Retention/Upgrades Deal Unlimited Data, 600 minutes, Unlimited Texts Only £10/month
LocalLocalFound 7th FebFound 7th Feb
Just got a upgrade deal with no contract for £10/ month Unlimited data 600 minutes unlimited texts unlimited personal hotspot and 2000 three to three minutes
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got nowhere with them, the even quoted the "hot uk" website as a scam - lol. Seem to get a different response from each service agent. maybe time of the day is key.


Keep pushing for what you want with Three Support someone will eventually give in to come out with 20 months for free I'm laughing (lol) just figured out it is 17 months after they take £15 for the first 38 days still not bad though 😁


Kept complaining on slow data speeds and the fact they messed up my number transfer and took 3 days and transferred £40 from Pay as You Go that I got for free awhile ago this morning went back and sliced the price down to £5 a month permanently so technically I now have 20 months for free (lol) 8)


How did you manage that?


Do you have to be out of contract to get them to lower/change your bill to get cheaper monthly payment? I got a unlimited everything sim only in Nov 2018 for £20 minus £75 Quidco which has tracked but yet to be paid, thinking I’d wait for this to be paid then try my luck moving down to 600min to see how much they will knock off.

Giffgaff  £10 Sim + £12 Topcashback + free 50p if you order a free sim
Found 7th FebFound 7th Feb
New Activated Sim Card - To activate your SIM add any goodybag or add a minimum of £10 credit. Please note there will be at least a 30 day wait for Activation Bonus cashback. Good… Read more
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it is there but reduced rates giffgaff Offers Cashback New Activated Sim Card To activate your SIM add any goodybag or add a minimum of £10 credit. Please note there will be at least a 30 day wait for Activation Bonus cashback. £7.07 Free Sim Card Order search under telecoms


Actually tried it just now, you're right I can't find it - was just going to post that it worked (giffgaff all one word) for me previously... :/


It's just me that I cannot find it in TCB?


I posted this up the other day but mods put it in discussion section, they wouldn't put it up as a deal, wtf?


Good find but for a new TCB member only without previous Giffgaff cashback. Cashback T&C : "Please note that this merchant accepts a maximum of 1 Free Sim Card Order and 1 Activated Sim Card order per member email address."

Unlimited SIMO - Unlimited Minutes, Texts and Data for £25 per month (1mo contract) @ Smarty
28/02/2019Expires on 28/02/2019Found 7th FebFound 7th Feb
Thought this was a brill offer for an unlimited data sim. Granted it's £5 more a month compared to the previous three offer, but it's on a 1 month contract, giving you more flexibi… Read more

Was tempted but they're using Three's network which I just cancelled due to really slow speeds


Very true , but it's very easy to pass a credit check for a SIM only deal,unless someone is declared bankrupt


Also worth noting that this deal has NO credit check so might be useful to those with a less than perfect credit rating.


Once your 12 month contract is up, ring up Three retentions department and they'll probably give you a better deal, and don't usually ask you to go on a new contract and is then just a rolling 30 day plan.


Yes it;s a 12 month contract.

No long term contract, rolling monthly paid SIM. 5GB data & unlimited calls. £10.50 month @ Plusnet
Found 6th FebFound 6th Feb
Good sim only deal for those who dont want to stuck in a long term contract. Simply pay £10.50 in advance for 1 months usage. Cancel anytime Receive 5GB data & unlimited call… Read more
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I must've been lucky the ones I've dealt with have been OK and in Britain rather than a load of jinglies in the sub continent


It's not a busy line issue .... it's a 'couldn't care less' attitude!


Phone between 21:00 and 22:00 when they're not busy


Got 8gb for the same money from Plusnet a few months ago.. Their recent offers have been far from good compared to what they usually offer.


Yes it was monthly rolling contract.

iD Mobile SIMO Deals - 4GB for £9 / 10GB for £12 / 12GB for £15 all 30 day rolling contracts
21/02/2019Expires on 21/02/2019Found 6th FebFound 6th Feb
Thought these were decent considering it's more difficult to get a decent data allowance under £20 on a 30 day rolling contract. iD mobile have clearly noticed this, and are runnin… Read more

Just changed to ID mobile from 3. Went for the 9gb for £10. Provided pac via app (a nice touch no call centre waiting) and number came over within 36 hours


Heat from Me (y)


Ah right, thanks for letting me know. Luckily my mum and dad have their own emails so I can associate each sim with each email account :)


Yeah really simple, just ask for the Pac code from their supplier. Phone up the new supplier and they'll do the rest. Your old sim will cease then you just put in the new sim. Takes about a day, but they tell you 2 just in case.


My kids currently on 4gb for £8 with id. Been great, no issues at all past year or so.

15GB Data, £15 pm / 12 months on BT Mobile  for existing members + £60 rewards card
Found 6th FebFound 6th Feb
the plan initially costs £15 pm for existing members but will also come with a £60 rewards card effectively reducing it down to £10 per month

Can you not get both?


Quidco is offering £80 cashback instead although I suspect the rewards card is more reliable. Heated btw


The guy was telling fibs then and lost me as a customer - I went with EE instead, although it's the same company so no loss really


The terms and conditions say it is available for new and existing customers


I get 100gb for £20 a month.

Vodafone 12 month SIM Only Deal -£20pm -  20GB Data and 12 months of Spotify, NowTV, Sky Sports or Prime Video (£132 via cashback) @ Mobiles
Found 5th FebFound 5th Feb
The contract is £20/month but with £108 cashback by redemption over the 12 month period (paid in £21.60 installments) - equivalent of £11/month. Clicking the "info" button on mo… Read more

You can't go from VF contract to VF contract - I've already posted the method - VF contract (ask to go PAYG, wait 30 days) - PAYG (don't topup) - VF contract


Yes don't mess around, logon to VF account & download bill, logon to click on the claim tab that's valid, upload your bill & you're done - btw remember if you move your existing number to the new Sim you must update the number on the account before you submit your claim


You can email to get your cash back with this lot rather than need to post so maybe give them a try


No, I transferred from Voxi (a Vodafone-owned MVNO [Mobile Virtual Network Operator], which is technically a Pay As You Go plan for under 30s) to Vodafone Pay Monthly. A very easy transition, completed by the Vodafone backend team that did not require a PAC.


so you transferred your number from voda contract to new voda contract ? i was told i had to move to payg first.

EE Sim deal with 4GB Data, Unlimited Mins & Texts + FREE Playstation Classic (£20 for 1 month contract) @ Fonehouse
Found 4th FebFound 4th Feb
Absolute bargain 4GB EE Sim 1 month contract With free playstation classic Need more data and/or mins? Check out these AWESOME Sim Only deals
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Yes, I called them this morning as well and they were really good. Can't remember the last time I could say that about a Phone company.


Looks like this deal is back on but you do have to wait 90 days for the delivery of the gift. Still a good deal in my opinion for people looking for a SIM only deal. Also available with £23pm 10GB Data!


I’ve just clicked on the link and this deal is still available :) (y)


I only payed £42 for the PlayStation in a eBay deal so this is only a good deal if you need a SIM deal.


Cancelled mine too, not risking it either, luckily the lady I spoke to was lovely

SIM ONLY DEAL £20 per month (£11 after cashback) £240 -
Found 3rd FebFound 3rd Feb
Unlimited Mins Unlimited Texts Save £108 Cashback by redemption £11.00 per month £20.00 before cashback £132 total cost over 1 year
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I did not realise 3 was bad in London, I am in the sticks and used my unlimited plan instead of broadband for a couple of years tethering 6/7 devices at once, it was not super fast but good enough for Netflix etc., I guess its where you are....


Vodafone signal and speed is much better than Three in London. Check signal and data speed before buying Three or Virgin unlimited data deals. Unlimited deals look very nice on paper but as per my previous experience with unlimited data on Virgin, it is the worst network I ever used.


not voted but for a few quid more you could get 3's unlimited everything..(with cashback)


Why cold?


Ah, ok thanks

Virgin Mobile - 12GB of Data for £12pm with 2500 mins and texts (12 Month Contract) - £144
Found 2nd FebFound 2nd Feb
12GB of Data with Data Rollover and capping. Also has 2500 mins and Unlimited texts.
Avatardeleted1629571Get dealGet deal

Three were the last holdout for this. They’ve now changed so that all contracts taken after December 18 have rises for sim only too.


On these contracts where they multiply the data allowance only the original data allowance gets rolled over if not used. So, for example, if you get 3 x data on a 4GB contract you will get 12GB of data each month but only 4GB of it will be allowed to roll-over per month if you don't use it.


Does Virgin support VoLTE (voice calling on 4g or goes it drop to 3g for calls)?


Good deal, but be weary that Virgin tend to increase the price halfways through the contact. Always review the reasons for increase and tell them to credit you the amount if the service is not included in your virgin package.


Not surprising - Virgin use EE's network :-)

Plusnet - 7GB of Data for £13 (12 Month Contract) - £156
Found 2nd FebFound 2nd Feb
You don't need to be a Plusnet broadband customer to get this deal. It also includes a £50 Plusnet Reward Card and Unlimited Mins & Texts.
Avatardeleted1629571Get dealGet deal

I get 8gb for a tenner on a month contract from Plusnet.


Owned by BT. What else can you expect.


Why is the deal excited? Don't forget the £50 PLUSNET REWARD CARD.


Crap crap company


Oh dear Plusnet, what are you doing? You used to offer these sort of allowances for about a third less than this - and on a 30 day contract.

Vodafone - 4GB of Data for £8
Found 2nd FebFound 2nd Feb
I just posted a ID mobile one but this one has Unlimited Mins & Texts. Original link:
Avatardeleted1629571Get dealGet deal

Probably find that from 29/03/2019 all networks will be subject to roaming charges.


Worth noting that it's a 12 month contract.


I think it does as it is extra, I have giffgaff for £10 per month, I should get 3GB but I get 1GB as an extra and I get that each month. To my knowledge, it should apply for the entire length.


Not too sure about the veryme since I am not on Vodafone. You could research or type it in google as it is bound to be there. (Sorry!)


Just noticed I spelt it wrong lol. Changed it in the title. Glad you guys knew what this meant.

Plusnet Sim deal. 7GB data & unlimited calls £13pm 12 m  (£156) + £50 MasterCard reward brings effective cost to £8.83 a month
Found 30th JanFound 30th Jan
Plusnet Sim deal ( EE coverage) 7GB data & unlimited calls/texts. Cost is £13 a month. You will receive a £50 MasterCard within 30 days. You can use this in most high street s… Read more
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If you switch to this from a plusnet 30 day tariff do you still get the reward card?


I joined last week. Had a txt and email yesterday that my direct debit had been cancelled and my account was restricted. Feared the worst with some of the bad customer service comments they get on here but I got straight through without waiting on hold and they've set it up again. My data stopped working, presumably due to the restriction, but is back on today.


Thanks.... At last resonable prices for some data!


I joined plusnet recently and found that my text messages were not being sent, rang customer support and they said it will be fixed in 5 days, still same issue after 5 days so rang again and they are sending a new sim, Could be an issue with old sim they said but they are not really sure. Any one else experienced this?


Thankyou. (y)

BT Mobile New Customer Deal £15 a month 12m 20gb Data, Ultd Calls & Texts.
Found 28th JanFound 28th Jan
Just been on to BT live chat and offered the following deal. 20gb Data, Ultd Calls & Texts. £75 Reward Card. Free BT Sport Mobile. 12 month contract for £15 per month. Extremel… Read more
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Likely a rep who didn't get a card this morning.. (:I


I just went on chat and they said we don't do deals on here you need to call up?


Don't forget, data is DOUBLED if you have BT Plus for your broadband service.


See my comment above regards casting. This info is from the t&c they sent me after sign-up.


I've got bt sports thru an EE deal,it works well with casting. From the app on my phone to a TV.

P20 Pro. 30gb. £36 / 24m (£29.75 a month after £150 cashback). Plus £42 top cashback tracked. No upfront at Affordable Mobiles
Found 28th JanFound 28th Jan
P20 Pro Unlimited mins Unlimited texts 30gb data £29.75 a month £42 top cash back 24 month contract Network EE 6 months Apple music 6 months BT Sport

Sorry to go off topic but There's a promotion this month if you buy/upgrade direct from EE with the P20 pro you can claim a free Huawei smart watch


Argos was a mis-price and they cancelled the orders!


Personally, I would opt for the p20 pro. The only thing the s9 has over the p20 pro is the screen. At least that is want matters to me. The camera on p20 is hands down the best. Extremely smooth. No lag or slow down. So performance, you would not notice any difference in general. Plus, you save some money. Don’t forget, you have 30 days to send it back if you don’t like it.


Phone itself cost £399 in Argos, leaves lot of money to pick one of sim only tarrifs... Exaple: I pay tenner at Vodafone through for 30gb data and unlimited mins and text. Tied only in 12 month contract with SIM, much better options and at the end better price too my way (399+240= £639)


I'm considering the exact same deal from this morning's phone call. I was wanting the S9 for that price but they can only do this one for under £30 a month. Not sure whether to choose this phone over S9.

8gb plan with unlimited calls & texts £10 @ BT with free £45 reward card via THE ESSENTIAL PLAN. Works out @ £6.25 per month
Found 28th JanFound 28th Jan
8gb plan with unlimited calls & texts £10 @ BT with free £45 reward card via THE ESSENTIAL PLAN. Works out @ £6.25 per month when card value is taken into account. So £10x12 … Read more
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Exactly. Plus Broadband and BT Fibre are the same, just different named price plans and cost. And any broadband provider with a mobile division should be forced by Ofcom to provide unlimited data on the customer sim when faults arise on their broadband network - not using it as a marketing tool. No double data offer on the link above @ShaneDarch posted:


does this still work if its family sim pack?

cambourne03 This is an okay deal as well if you cant get the BT one


It's for Plus Broadband accounts. One of the benefits is double data. For ordinary BT fibre accounts there is no double data available.


Three sim only 8gb sim for £8 with 600 minutes and unlimited sms. 12m £96 total
Found 26th JanFound 26th Jan
Got retention deal fron three live chat on there app 8gb for 8 pounds with 600 minutes and nlimited sms.
Avatardeleted1741252Get dealGet deal

What option did you choose for live chat?


Can't even get them to speak about prices on live chat


After 2 years with three the best I can get is £7 a month for 4gb of data and unlimited minutes and texts I ve already requested my pac code , will be switching to plusnet £13 a month for 6gb data and unlimited mins /texts plus a £50 mastercard plus potentially £50 ctopcashback. Thats £4.7 a month . Not bad


Thanks for the advice, managed to get the below!


It's been mentioned many times. Do not mention you have a friend with a deal because they will not match it. Do not mention this website. Just say something like you want to change price plan so as to make it more affordable. If they offer cheaper take what's on offer and maybe talk to them later again to see if a better deal is available. If they say they will need to put you through to customer relations say yes.

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