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SIM only packages can allow mobile users to keep their old devices and save money on their monthly bills. There is plenty of competition on the high street to offer the best deal, with providers that include Virgin, Carphone Warehouse and EE. All of the worthwhile SIM Only offers can be found as soon as they are announced at the hotukdeals listings pages. Read more
Uswitch Virgin sim only 12 months at £10pm contract 10gb rolling data 5000 mins - £120
Posted 14 h, 32 m agoPosted 14 h, 32 m ago
Virgin sim only 12 months £10 per month - 10gb(data rollover included) 5000 mins and unlimited texts . Roaming in 43 destinations. Runs on EE and 99% 4g coverage (apparently) dece… Read more
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What are they like for tethering?


So £5.83 a month? That's a really great deal! I'm already on a Virgin sim only deal, £7pm for 2gb. anyone know if i can partake in this?


Oh lol, my bad 🙈 I was wrong in that case . Apologies pal (y)


This document is talking about intra-EU price caps for calls and texts, not bill capping.

saeed2810 didn't read all the way thru tho

Vodafone 100gb data plan back now with £100 tcb making it (£188 for 12 month) - £24/12month - £288
Posted 23rd JunPosted 23rd Jun
Vodafone 100gb red extra plan back now with £100 tcb making it effectively £15.66 / month great for those who don't want hassle of sending in bills etc to get cashback 😃
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Cheers mate. Thanks for the info. (y)


Check e2save. They have lots contracts with cashback redemption.


How did you get that?


I moved to ID and after one day move back to Vodafone and I got cashback for every transaction


Is there an amount of time you have to be away from a company to qualify for TopCashbak? I left Vodafone in January, to go with an EE sim only deal I got through TCB. If I go back to Vodafone, or any other deal TCB has next January, would I qualify for the money, or would I have to be away for longer than a year?

BT Mobile 50GB Extra Speed 4G Unl Mins + Texts £15
Posted 23rd JunPosted 23rd Jun
Rang BT today to add a second sim as I signed up to broadband and got a 50GB sim for 15 quid. Asked the guy if this was available and after saying no he pushed a few buttons and w… Read more

Doesn't work with 200gb I think I was on 12gb and doubled to 24 been a BT plus customer but with the 200 deal mine is now 212gb a month


Also if your on BT Broadband Plus you get double data so 100GB. I got that and the Complete home WiFi sorted today


I have this available as existing customer. 50GB for £15, 200GB for £20. I'm thinking about 50GB at this very moment.


This is all correct, but trust me the average consumer really doesn’t care for 5g this very moment. I’m on FTTP with BT 330 down. Banks and businesses maybe. And weather you like it or not apple is a huge influence and 5g won’t take off fully before they get in the game and apple is actually making there own modems in next few years and if it’s anything like there A series chips which are the best in the industry it will be huge. Just FYI I have an android phone a mi9. also own iPad Pro 2018.


Well it has spectrum for a network not some 5G spectrum as a network. Continuous spectrum, the other 3 were complaining (crying) to Ofcom about it It wont cost more than EE lol, it will cost BT revenue though. Of course people are interested in Threes continuous spectrum, upgrades to 4G, backhaul and 5G, BT still has exchanges in cities still on ADSL/ADSL MAX where people want unlimited 4G as a replacement but capacity is low and speeds are as bad as BT Openreach. People, businesses alike aren’t going to hold back for Apple 5G for another 18 months, why Apple went to Qualcomm with its legs between its tail and said: ok we pay you royalties now like our agreement says, sorry we no pay you till now, get into bed it’s cosy and your cash is on the side (lipstick) (lipstick) Meanwhile nearly ever other big manufacturer has 5G launching this summer at the latest... Wait for Apple ? People need 5G, many businesses are banking on 5G - Apple doesn’t know if it really wants Qualcomm after making up or if it will buy the Intel modem division (lol) Wait 18 months+for a £1500 5G iPhone... erm the masses won’t.

Vodafone 30gb SIM only entertainment plan £23pm (only £12 a month after cashback) - £276 @ Affordable Mobiles
30/06/2019Expires on 30/06/2019Posted 23rd JunPosted 23rd Jun
Affordable mobiles have 30gb SIM only Vodafone entertainment 12 month plans discounted to £23 a month and then with £105 cashback through redemption plus £26.25 tcb comes out at £1… Read more
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Posting the bills is annoying and costs money :-)


You will need to post your bills to them for the cashback.


Thanks looks decent. Anyone know if affordable mobiles accept email for the cashback redemption?


LOL apologies, didn't realise!! Sorry for everyone who were let down

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Vodafone Sim Only - Unltd Minutes and Texts 100GB Data £24pm (£132 cashback via redemption - £13pm after - 12mo contract) £288 @ Fonehouse
09/07/2019Expires on 09/07/2019Posted 23rd JunPosted 23rd Jun
Decent price after the cashback which is via redemption. Unlimited Minutes and Texts, 100GB of data on a 12 month contract for £24 per month. £132 cash back makes this £13 per mon… Read more

Yes, and there’s even an option to get auto cashback (no claims required), which they’ll pay in the form of a cheque


Are you confirmed to receive the cashback


Yes, this is deffo only for roaming calls, text and data included in the bundle for 48 countries not 77


Interesting, I was wondering the exact same. Has anybody been able to verify this for sure?


I don't think so. This as my first time doing of these deals. It looks like fonehouse sells you the plan and then basically hands you over to vodafone who deal with everything, except for the manual rebates you have to do with fonehouse. So you ask for PAC with current carrier, give code etc. to vodafone and it all switches over. It updated in my account to my transferred number quickly.

Three unlimited data, unlimited texts + 600 minutes for £10/month (£120 total over 12 months) Retention Deal
Posted 22nd JunPosted 22nd Jun
I asked them for pac via live chat and they offered me unlimted data texts and 10minutes for 12£. Retention deal guys

Oh, nice work!


Haven't had a chance to try yet, but will keep y'all posted! :)


Well spotted - I had better call out all the major supermarkets out for doing better than half price deals that go OOS. Also, how many folk will get their PAC over this, who would have otherwise not? How many hours are they wasting dealing with the calls if, as you think, this is a rouse? Most on HUKD appreciate the nature of the beast; can't bag 'em all.


Just used live chat and they offered me unlimited nothing and a sh!te sandwich on a 36month contract (poo)


I'm also on Three with unlimited calls data text for £4 even then the network is bad..I get 4g but very slow. I also use virgin with 300gb data and 5000 minutes but there 4g speed is way fast I hit about 50 to 60 mega mbps

Vodafone sim only 100GB, Unlimited Text/Calls, £24p/m for 12 Months - £288 @ (£14p/m after cashback)
Posted 22nd JunPosted 22nd Jun have the 100gb Vodafone sim back on offer. Also £10 quidco cashback

Ah yeah I see. To be honest I've become so used to scummy practices by every mobile service provider that I didn't even realise. The only hope is finding deals like this.


vodafone offers it for £ 24 and not for the price of 40 minus a discount. such practices should be prohibited in a normal country


What? That's literally the price it's supposed to be.


Yes, yesterday


Have you had an order complete email?

iD Mobile Retention Offers available online £6 for ulm min/text and 2gb data 30 days rolling sim only
Posted 22nd JunPosted 22nd Jun
Hi all, Last night, Using the online myiD portal I’ve requested for my gran to leave iD mobile and move to the Three network on the 321 package. Just now, I checked the myiD porta… Read more

I used to have unlimited everything via ID, as a launch promotion. After 12 months they used huge force to get me to leave. I was happy to remain on month rolling, they weren't. I won't be returning.


...are you taking a pi55 (confused)


Smarty do a similar deal for £6.25 .Excellent customer service.


You can get £7 unlimited minutes/text and 2gb 30 days rolling from their website as a new customer


Can we get this deal if we are not on ID already? I’m only seeing £7 for 1gb 500 mins

Uswitch LEBARA  30 DAY ROLLING  - 1gb 500 mins + 100 international mins (41 countries) NO CONTRACT - £4.95
Posted 22nd JunPosted 22nd Jun
Suitable for very light user or as a spare sim in an emergency phone for a fiver a month and Lebara runs on Vodafone network which isn't too bad for most users (not saying 100% cov… Read more

I have been looking for the right mix of international roaming and decent data/mins seanyboy mentioned forwarding a sim to your number when travelling as these roaming day passes get expensive. I've stuck with 3 as its the only one which offers decent roaming to more than just Europe and their easyjet handsfree plus speeding boarding is awesome


Another option would be pay a extra pound for sky to get unlimited minutes text and 2gb data. Data can also be saved and collected. No international minutes but moved my dad over to that from 3. He was using about £10 every month or 2. 3 do 200mb free every month but only for a new PAYG sim I asked if they could provide him with 200mb free on his old number which he has been with 3 321 for years and they told him no so I switched him over to sky.


Heat from me, I wouldn’t use but for cheap Vodafone access for minimal use/international it certainly ticks all the boxes.


321 sim is good for emergency as is cheaper 3p,2p and 1p but 3 network isn't better than Vodafone and turns expensive if you want to use 500 mb data and some mins . Also other perks with this Lebara too - 41 destination 100 mins and 1 gb data that can be used for Google maps or whatever use ? This sim could be great option for kids too, not worrying about credit or monthly bills (capped plan ) with a reasonable allowance to use outside


Why would you want to spend £5 a month for an emergency phone? Just stick in a payg 321 sim or something similar.

Three Student Deal: 30gb / Ultd Texts & Calls - £15pm x 12 Months = £180 @Three
Posted 21st JunPosted 21st Jun
Three Student deal. All you need is an email address. 30gb data, unlimited calls and texts, 12 month contract. £15 per month Saves £5 per month Go binge, Go roam and persona… Read more

Lol. It's nothing to do with students not working full time. It's because they are generally young, gullible and have tons of disposable income from student loans. They are a cash cow for these companies. The amount of money most students spend is obscene.


Not every student does it. In fact most students barely have enough to make ends meet and not to mention the work they have to do, revising for exams etc. Student aren’t even earning 15K a year. They also have to pay a lot of money for accommodation whilst continuing to study and have a low paying job.


I got mine from black Friday deal in April after chasing them up about it. Didn't really expect to get it.


Sounds like a you problem.


This is why I stopped using Topcashback a few years ago. I never received any of my cash back.

Unlimited SIM-only rolling contract £18.75/month @ Smarty
16/07/2019Expires on 16/07/2019Posted 20th JunPosted 20th Jun
SMARTY uses the Three network FWIW. The price stays at £18.75 for as long as you keep the contract.

Ken's on the case:


Cheers mate I’ll have a look about at that, I just know that some of them don’t give great speeds as they must only use certain channels (categories) I know someone that can get 50mb/s on his phone but the same sim in his mifi router gets 10mb/s at a pish


Can't grumble at that, looks like good service to me


She got a reply from Smarty


If you're planning on using it in a caravan I wouldn't buy a plug in dongle as previously suggested. Just buy any 4G Mifi device so all the family can connect to the internet at the same time, I use an Alcatel Y800 (it allows ten users at the same time if I remember correctly) in my touring caravan and it's simply plugged into a mains usb charger if we're on electric hook up or into the 12V system when off grid. You can also connect a Fire tv stick to the Mifi !

Affordable mobiles EE SIM only 20GB data + unlimited texts & minutes  £22 / month  + £135 Cashback by Redemption @ Affordable Mobiles
Posted 20th JunPosted 20th Jun
SIM only deal on EE with Affordable Mobiles: 20GB data + unlimited texts and minutes for £22 / month. Effectively with redemption cashback it brings the cost down to £10.75 / month
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They've been around for yearss. So I'd trust them to be around still


I'm happy to do cashback deals, but I'm wary of cashback companies of whom I've never before heard. I wish mobilesdirect would do a similar deal; two cashback contracts with them, both without problems.


Virgin Mobile Deal -  SIM / 40gb Data / 5000mins / Ultra Text - £13pm x 12 Months = £156
Posted 19th JunPosted 19th JunLocalLocal
So just had a call from Virgin explaining they can offer me a sim only deal as a new customer. The deal is 40gb 5000mins and unlimited texts all for £13. I'm sure if you call them… Read more
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I'm going through their independent resolutions agent , just hope they see sense and judge in my favour. Their customer service is a joy to not behold , unbelievably bad attitude . Virgin is doomed as a brand if they continue to allow those challatones to represent them . Rant number 3 over


A similar thing happened to me but on a mobile contract. iPhone 8 with 5Gb of data for £32pm over 24 months. Seemed pretty good at the time as the cheapest I could find a secondhand iPhone 8 was something over £400 and the best sim only deal was about £8. To pay the extra £100 over the 24 months seemed a good option to me, as I didn't have to fork out over £400 up front, and would be getting a brand new phone instead of a used one. The contract was broken down as £28pm for the phone and £4 for the plan. The plan price was guaranteed not to increase by more than the RPI every June or something similar. About 30p I was thinking. As you, my plan was no longer available after 4 months and I was transferred onto a £12 package. If I was initially offered the phone at £40 a month I would never have taken it, as there were better deals around at the time. I called and was offered a £9 plan but with less data (which was suitable for me as I never go over 2Gb anyway). They dropped this to £7. They said that I could walk away from the plan but I still would have been left with having to keep paying for the phone for the next 20 months. A great scam in my eyes, to either flog a load of phones at RRP on an interest free basis should people decide to walk away when you increase the price of the plan, or a way to actually charge a much higher price after just a few months should people not check what they are being charged or can't be bothered to question the increase. I would be expecting an increase in price in the near future if I was you, as they don't seem to be able to offer no price increases for the length of the contract these days.


Oh the first part you might of seen, in other deal thread that user was so postive that you do not experience bad problems . The second part I know whereas white Virgin sims might be good but purple ones due internal changes they are bad


Called to get a better deal offered bog standard prices online leaving them after 15 years good ridden.


He must be employed by Virgin, they all talk bolox and if possible lie and cheat. Yup agree, they are liars, cheats and thieves. Since taken over by liberty they have totally screwed up any decent reputation . No longer with them after 8 years service.

EE 12 month SIM contract £22 pm (£8pm after £168 cashback) - 20GB Data and Unlimited Texts & Minutes @ Fonehouse
Posted 18th JunPosted 18th Jun
£22 per month on a 12 month contract with £168 cashback which brings the monthly price to £8. EE Essential plan 12 month contract 20GB data Unlimited Minutes and Texts You … Read more

Get a free PAYG sim from Three on their website and use their online form to port your number to them and then call 333 to request your PAC code when the transfer is complete.


Have cancelled my old EE contract today. Just to check I need to port to another company and then back to EE to keep my number? Is Asda the cheapest / easiest one to go for? Many thanks in advance


The contract starts when they dispatch the sim.


I need to give 30 days notice to cancel with EE before I can move to this & of course port my number. Does anyone know if the new contract starts as soon as the sim is sent or can I delay activating it after it's received to reduce the overlap?


It's back! Vodafone 100gb for £14, from @DoStuffAndStuff

ID MOBILE 30 Days Rolling Contract - £13 10GB
Posted 18th JunPosted 18th Jun
10gb for £13/m rolling contract for 30 days

That's a great deal if you dont need the call


Yea also recently switched from EE and no issues with coverage and i live in rural area.


You guys are lucky.


I have on ID at the moment 10g plus 300mins of call plus unlimited text for £10. no issues so far


Yes you need to know what works where you live. I've just gone onto ID and it works perfectly for me but EE didn't so upto now ID has been perfect for me and just done a trip to Norfolk and works perfectly there as well.

BT Mobile - 200GB - £25 per month SIM Only - £300
Posted 17th JunPosted 17th JunLocalLocal
I recently bought a SIM Only deal with BT Mobile - 20GB for £20 and i checked my upgrade offers and there was 200GB for £25 - Silly not too for £5 extra. The upgrade hasn’t change… Read more
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Cause they "don't" provide all with 4g. Now you stop it you said ee don't give ppl different speed, otherwise Ofcom would have something to say, now you saying and quote above "doesn't mean that they still give them max speed." So now you just bore off and shut up what you obviously do not know what you talking about. And by the way I just did a speed test on ee and bt and both in 75Mbs range.


Haha I wasn’t proven wrong. Just because ee provides 4g to someone doesn’t mean that they still give them max speed I don’t know how that proved me wrong. But whatever. Now if you could just bore off and leave me alone that would be great.


Yes just like you when you were proven wrong with your statement that EE can not give inferior product to some of their virtual customers. Yet they doing just that with for example white telecom has no access to 4g nor wifi calling whilst others do. So to answer the question to your username "why am I buying this" its cause you do not know what you buying and than live in denial.




Oh one thing at elton John concert in Cardiff my three, Vodafone, sky, and BT stay up longer than EE , so much for 100% guarantee. So better get that service agreement level claim submitted

12GB unlimited calls & texts from £6 for existing customers @ Sky Mobile
Posted 17th JunPosted 17th Jun
Existing Sky sim customers can move to the new promotional 4GB triple data plan, giving 12GB but keep discounts. Those on current 50% off discounts can pick this up half price at… Read more
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The deal title states that, however people have have also managed to get it as newbies


I also got 2 new sims , (2×12gb for £12 per month) , activated them on arrival , then called them to cancel as couldn't see the 50% discount, but the nice lady discounted them both by 50% off making them 12gb for £6 for each of the sims. Note: you have to say cancel mobile or go to cancellations etc , when calling them.hope that helps.


Might not be now but I am a new customer and managed to get the 50% deal by ordering a standard 2gb sim, going through to support and ordering 2x 8gb sims the day after, then changing both to 12gb for £6. It was definitely available per earlier threads


This deal is only available for people who already have 50% off... unable to redeem via the call centre or online otherwise


Voted hot

BT unltd min/texts Sim Only - existing customers - 198 deals
Posted 16th JunPosted 16th Jun
You can change the URL and change 1 to 198, different prices each time. Some absolutely rubbish deals but seen 5GB for £8 and £6 for 2GB, 25GB for £14 etc. Apologies for the lack… Read more
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Wait if you choose the 200gb deal if you’re a BT plus customer does that mean you’ll get 400gb a month for £20? as it’s double data for bt plus customer no?


Most likely, I used to use over 100gb a month when broadband was down for awhile around 2 years ago it's Defo doable. And 5g is even faster but they want to charge £ for it and not many people actually care so I think 5g prices will come down a huge amout by end of 2020


I agree the 200gb offering is brilliant value, I'm guessing they're assuming that most people won't use anything like that much.


I have BT FTTP and pay £60 a month for 330/50 broadband, and had a sim only 24gb unlimited calls and texts £15 which isn’t a bad deal at all. but I’ve just upgraded for £5 to 200gb unlimited calls and texts which is insane value I don’t use much data currently as I’m home bound but when I’m out and about working and travelling can easily use about 50gb a month as I watch a lot of videos and stream tidal on the go.


I just rang asking for details about getting a PAC code and spoke with a very nice guy. I mentioned that cost was the main reason for considering leaving and he went through the options he had available. I've just noticed a typo in my original post, I've now got 25gb and not 20gb (which is what I had originally). I also asked about switching over a couple of other sim cards we have and he offered £17 for 2 x 8gb and £27 for 2 x 15gb and he also offered £30 for 3 x 20gb. These prices were all much more expensive and then discounted heavily to get down to the prices above so you need to remember at renewal time otherwise the price will jump up. My past experience of retentions deals (with various providers) have never been brilliant and have been pain to arrange whereas this time around everything was quite simple. I imagine it's just luck of the draw with who you speak to and what they have available to them at the time.

EE 4 * SIM only £40 unlimited calls and texts and shared 50GB
Posted 16th JunPosted 16th Jun
Got this as a family plan when adding the fourth contract. Had to get to retentions to get the price to £10 per SIM, so paying £40 in total per month. I can split the data between … Read more
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Thanks good deal. Does anybody know a way to auto-gift data as it's a bit annoying having to go through the same process each month.


If you are happy, this is the most important.


I have added screenshots of my bill and the data allowance. Bear in mind the 4th line is not showing up yet. My previous deal was for 3 lines with the same 30GB for £30 a month. Hope that hasn't just confused things!


mines £25 and £6 for each line. sharing 100gb


I got this deal, i get Unlimited calls & Text with 100gb for £20 plus £10 additional with sharing that 100gb Got it through retentions department

EE Multi Sim (20gb data + Unlimited Calls & Text) 12 months contract for £264 + £151 Cashback by Redemption @ Affordable Mobiles
Posted 15th JunPosted 15th Jun
£22.50 before cash back making it £9.50 £150 cash back by redemption free Apple Music for 6 months Free BT sports for 3 months Six Months of Free Prime Video and MTV Play
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Is it possible to keep your number, if you are already on a Sim only EE deal?


I think I had a cashback redemption deal through affordable mobiles about 2 years ago. They had an online portal where you uploaded the bills it was quite hassle-free as long as you're good with a calendar. I wouldn't trust anything these days that requires postal submissions. These guys make money from hoping that the requirements are so difficult and annoying that people just end up not bothering to claim, and one save Missed a claim they void the rest of the claims. So the idea is the more hassle means the more reward. But these postal submissions are setup to fail.


Sorry but having just been let down by wound not trust them honouring any deal!!!


Website seems to be down... EDIT: Back up. Not impressed with them only accepting cashback claims by post. Wouldn't be surprised if the non tracked ones go "missing"...


it’s more how difficult they make things these days to cancel

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