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SIM only packages can allow mobile users to keep their old devices and save money on their monthly bills. There is plenty of competition on the high street to offer the best deal, with providers that include Virgin, Carphone Warehouse and EE. All of the worthwhile SIM Only offers can be found as soon as they are announced at the hotukdeals listings pages. Read more
The HotUKDeals Sim only deals thread - all of the cheapest sim only deals and free sim offers
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Welcome to the official HotUKDeals Sim only thread! In the thread you'll find sim only deals of all types, for all types of talkers! Whether you need lots of minutes, or lots of … Read more

Surprised they still offered you Max tariffs, people around here were saying that those tariffs are not available anymore. For reference I am paying £16 for 20Gb on their regular tariff (I use around 12GB per month and do get speeds above their advertised cap ). I would agree that staying with EE would be my priority - get a data usage report from “bill monitor” website and see if you are actually using what you are paying for.


Then is it due to affordability? if it is then go for it. IF not, then stick with EE! as I get far better coverage and 4g data speed in London, Oxford, Birmingham, Leicester, Amsterdam, Paris and Warsaw and Frankfurt than any other provider The fact that you have BT sport it is a positive point.


I'm in the same boat, not sure whether the virgin offer is better as I barely use the BT sport app


On EE MAX Plan Sim Only, £22.01 for 20GB and unlimited text and call, out of contract since last year. I have called them yesterday and I was offered: A. MAX Plan Sim only upgrade for 12 months offering 30GB for £25. B. MAX Plan Sim only upgrade for 12 months offering 40GB for £30. Refused both, and decided to stay on the current plan and out of contract.


I would also ask your bank to block future transactions. My bank was happy to do this.

Xiaomi Pocophone F1 4G Phablet Global Version 6GB 64GB- RED/BLUE £229.58 (Black £232.68) w/fee free card @ Gearbest (App Exclusive Price)
Found 8 h, 26 m agoFound 8 h, 26 m ago
App only price. Link is for info only, price will show more expensive on website. Black is marginally more expensive Pay in $ with fee free card for cheapest price Remember custom… Read more
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Good deal (y)


Not at that price.


available in Amazon too

BT customers only - Read the deal - BT sim only deal 6gb £15/12mth through Quidco for cashback or pre-paid Mastercard
31/01/2019Expires on 31/01/2019Found 18th JanFound 18th Jan
Purchase a BT SIM only deal on a 12 month contract for 6gb unltd minutes and texts for £15 a month through Quidco and you get £60 cashback and you get a £60 credit on a pre-paid Ma… Read more

Top network in the UK. No issues countrywide


If you click through the Quidco link then there is no mention of the Mastercard, also Quidco won't pay if you participate in any other offer/promotion that is not covered in the retailer Cashback rates. So looks like its one or the other.


...and I had the same problem with o2, had to leave their network. When I got an EE sim I still had my o2 contract, as a 'test' on a 300 mile journey in the UK I kept the phones side by side, o2 kept dropping signal literally every 5-10 minutes and EE never dropped once. So must be you are in the 1% of area that isn't covered by EE.


It might be but myself and my wife have found it terrible. Even in coverage the calls constantly struggle for reception and then constant fail. Just letting people know my experience. I never had an issue with O2


EE network.

ID Mobile sim only 500 mins and 500mb data for £3.99
Found 17th JanFound 17th Jan
500 mins 500mb data and unlimited texts, can't get any cheaper than this 8) . very cheap if data isn't your priority. Can be capped to your preference and requirement. Thanks @S… Read more

Plusnet still has it hands down for the cheapest deal imo... 1.5GB data, Unl Mins/Txt for a fiver rolling month contract... So cold from me!..


Been with them for 4 months on this deal and can't fault them. Rollover is a real bonus.


If you really really love talking on the phone, then for £6 you can have unlimited minutes. And 1GB of data. I'd suggest that is better than any landline deal, so could be suited to your aunt/mum/granny (or bloke relative of course!)


Also has "data rollover": I got this deal via a referral site just over a month ago and now have a fraction under 1GB's worth of data for my second month. Suits my needs perfectly :)


500 minutes for £3.99, heat from me.

Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 6GB/128GB Global Version - Black or Blue £411.27 w/code or Jade Green £411.34 no code reqd @eglobal
Found 17th JanFound 17th Jan
I've got this phone and I love it. Great price here, non UK launch colour jade green doesn't require any code With eglobal there is a small risk of customs. They usually ship fr… Read more

I have the Jade green Global Version and this really is a very good phone. I couldn't recommend it more highly.


Good price but personally I'd say with Xiaomi doing another early bird offer next week it's worth paying a little extra to get it in the UK. Unless you want jade green of course.


Great stuff, thanks for confirming. Heads up, they have also just put the Jade Green one on flash sale so it's £411 with an auto 5% code too


A theyve changed the prices,I'll update


Yes, I saw that in the OP. The 3% discount doesn't give the listed £407 price, hence the question about the other code.

£9 Virgin sim only 6gb 1500 mins ultd text x 12 months = £108 (plus possible £28 cashback via quidco)
Found 17th JanFound 17th Jan
£9 Virgin sim only 4G 6gb 1500 mins ultd text plus £28 cashback via quidco. Good price for under a tenner sim. Flash Sale: 3x data ends 21st Jan
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Read reviews first........


The problem is that the calls are routed to a number of different sites in the Phillippines. If you do eventually find a customer service agent with some common sense and want to get back to him/her good luck as they can never be found as they are on another site and staff have no internal means to transfer you to that person!


Typical bait & switch. Also, try and find out in the t&c's how much it will cost to cancel your contract early - hint, you won't find it.


Good deal, I was going to go for that but went for this instead. I know if you start paying that little bit more you'll get extra ie the £16 for even more data. But it suits me lol. Other than the ID deal for a tenner this is probably the next best sim at that price.


Wouldn't go with VM their CS is atrocious, just pray you don't have any issues.

Plustnet . 3GB UL Minutes/Text. £6
Found 17th JanFound 17th Jan
Called Plusnet after seeing Smarty deal here to get PAC code. Guy offered me this deal straight away. So took the deal. Might help others .
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Did same yesterday after seeing my same package advertised by sky. They increased my data and mins and dropped price to £6. I was so shocked at how easy they offered it that I I didn’t even try to ask for more data!! Customer service is great, but network coverage can be abit shaky in places but you can check here


Just upgraded my kids' phones from 2GB UL calls/texts £6/month to this one via chat. Thanks OP!


The Mrs changed hers this morning via chat without any issues (y)


If you set your Smart Cap to £0... You won’t have access to anything outside your plan allowance. This includes: Non-geographic numbersMMSCalls, texts and data, once allowances have been used up.You will, however, be able to Roam Like at Home. Access to Premium Services won’t be available without having a minimum Smart Cap balance of £10. If you set your Smart Cap between £1 and £9... You’ll have access to more features, such as non-geographic numbers, MMS and Roam Like at Home, but you still won’t be able to use Premium Services. If you set your Smart Cap to £10 and above You’ll have access to all our Premium Services, non-geographic numbers, MMS and Roam Like at Home, and you can use them until you reach your limit.


It's probably the second bit of that sentence that we don't have access to..... 'plus you'll also be able to access premium services or other services outside your plan' The smart cap was £1 before and still, as you'd expect, was able to use data, calls and messages. Never tried premium services so hadn't noticed.....

Huawei P smart 32GB 4GEE - 8GB (24 months) + Unlimited Calls & Text £30pm / £720 (£14.00pm / £336 After cashback) - Mobile Phones Direct
Found 15th JanFound 15th Jan
Disclaimer this is for those looking specifically to buy a 4GEE Max contract sim only, which would otherwise not be possible. For those not aware 4GEE Max over Essentials (regula… Read more

Go incognito or clear cookies. Will not work via a tracking site


I can't seem to find this deal


Mods can you put 4GEE Max in the title please as you removed it


Voted hot for EE Max.


Doesn’t work, tried the price goes up 🙈

SMARTY mobile - 4 months for the price of 1 £6.25 via compare the market (exclusive)
Found 15th JanFound 15th Jan
SMARTY mobile has a two months free option on their website but if you go to Compare The Market you can get an extra month free, i.e. pay for the first month and then get the next … Read more

I guess you mean GB Al1son lol. You pay when you order it, as you can activate it upto 6 months later, I assume it will start from when you activate it. I did get emails telling me that I have months 2, 3,and 4 free and confirmation that my quidco has been tracked. Hopefully I get both, but lets see


Yes when you order SIM. So I'm £7.50 (2mb) for month 1, then months 2,3+4 are free! At which point I'll probably cancel


Do you pay for the first month when you order the sim or when you activate it?


Yeah I ordered one and will activate before deadline


Just bought one (I have a 2 sim phone so effectively can use both before I decide which to keep) and the confirmation email gives me the end date "This is just a quick note to say your next 3 months are free, providing you activate your SIM by 18th February." so as long as you get the sim and activate by 18th Feb (as you can activate it up to 6 months after ordering)

Virgin Mobile SIMO £20pm + 120 GB 4G + Un Calls + Un Text + Tether ALL Your Data - 12 Month Contract NOW LIVE + £100 Quidco
Refreshed 17th JanRefreshed 17th Jan31/01/2019Expires on 31/01/2019
This new Deal will be replacing the old 40GB £23 Deal selling for £20pm with 120GB Free WiFi at over 3.5 million+ hotspots Great reasons for choosing Virgin Mobile 99% 4G pop… Read more
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My understanding is that it's from the day the contract was signed.


I upgraded my virgin account SIM with this offer and just tried to cancel because my quidco is not tracking, they said I cannot do anything at all until February when the next contract takes effect. They could also not tell me if I will be charged the £20 if I cancel on the first day of the contract. Anyone know if the 14 day period cancellation actually starts from the contract activation period if you have upgraded your contract?


My Quidco hasn’t tracked either, ordered on Saturday morning.




Placing an order with TCB as comments seem very negative with Quidco - here's hoping it gets tracked correctly. Also would be good to hear from those that have purchased this, and using it outside of a city - how are DL/UL speeds in the countryside?

Virgin mobile sim £12 for 12gb - 12 months - £144 via moneysavingexpert
31/01/2019Expires on 31/01/2019Found 13th JanFound 13th Jan
I know virgin offered this deal before Christmas. Money saving expert have a deal only via their website for £12 for 12gb per month for 12 month… Read more
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I rang and it possibly was retentions I spoke to because either my husband was going to leave and move to o2 or I was going to move over to Virgin.


Did your husband get this via retentions? Or just asked for a change to a new plan? My brother is on virgin mobile so he could do with that plan. Many thanks


We had an account for my husband so he changed his as an existing customer but mine was a new one .


Was this as a new or existing customer?


Try calling virgin directly. I got 20gb and unlimited minutes and texts for £10 per month. Although be aware that signal is poor.

4G SIM Only Mobile Phone Deal 60GB + Unlimited Calls & Text £30.00pm / £360.00pa - £15.84pm/£190.00pa (After cashback + Amazon voucher) @ EE
Found 10th JanFound 10th Jan
60GB Sim Only Plan for £30 per month + £100 Amazon voucher 12 month contract £360 -£70 cashback -£100 amazon = £190 total contact Via quidco:… Read more
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You can get 8GB on EE Max (4G+) on this thread works out to be £14 per month (note you need to go incognito to do it via HDUK) I went for this and selling the phone so will in effect be more like £10 per month. Does require cashback though!


EE'S 4G+ max plan is 90. Bts extra speed plan is 60 as of 12 days ago


EE speed only goes Up to 60Mbps now? I'm on BT and it gets up to 90Mbps but uses the same network as EE. Was going to take this deal until notice the speed decrease if going directly with EE.


Have you actually ordered it then? Phoning up people generally alerts them to things. The 20% employee discount is basically the same as the TCB amount, so no loss to EE. Also the voucher (all EE rewards in fact) are handled by a third party, if they have contacted you then I assume it's all good. If in the unlikely event I don't get it I'll cancel the contract as they have failed to deliver what was promised as per my order email etc.


I'm worried. £100 is alot. I phoned them they said absolutely can not claim both.

Three SIM Only 12 months contract Advanced Plan 100GB £20p/m (effectively £13.75 after quidco cashback) 30GB £17p/m (eff £12 after cashback)
Found 10th JanFound 10th Jan
Advanced Plan: 100GB/30GB Unlimited minutes Unlimited texts Personal Hotspot Go Roam Around the World Go Binge QUIDCO Cashback = £75 for 100GB Plan, £60 for 30GB TCB = £70… Read more
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Never any issues with 3 for me, 4g speed is excellent. Did this speed test yesterday, Tbh I usually get over 100mb down so this was a slower one.


Lol think I'm on PAYG sim £20 a month unlimited data it a monthly rolling contract I think nevermind move over to virgin mobile same price but unlimited everything


Wasn't aware there was such an option as a "pay as you go rolling contract", the phrase seems to contradict any intended meaning. Are you looking to transfer a 3 PAYG number to a 3 contract, or a 3 PAYG balance to a contract. Or both? Or some other permutation.


Any one knows can I get this deal and get cashback if I'm already on there pay as you go rolling contract? Thanks


You can tether to the full plan allowance of whatever plan you select.

Xiaomi Pocophone F1 6GB/128GB Dual Sim SIM FREE/ UNLOCKED - Black £272.99 @ EGLOBAL CENTRAL
Found 10th JanFound 10th Jan
Xiaomi Pocophone F1 6GB/128GB Dual Sim SIM FREE/ UNLOCKED - Black £272.99
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That £37 pays for faster delivery, meaningful warranty and not having to use a potentially dodgy plug adapter. For some that makes it a bargain.


Not saying eglobal are perfect but I did order a phone from them before Christmas, arrived ok and has had no issues so far. Their commication wasn't the best, but I did get my phone.


Still it's surprised me that sometimes people want to spend more money on hukd ... For example my deal is cheaper than deal below by £37, and it's cold


Just testing a trusted retailer. First one I could think of.


Id mobile sim only 1 month contract - £10  9GB, unlimited text, 300 min
Found 9th JanFound 9th Jan
Id mobile one month contract, 300 min, unlimited text, 9GB data (rollover next month if unused) £10 month through compare the market

Do i get discount on my account for plugging you


Is there any chance of ID Mobile extending this to Japan - my son is going in summer and my daughter and I are going for RWC2019 - and £60 for a 10 minute call and nearly £10 for 1mb of data is a bit steep - it will be cheaper to buy another phone with one of your competitors just to cover our time there.


Are you eating Cake and typing?


Should ID mobile have an account on here.....mmmmmmmm


Hi there, We do offer Roam like Home, where you can roam like at home in 50 destinations throughout the EU, EEA and beyond. The minutes, texts and data you use simply come out of your remaining monthly allowances (subject to our fair usage & open data policies). Have a look at our website for more information: Thanks, iD Mobile.

Honor 10 lite 64gb. 1 month vodafone contract £152.99 -  Possibly 139.99+ £35 topcashback @ Carphone warehouse
Found 9th JanFound 9th Jan
Honor 10 lite 64gb available in blue and black. Its a one month vodafone contract so if you can cancel it will go for 139.99. £35 cashback with top cashback making it 104.99 (horro… Read more
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Well if your going to do a 12 month contract route then you can get it for 69 pounds. Just want to say though that it may be a bit harder to cancel a 12 month contract so when you do order it, do not open the box so you can easily return it incase something goes wrong when trying to cancel the contract.



Search honor for post




does not bother everyone, note 7 has bigger battery , but what suits

Vodafone "Basics" Sim only deal 8GB data + unlimited mins/text £10 pm 12 months
Found 9th JanFound 9th Jan
Like all networks, Might not be the best where you are. But works perfect for me. For a tenner You get 8GB data and unlimited mins/text. (3GB data + 5GB extra for 12 months) BUT a… Read more

Here’s the direct link :)


It’s an online only Uswitch deal apparently, even though it goes through to their website, if you went on their website normally, you wouldn’t be able to find it


How's this a third party leads to their webpage


can i use wifi calling with this


Worth noting: this is a third party only deal. If you ring Vodafone, you will not be able to get this basics SIM. Also, to keep your number from an existing Vodafone SIMO or phone plan, you’ll have to move the number onto a Pay As You Go which takes 30 days notice in order to do so (to then transfer your number to the new line).

Plusnet Sim. 5GB data & unlimited calls & texts. 1 month rolling contract - £9.
07/02/2019Expires on 07/02/2019Found 9th JanFound 9th Jan
Uswitch exclusive deal. In EE network so coverage should be good. Not a 12 month contract, rolling 1 month upfront.
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That's true, pretty much any service provider of phone lines, mobile, internet, gas, electric all get terrible reviews, if you believed just the reviews you'd not use any provider for anything as they all suck monumentally, for some consumers. My experience of Plusnet has been excellent, 10 years of near perfect internet with maybe 6 hours downtime in all those years, mobile service is basic but OK. They might use EE but you need to know they're not identical to EE, missing the 800Mhz band of 4G and some other slight differences. However, for a basic mobile provider they seem fairly good by my own experience.


Does any network get good reviews?


Great company and great service, thanks OP (y)


Yes, short codes are still not supported. Found that out this week when our bank text to ask if some payments were fraudulent. Couldn't reply with a text so had to ring up. Apparently the NHS use SMS short codes and obviously charities do for donating. It's also sometimes more difficult to opt out of marketing texts. Other than this, and the website issues highlighted above (my DD failed multiple times too for no reason), it's cheap and cheerful.


Been with Plusnet for mobile and broadband for a year or so. On the mobile side, my signal is very poor and I am pretty close to a motorway. Their website has many issues. While setting up both BB and mobile, setting up direct debit failed. So I ended up having to call them. They ended up cancelling everything and starting again. Also for BB I subscribed for fibre but they supplied standard broadband. Again had to cancel everything, send the wrong router back and then order fibre again over the phone. Customer service on the phone has been pretty good to be honest. They have resolved issues with my landline because I had a noisy line. Didn't have to wait on hold long and the customer services was good. Recently upgraded to a business broadband account which was also painless.

Oneplus 6T 6.41" Snapdragon 845 6GB 128GB 16.0MP+20.0MP Android 9.0 In-Display Fingerprint NFC Fast Charge Mirror Black £403 @ Geekbuying
Found 8th JanFound 8th Jan
Use a fee free card and pay in $ for best price Be aware of potential customs charges No warranty, buy at own risk 6.41-inch Optic AMOLED, 2.5D Corning® Gorilla® Glass 6,Capacitiv… Read more
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This is major Chinese retailer, good offers


eBay ones for £423 I think and they claim to offer their own 1yr warranty and no customs fees.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Coral Blue, Dual SIM Only £454.24 (fee-free)/£470.14 @ Amazon Germany
Found 8th JanFound 8th Jan
Approximately £454.24 with a fee free card (using current Visa exchange rate based on price of €505.10 including delivery). This is the Italian version of the phone, will come with… Read more

Yep, demand of madding crowd inflates prices... S series fan here anyway, a waity fan (will bite in 2019, eventually - good fans always do)


Yes Xz2 is better value compare to S9 if you compare the specs and price difference between them but Samsung phone hold their value because of demands unlike HTC and SONY


Thanks Raja, prefer to wait... Excessive prices If you can get on CeX a grade A Xperia XZ2 for £225, everything else is excessive


I got mint s9 on ebay for £300 and sold it for £340 after using it for two week . actually Cex is selling S9 Plus grade A for £420 and grade B for £380 on vodafone and there is one in stock right now


Having an S7 Edge, I honestly can't see myself going much bigger. I don't have gorilla sized hands and only just manage one handed with the Sammy.

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