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SIM only packages can allow mobile users to keep their old devices and save money on their monthly bills. There is plenty of competition on the high street to offer the best deal, with providers that include Virgin, Carphone Warehouse and EE. All of the worthwhile SIM Only offers can be found as soon as they are announced at the HotUKDeals listings pages. Read more
The HotUKDeals Sim only deals thread - all of the cheapest sim only deals and free sim offers
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Welcome to the official HotUKDeals Sim only thread! In the thread you'll find sim only deals of all types, for all types of talkers! Whether you need lots of minutes, or lots of … Read more

Already A customer was on the website


I went to Nokia n900 as Nokia failed to get the network effect with maemo. Would've loved to have had sailfish instead of android as one of our 2 dominant phone players but nice to see the phoenix at the end


No worries! Nokia support transfered over from Microsoft too, quite a good network of authorised repairers. Huawei and Xiaomi support seems to be a less afterthought of Chinese corps after taking your cash. On the other hand head office HMD is next door to Nokia Networks in Finland.


Thanks for that Sean, I've just reset his Huawei but if it freezes again we will buy the Nokia 5.1 thank you for helping me again


Any dual sim, Three & EE share most base stations, same with Voda and o2 (excludes London - Three and o2 are now in the process building out their own new London network and replacing BT connections at base stations) so it’s preferable to have one sim on each shared base station network (MBNL/Cornerstone) - forward both calls to the other sim incase of signal/issues. The x.1 Nokia range is a good bet I would say for dual sim - I would expect the new owners of Nokia brand licensing HMD Global have a good support in place for their first year or that would damage their investment of £300 million, and that was just the rights name purchase before they even spent a penny on actual Nokia mobiles! Foxconn own FiH mobile who make Xaoimi and Huawei mobiles, and R&D and make Nokia for HMD. Moto is (IMO) a dysfunctional brand of Lenovo, as it has 4 mobile brands ? You buy Motorola Mobile but don’t make it your main brand ?? Thus I expect support will be less. book a repair online - no faff they all all have entry, mid and high end phones but service and dual sim are priorities now - even Apple went that way with esim.

O2 sim-only 6months Netflix 15gb data and unlimited £20 (£240 total). Also £22 for 20gb same deal 12m
Found 56 m agoFound 56 m ago
This works for me as it also includes 35 other countries including USA and I’m on a 6gb for £15 at present with just euro coverage. So I save on daily rate of 4.99 in USA and on 7.… Read more
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Nothing special tbh... Three 100GB with unlimited data for Netflix and other streaming services is for £20 now... If you add cashback (£70 from TCB or Quidco) you can buy more than 6 months of Netflix :)

ID MOBILE - Sim Only - Unlimited Minutes & Texts, 10GB  data for only £13.00 month with uSwitch
Found 13th NovFound 13th Nov
Why choose iD Mobile? Roaming at no extra cost in 50 locations All iD Mobile plans let you use your UK monthly data, calls and texts allowances in 50 locations in the EU and be… Read more

This deal has gone hot yet it’s no where to be found


got with plusnet 15 for 15GB and unlimited text and minutes...


I cant find it??


That on a rolling 30 day or 12 month contract. Tried to get a deal out of them but got nowhere. Ended up getting my PAC code and getting this deal.


Shame I cannot get a good Three signal where I am as this would be good for my kids iPad

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SIMO £15 / 2500min / unlimited Text / 24GB ( 12 month contract) @ Virgin Mobile
Refreshed 13th NovRefreshed 13th Nov04/12/2018Expires on 04/12/2018
SIMO £15/2500min/unlimited /24GB ( 12 month contract). This is not the only Black Friday offer for SIMO proucts £31 cashback for 8GB of data for £15 on a 12 month SIM only contra… Read more
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I have to add, customer service is excellent.


Does virgin have throttling? Was on the phone to three and they can do 30gb ACYE mins and text for £15.


Ye it does depend where you are (that particular test was done inside my house- they do have the fastest 3G signal speeds tho according to my tests i got up to 14mbps. Good for if u dont get a good 4G signal or i suppose it could also save battery over 4G and nice if u have older phone like iphone 4s that not got 4G (many people do have old phones lying around. Could use for broadband subsitute also its only three and virgin doing unlim data and three the ONLY ones offering option of it with rolling contract. £35/month i believe


Only in a small number of areas. Three are atrocious they are over capacity and the signal indoors is non existant.


Oh ok ill look into that

VIP Virgin Unlimited Data Sim £25 for Existing TV/Broadband Customers x 12 months = £300
Found 11th NovFound 11th Nov
Exclusive to Virgin Customers £25 Sim unlimited data unlimited mins unlimited texts.! Other Sim Deals Also Available. 🤤
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Does anyone download 400gb+ a month on one of these?


Good question that. Anyone know?


£48 cashback via TCB. But when the offer is selected on the Virgin site, a message states to phone Virgin on 789 from your Virgin phone. This is logical to verify being a customer but might not activate cashback ?


Downlaod Speed vary from location to location its normally between 12MB to 45MB per second. Its strange that my upload speed is often much higher than download speed. I never had issue with watching live TVs, downloading torrents and making internet video calling. I was on three unlimted data before and virgin appear same if not better than three


Beware , internet speed is very slow.

Sony XZ1 Compact Sim Free at Amazon £199
Found 9th NovFound 9th Nov
Sony's previously compact Flagship. Now at Silly money!

Having seen few posts yesterday, that seems quite common. I suppose there has normally been some form of “tamperproof“ sticker on boxes I have had in the past. “Reject if broken“ etc. Would be interesting to see what Amazon say about it for peace of mind if it bothers you.


Mine didn't arrived sealed. Is that expected?


I have been checking this out since early this year. My Z3c digitizer gave up. Replaced the screen and it runs N with xposed gravity box. Perfect set up but cannot use bank apps. So spent the day comparing xz1c and xz2c. Decided this is size for me, prefer the shape, bezels an all and will add a Roxfit or Devil case. Headphone jack is there if needed and fingerprint operation easily done without regrip. It may be the last chance to get a Sony compact I like and if it is not, that's OK when this is only £199. Bloatware will be evident but hoping ADB wll sort that so don't be put off. Should prove to be a nice phone.


I had that exact same problem and ended up getting rid of mine. Apart from that it was a great phone so I'm going for this again but doing lots of checks whilst still in the cooling off period to make sure it all works! Otherwise it's straight back! (y)


I've got one, and had the Z3 compact previously. I have no issues with headset volume and the loud speaker volume is a lot louder on this model than it was on the Z3 compact. If you're interested why not buy anyway, try it and return if not happy? This is Amazon sold and fulfilled remember so easy, no hassle returns..

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Huawei P20 128GB Smartphone reduces to £399 @
Found 9th NovFound 9th Nov
Huawei P20 128GB Smartphone in Black reduced to £399 @ AO Black Friday deals.

£399 at Carphonewarehouse too


P20 Pro for £379... keep dreaming :)


Went on the site quickly, activated account and at the checkout realised its not PRO. still voted hot thanks


Get it for £379 if you acrivate an account, thereby getting £20 off ;)

ID mobile SIM only £10 / month 500min 7gb data + rollover!
Refreshed 13th NovRefreshed 13th Nov09/12/2018Expires on 09/12/2018
Hi guys, good deal for a sim only. 10/month - 500 mins, unltd texts and 7gb data. 4gb available for 8/month too!

Took me 2 months to cancel with these criminals. Do not go near.


Close but no cigar 👌🏻


I've heard horrid things about plusnet, can't imagine anyone else in the telecomms industry.


It this better than plusnet?


Poor coverage, even in central London. Very slow internet at times. And calls that don't go through.

Tesco Mobile Black Friday Sims 20Gb for £16.50, potentially cheaper
19/11/2018Starts at 19/11/201802/12/2018Expires on 02/12/2018LocalLocal
Tesco mobile sims, If you are friends with anyone that works for Tesco then you can use their employee number for another 10% off and if you have contracts already you could qual… Read more
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What store do you work at, as it would be great to get your feedback on the deals that are on offer


Tesco Mobile have great UK customer service and I've never had any problems with the signal. I read about so many problems with other operators on here that I can't see any reason why I'd consider moving. I'm paying £9/10Gb with 500 mins and 5000 texts (30 day rolling SIM only) but I think that was a special to get me off the fully 'unlimited' deal they finally stopped after I'd been on it for 12 years.


Click on it zoom in (y) :)



Hi, what are the other deals listed in the picture, can't quite make them out, one looks like £10 and another £13.50, thanks

Black Tag deals at Carphone Warehouse live today - deals from £119
Found 9th NovFound 9th Nov
Gooddeals @CPW Unlocked sim free: Huawei P smart £149 P20 lite £229 P20 £399 Payg (still unlocked) : Nokia 3.1 £109 (with £10 topup) Pay monthly: Samsung S9 on iD network £26.… Read more
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Exactly and even though Very have no stock of the XZ premium Amazon are still price matching them.. just to rub salt into CPW wounds :)


A Lot of these deals were cheaper yesterday and have been cheaper over tha last few weeks. It's disgusting they are now labelling them as 'black tag' deals making out they are cheaper. Mis-advertising.


P smart is £129 on O2


Just picked mine up


I thought the P20 lite was released in March of this year....

Vodafone sim only 20GB data+ulmt text/minutes £20 x 12 -  £11 by redemption @
Found 9th NovFound 9th Nov
Vodafone sim only 20GB data+ulmt text/minutes £11 by redemption @

Or pac code whatever it is, they know its been used and they started ringing me 2 hrs later offering me a deal.


Thanks expiring this now then.


Are you sure about the puk code (skeptical)


28th October?


Voted hot

Carphone warehouse Sim only deal. 20GB instead of 5GB. £14 a month / 12 months - £168
09/12/2018Expires on 09/12/2018Found 9th NovFound 9th Nov
Deal on Virgin SIM deal. £14 a month. 20GB internet allowance. 5000 minutes Unlimited texts. Benefits include flexible tarrifs, data rollover and free WhatsApp messaging.
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Was it easy to get or required a lot of hassling? Thanks


I just got them to give me 12gb rolling data with unlimited calls and texts for £9 pay monthly sim only. Call them and go straight to retentions.


I just left these, data speeds last few months wer terrible blame it on a mast but wife on EE was getting 78mbps


Oh I agree, I only have 20gb and never reach the limit. Just wanted to make people aware that’s all.


You could keep going on infinitely , adding £ more to get more data. Deals only good for how much you need. 20GB should be enough for most. Especially has WhatsApp messages are free and do not use your allowance. Granted if you are a heavy user then the 45GB deal is better. Horses for coursers.


Good luck (y)


Strange, they wouldn’t allow me last time. Oh well, will try again this year, hopefully it’s changed. Thanks!


Yes, and I phoned them to carry out the transfer with out any problem


So you purchased the new Vodafone contract and had the sim ready for the last day of your old contract? Did you ring Vodafone to carry out the transfer? When I did this last year Vodafone insisted I transfer the number out of their network before I could transfer it back to the new Sim.


Served 30 day notice for my pay monthly SIM plan and transferred the number on the last day. It took 10 minutes to transfer the number

100 GB, All AYCE on Three Sim for £19 x 12 = 228 @ Three
Refreshed 6th NovRefreshed 6th Nov
It was £20 and now down to £19. I was browsing, my three app and got this. It will ask for a three number, I tried it on different phone, ipad and desktop and It worked. You can … Read more

You need a signal first!


How are you able to get decent speed? Using my phone I get 20mbs/s When I put the sim card on my unlocked 4GEE wifi mini and best speed I can get is 1/3rd at 8MB/S whats annoying is the upload speed is way higher than download speed. Is there a software version update that helped your speed.? Or APN that's modified? My version of 4GEE WiFi mini is EE40VB. I have been unable to find away to turn on 5G WiFi on it either.


Based on most recent conversations with Three they have admitted that the network is over subscribed and that they are working in this. The issues seem to be a particular problem with London and Cardiff.


Just got all you can eat data for £13


Just spoke to them via live chat and got my 600 min AYCE data contract down to £12 a month on a rolling contract. If anyone is going to try this, just keep pestering the first person you speak to until they transfer you to the customer relations department. That's where the good deals are!! Thanks all for the info to make this happen.

Vodafone SIM only UK( no EU roaming) Unlimited minutes, Unlimited texts, 500 mb data at uSwitch £6pm (12m)
Found 4th NovFound 4th Nov
£ 6.00 pm for people who are low data users & NEED Vodafone only due to reception problems. No EU roaming. ( UK use only) So don't look at this deal if you need EU roaming, mo… Read more
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Tiresome How many times can I say something for YOU to comprehend that I can read that line. It doesn't apply for this HotDealsUk site because it isn't a hot deal. Anyone can find YOUR deal because it isn't special. I know you'll come back and say the same thing yet again as you are clearly determined to get the last word in for your so called deal that is very negatively thought of. Good luck with that, I'm done


Hot deals are no good if you don't get reception! If you can't read & understand the very first sentence of the post, then God help you! Deals will keep changing at all times, so that's why people keeping checking this site at all times till they see a deal that is suitable for them. You state that anyone can find the tariff that I posted. If that was the case, then no body would be looking at this website!


Once again, look at the Web site you're posting on. "Hot Deals" Fail Anyone could find the tariff you posted! There's now another Voda deal been posted on this site. Much better!!!!


I don't care about the feedback if they are like you who don't understand this post! If you only have the option of Vodafone only, then this deal would interest you. I clearly stated that the deal is meant for Vodafone users! Once again, find a better deal for low usage on Vodafone!


No, you don't get it Aside of reception, low use, preference and any other reason you come up with, this isn't a good deal. The feedback says it all!

O2 SIM only 12 months contract £5.00 pm - £60 via uSwitch
Found 4th NovFound 4th Nov
£5.00 pm O2 SIM only. 500 mins, 500 mb data, unlimited texts. Can also be used in EU home to home. Via Good for if this is enough for your usage & need O2 for sign… Read more
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Expired now. This offer is no longer available on uSwitch.


Payg is a better option for people whose usage is low - less than £5.00 per month. O2 & Three have 321 plans 3p per minute voice calls 2p per text 1p per Mbps data If you need more than 150 mins or 500 Mbps data, then you are better off on Plusnet that is if you can get EE reception in your area.


hunsbury0 - can you educate me as to why PAYG seem to be better/more generous than pay monthly sims nowadays? 1GB pay monthly = £13 with o2 on a 12 month contract with no data rollover. However, PAYG on O2 gets you 2GB for £10 and that includes data rollover? What am I missing? Whats the advantage of pay monthly?


All those voting cold, please show us a better deal on O2 network!! Maybe they cannot read the post properly???


I am on Tesco(O2) £5.00, 250 mins, 500mb data, 5000 texts including loyalty bonus. The O2 deal via uSwitch would have given me 500 mins instead of 250 mins that I currently have with Tesco. The other option for low users who need O2 is their payg SIM. 3p per minute voice calls, 2p text, 1 p per mb data. Have to make at least one chargeable activity every 6 months to keep the SIM active. Which is similar to Threes payg 321 but O2 would be my choice as O2 is the best SIM that works in my area.

Three - Unlimited Data, Minutes and Text Sim With Personal Hotspot  £27 P/M - 12 Months Contract
Found 4th NovFound 4th Nov
Three - True Unlimited Data, Minutes and Text Sim With Personal Hotspot - 12 Months Contract One month contract for £32 per month. Includes - Personal Hotspot - Go Roam Around th… Read more

What contract did you buy first? What do you say to customer service


I have signed up to this in place of home broadband as I can't get fibre and 4g is 3x quicker here than regular broadband. Ordered Netgear LTE modem to go with it. Checked with three customer services and they confirmed that using in place of broadband was ok. Great deal as far as I'm concerned


It is beneficial when it's time to negotiate a redemption deal.


I get it for £9 a month


Seems like my £14 for 600mins and all u can eat data isn’t as good a deal as some i’ve seen on here. Are these recent offers people have gotten? And are people negotiating over the phone or live chat to get these deals?

Three AYCE 12month SIm only plan - Read Description £240 (£180 after cashback)
Found 4th NovFound 4th Nov
So Quidco are currently giving you £60 on the three 30gb sim only 12 month plan. Which takes it down to £12 a month. Here is the interesting bit, if you contact three live chat and… Read more
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link no longer works - doesn't take to the 100gb plan?


I upgraded yesterday to Mate 20 Pro on AYCE data and when I asked about any restrictions or FUP I was told totally unlimited except limited to 15Gb when using as a hotspot/tethering when roaming.


Three don't really mention what happens after 1tb to be fair so it's anyone's guess really. They claim no speed restrictions on their network so maybe their CS can answer further? :{ Sorry I can't really help much more than that.


I don't have an issue with the 1000GB FUP (or even less), but I would have an issue if any potentail restrictions are not mentioned in 3's KFI, hence my interest.


They state that after 1000gb they consider it commercial use. There isn't any slow down but you face other potential problems.

Vodafone 40GB Sim only/Unltd Mins & Texts @ e2save - £25pm (£14pm after cashback) x 12 months = £300
Found 2nd NovFound 2nd Nov
Well here is a deal I found on e2save. It is 25 pounds a month but after you claim your cashback it essentially is then 14 pounds a month. Absolutely cracking deal and I think this… Read more
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​Can't believe they told you to just use public WiFi. Should've told you to try and connect to a potato instead, that sounds more smart.


Cheers (y) much better for mobile users, like the % of most of us.... iPhone users lol :D


Less hilarious for me. Had I been nearer the end of my term I’d have bought your deal post in a heartbeat. Extra data is always good.


Here is everything you need to know brother: They've even got a video on the page simplifying the process for you.


That's hilarious.

Sim Only Offer - 45GB Data, 5000 Mins and Unlimited Texts, £18 Per month (12mo contract) Now live @ Virgin Mobile
04/12/2018Expires on 04/12/2018Found 2nd NovFound 2nd Nov
Nice little sim only offer from Virgin, with 45GB of data for just £18 per month! Had this before and it was super popular, and a decent option for those of you looking for a good … Read more


The law may say 14 days but I recommend you avoid the nightmare you may have by attempting to cancel this - you may find they don't tell the truth and your stuck on a contract. Are Virgin deals misleading? The technical statements they make may be conditional if you read the small print, and my "unlimited" everything contract only deliverd unlimited BS they vomit when one points out service failures or things that were not agreed to. If you do sign with Virgin, RECORD YOUR PHONE CALLS. You will thank me for this. The promises made on the phone are to get you to onto a 12 month contract. Then credit reference agencies can be used to bully you into complying with the garbage contract they tricked you into signing. The ombudsman that deals with complaints about Mobile phones contracts is a joke and the reality, is Virgin has allot more experience in dealing with the Ombudsman than the customer. I strongly recommend you risk off this experience and avoid this company, and anything else with the Virgin Brand, as they are little more than sweatshops with a commercial Red Virgin wrapper and couldn't care less about customers or their credit ratings.


Virgin Mobile has been good for me. Signal was great at most places. Internet was there when I needed it. I changed over to EE as my employer had a big discount. Leaving Virgin Mobile took me 32 minutes. I wanted the Apple Watch also, yet the retentions agent assured me he can offer it me. Despite a basic google search with results to vm forums saying its not available with no plans to. The agent was blabbering some rubbish that I almost just hung up... Just worth mentioning. Its good but CS is awful.


Go through quidco for £48 cash back. Effectively bringing your cost per month down to £14 over the year. Making it a smoking hot deal.


It really does depend totally on your location. At work, I'm in WC2 in London. As I type, I have 3 out of 5 bars of a 4G signal with Virgin and I'm getting 0.44mbps download speed and 0.67 upload. Back home, in SW15 I get 35-40mbps download speed. I'd love Virgin it if I was at home all day. You do have 14 days to try out any mobile phone contract and can cancel the contract without penalty within that period if you're not happy and will be refunded any payment, so worth a try.

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