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SIM only packages can allow mobile users to keep their old devices and save money on their monthly bills. There is plenty of competition on the high street to offer the best deal, with providers that include Virgin, Carphone Warehouse and EE. All of the worthwhile SIM Only offers can be found as soon as they are announced at the hotukdeals listings pages. Read more

I’ve bookmarked your link for future use - thanks!


Do i buy this sim then transfer number within certain time whats process


Yes, no issue porting via a PAC from anyone other than Lebara (if with Lebara already, you need to double port, away & then back). There is no contract - it is like Giffgaff - you pay for a 30 day bundle if & when you wish, with the option to have it auto renew. Any questions just ask - I manage a handful of Lebara sims for family. Have a look at my posts, e.g. this Far from silly - very true - no longer the case - not sure if OFCOM managed to do something useful or if a commercial agreement was reached.


This might be a silly question, but a few years ago calls to lebara (or was it lyca?) were not included in contracts as their sim had a UK number, but were kind of registered abroad (sorry for the nebulous description, but this is what I recall). Has this changed? I remember getting a hefty bill from Three one month because one of my colleagues was using Lebara.


Can i keep my existing number and is this a 30 day contract or 12 months

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Posted 20th JanPosted 20th Jan
Morning people, So there will be CPI increases come April from 3 of the biggest telecommunications providers, EE, BT and Vodafone, as well as RPI increases from these 3. Some going… Read more

Name it no, describe it yes - many companies in the UK are owned by a chain of off shore companies.


If anyone deserves to make a living out of the effort they put in, it is you, I'm 100% sure mate! (lol) (y)


There is a tiny advantage when it comes to commission, you can have that. But it is *tiny* and is really just an economy of scale. Can you name one of the taxes or schemes you reference as "tax efficient planning"?


I am mate (lol) thanks, I think (:I


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30 Day 5G Sim Only - 2GB Data + 1000 Minutes & 1000 Texts + 100 International Minutes - 99p Per Month For First 3 Months With Code @ Lebara
Posted 21st JanPosted 21st Jan
Decent low entry plan if you didn't need a lot of data. Credit to the OP at LD for the code. Description No Contract, Change/Cancel anytime No Credit Check Free roaming… Read more

Yes - not clear how long you can do that for but I just activated one after 4 months


So tell me, I assume each sim and monthly subscription only starts when each sim is activated? Keep them in the drawer until needed. I'm sure that's probably right, but please confirm for me. :)


I bought four of these last time this deal was on. Only just activated the third one


Can’t resist, just bought. Heat up please.


Have been with them for over a year now; very pleased. CS is mainly via chat; but so far all issue got resolved quickly. Easy to change plans, great price for 5G + international minutes. Only concern is if they will re-instate roaming after vodafone does

Three 5G Sim Only - Unlimited Data, Minutes and Texts for £16pm (£72 cashback - effective £10pm - 12mo) £192 @ fonehouse
27/01/2022Expires on 27/01/2022Posted 21st JanPosted 21st Jan
A very nice offering for unlimited 5G data here on a 12-month contract. Cashback is required to get the effective cost down to £10 per month, but the process is relatively straig… Read more

I wonder whether these could be used as a 5G home broadband service with a CPE Pro 2. Curious if 3 mobile throttle the 5G or whether it would work at all?


THANK YOU so much for the reminder - I forgot to expect massive price cuts now that with Covid/WFH/etc. data usage on mobile has plummeted! (lol)


Chiswick here , I best ask them to send back the SIM card and i will pack up here and relocate to Heathrow :)😜


Assume the commission went to the administrator/liquidator - those owed cashback could apply, but likely to get pennies in the pound (whether that be 3 or 40, I have no idea). Everyone must be aware that with any cashback (any type, TCB/Quidco/redemption/automatic), no matter what happens with it, you are liable, under the separate & legally enforceable airtime contract, to pay the full line rental to the network. Sign up to a £50 for 24m contract with the promise of £600 cashback (effective of £25 monthly), if the £600 does not happen, you have no right not to pay the £50/mth. You can pursue the retailer for the £600.


Not a topic to discuss here (highly illegal), but they can be changed.

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Three 5G Sim Only - Unlimited Minutes and Texts, 12GB of Data for £9pm (£60 cashback - effective £4pm - 12mo) £108 @ fonehouse
31/01/2022Expires on 31/01/2022Posted 21st JanPosted 21st Jan
A really attractive price for 12GB of 5G data via Three, provided you don't mind the cashback element :) Unlimited minutes and texts with 12GB of data for £9 per month. £60 of m… Read more

I'm currently with Three after completing the 12 months of a Fonehouse deal. I assume if I want to keep my number I need to PAC away from Three, before I can take a new deal like this? Or is there another way?


I just got the 30gb for £10 after telling them about the Plusnet deal.


It's a doddle since they were regulated, 60 days to submit a copy of the bill online & you can resubmit if you cock it up, I set a calendar date with countdown reminders. I've had 4 plans for the family running in cashback for over 10 years now, just keep swapping deals, probably average £3/£4 a month per contract.....


There can be issues with either method. Topcashback is the simpler method for the user. Though sometimes there can be technical issue preventing it tracking. Fonehouse requires setting reminders, and sending your bill on time. If you don't have the self discipline, don't do it. Having said that, I used them for the first time last year, with Three. I set my reminders. Each time I got a reminder, I needed to download my PDF bill from Three, and them submit it to Fonehouse through their website. The process literally took me around 2 minutes each time, and I got a confirmation within 24 hours, and the cash in my account in about 3 days. I will use them again in future and would totally recommend them.


Fonehouse say it includes Go Roam is that no longer going to be free part of 3 contracts? Arn't they going to charge £2 per day for Europe and £5 a day for the rest of the world in May? That was a great benefit to 3 contracts before!

Double DATA (3 Months) 6GB / Unlimited texts/minutes £5 - 1 month contract at Asda Mobile
Posted 20th JanPosted 20th Jan
As title says. Lasts for one calendar month 5G and 4G speeds No contracts or credit checks Powered by Vodafo Roam like you're home in 36 Europe contries.

I have my mother on Asda Mobile as her flat is in a signal black spot, best is Vodafone signal but needs wifi calling which Lebara still don’t offer. Don’t care about 5G. Before Xmas the payment website was completely broken and couldn’t update card details. Haven’t tried since. Phone support (in Egypt I think) was pretty good. Maybe they’ve fixed their website/billing issues now. Might consider Lebara if they switch on wifi calling. But the actual Asda phone service has been fine - and for this particular location - better than Plusnet (on EE minus a key band).

inthedales Is there a fair usage cap? When we say unlimited, we mean unlimited! As long as you are using your bundle within the UK (excluding Isle of Man and the Channel Islands), you’ll be fine. The only time a fair usage limit applies is when you’re roaming. Please see FAQ “Can I use my unlimited data plan abroad?” for more details. Can I use my unlimited data plan abroad? You can use your data, minutes, and texts as if you were in the UK in 36 European destinations. Outside of these locations, our rest of world charges apply. All bundle customers have a 25GB data roaming limit regardless of the amount of data included in your bundle. Once you have 25GB of data you will be charged 4p per MB, the same as you would pay for data in the UK. You will receive notifications when you reach the 80% and 100% of the data limit.

inthedales No 5G symbol on the 6Gb and 10GB options.


Really?! Flip, where's that in the T's&C's?


Be mindful for the unlimited that their fair usage policy is only 20gb