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Tablets are popular products with people of any age. When searching for a portable device that's ideal for streaming favourite movies and TV programmes, catching up with e-mails and sharing photos on Facebook then an Apple iPad or Google Android tablet is a perfect choice and easily fits into handbags or large pockets. HotUKDeals provides updated detail on all the best prices and bargains on tablets from UK and online retailers. Read more
Free Creative home learning with iPad
Posted 7 h, 24 m agoPosted 7 h, 24 m ago
Perfect for Children Creative home learning with iPad Free creative learning activities for children every week! How to design and draw digital art. How to create animation. How t… Read more
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Oh yeah i didn't catch on lol


We are, and it does :). The earpods comment was due to the the racist comments that were plastered all over Amazon yesterday when 'earpods' was typed in.


What do you mean sorry? Thought we were joking about it sharing a name with a neo narzi group


The marketing department clearly didn't get the memo. Maybe they should start selling Earpods.


Very, very unfortunately named.

Refurbished 12.9-inch iPad Pro Wi-Fi 64GB - Space Grey (3rd Gen 2018) £679 @ Apple Store
-261° Expired
Posted 30th MayPosted 30th May
*Edit - Topcashback 3.3% available Refurbished 12.9-inch iPad Pro Wi-Fi 64GB - Space Grey - 3rd Gen 2018 RRP was £869.00 so a saving of £190.00 Direct from Apple. Their ref… Read more

Back in stock


Thanks OP for the post BTW. For anyones withering between 2018 and 2020 models, to be honest other than the camera and 2GB of RAM and double the storage there isn't much of a difference with this one. I did wonder whether 64GB will be enough going forward but on my existing 10.5 iPad Pro I still have plenty of space and don't see Apps growing massively in size and power needs over the next few years. Put short, a £290 price difference was enough to sway me to the refurb'd 2018 12.9 64GB over the 2020 12.9 128GB (and allowed me to put that money towards the magic keyboard, which I picked up a couple of weeks ago for £279.99 on the o2 deal on this site!)


Ordered mine around 10am


Thanks for the post and links. Hot from me. Missed it but set up a stock alert.


Because Its apple

Refurbished 11-inch iPad Pro Wi‑Fi 64GB - Space Grey, Gen 3 (2018) £519 @ Apple Store
-119° Expired
Posted 30th MayPosted 30th May
*Edit - Topcashback 3.3% available Refurbished 11-inch iPad Pro Wi‑Fi 64GB - Space Grey - Gen 3, 2018 model RRP was £669.00 so a saving of £150.00 Direct from Apple. Their re… Read more

Ah, yes, mine too!


Mine have both updated and show delivery tomorrow now (y)


Only ask because always unsure how genuine the reviews are. Like you say, a lot with 4+ and under the £10 mark.


There’s loads on amazon with good 4*+ reviews. I would be interested if anybody has a recommendation also.


Thanks. There is some hope then!

Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8 Refurb Tablet + 6 Months Disney+ On O2 Refresh - £71.50 @ O2 Shop
58° Expired
Posted 29th MayPosted 29th May
Usual o2 refresh rules apply, I'll give you the full spiel below, £71.50 plus choose the 500mb deal with £6 monthly cost, and receive 6 months disney+ if you keep the first month g… Read more

That's not the right one.



Also do it through tcb as you get £10


It works for me when you click on the small circle that ask you if they can help, go through the options then it shows up and you can then add it to your basket


I know right

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Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8" Silver Tablet £79 @ Samsung
33° Expired
Posted 29th MayPosted 29th May
Decent price for a solid android tablet. To be updated...But check out the link. Black is £99. Manage screen time for your children in the lockdown so don't let them run off wit… Read more

Thanks Mr switch




Just looked then can't see any cheaper than £121.50 upfront in black


For some reason it shows in stock, but won't let you add to basket. (annoyed)


Any links for the refresh deal please

2019 Apple iPad Air 10.5", A12 Bionic, iOS, Wi-Fi, 256GB, Gold - £566.99 delivered @ John Lewis & Partners
Posted 29th MayPosted 29th May
Normally retails at £629 for the 256gb version (11% cheaper) The 2019 iPad Air maintains its lightness while offering more power. Built with Apple’s advanced A12 Bionic chip with… Read more
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On google type in Apple Certified Refurbished and you’ll see the site. It gets updated daily.


Yes I found this was the case too


This is the link


Where can you buy that?


Better to go for a refurbished pro instead. The stereo speakers are worth it

HUAWEI MatePad Pro 6+128G Midnight Grey + Free HUAWEI FreeBuds 3i £499 @ Huawei Store UK
02/06/2020Expires on 02/06/2020Posted 29th MayPosted 29th May
Just noticed that Huawei are offeirng the Matepad Pro with their Freebuds 3i included for £499, which is fairly decent. There's also a second bundle for £609 which includes the pe… Read more

Much better software about and some of it passes safetynet if you can put up with Kirin..


Yeap I've always been a Hauwei/Honor fan, but didn't get Android 10 and no Google had blown it for me, I'm done unfortunately


Anyway, I think I gonna pass on this one, not for Google services, but for the value for money. For over £600 I want a 2-in-1 with windows and power. Since I already have selected several champions on my list, with high specs under £800, I think no Android tablets is worth so much money. I missed the galaxy tab s6 256gb LTE for around £450ish, and that was the right maximum price for the best android tablet. This huawei one is similar, and they don't even sell the 256gb version in UK. Now, this Matepad costs around £600ish with the bundle, the S6 256gb Lte would cost me around £760ish with the keyboard bundled and student know what? £@K 0FF to this prices. I'll go for serious Thinkpad or Miix series 2-in-1 series with wacom digitizer pen,and if needed will virtualise Android. They got horse power and cost the same or less. That all said, I might decide to look into the P40 Pro for it's amazing camera, I got enough IT skills to overcome the GMS $h1t


XDA always the place for anything like that...


Well, after 5 minutes of googling I found several methods, and this one working: Now kind of wanting to buy this tablet, I'm after a new 2-in-1 with pen after all..

Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 Keyboard Book Cover, Black £119 at John Lewis & Partners
Posted 27th MayPosted 27th May
For the ones of you who already have the tab s4 and after its keyboard cover, here we go. Product code: 80460120 This keyboard cover is fitted with an intuitive POGO pin connecto… Read more
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I could be mistaken, but I think it was free delivery via Prime when I posted (EDIT: just checked - it still is). You also probably need to stop being quite so conspiratorial and jumping to unfounded conclusions..


Agree about the credit card, if you have one. If not, I wouldn't count 100% on Amazon with blind might be able to sort it, but why?To save £10?Yes percentage-wise, nearly 10%, hassle-wise, 90%. I always look at "like new" deals, from reputable sellers or Amazon itself. I wouldn't bother in this case, I would spend slightly more at John Lewis. Anyway, one more option to buy is always better than not having any. Edit: just seen this: You didn't mention £10.26 delivery from "The Big Phone Store", didn't you see it?are you the owner?Or are we just "pettinando le bambole" here?!? Waste of time.


Risk of what? Pay with a credit card as it's over £100, get Amazon, then the issuer involved in the unlikely event of problems. £10 is nearly 10% on this...


If Samsung or O2 offers 2 years warranty on the keyboard, than the O2 deal is better than mine; if not, I would say that JL with 2 years warranty is a better option. Good to have alternatives, though.

SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab S4 10.5" Tablet & Book Cover Keyboard Folio Bundle - 64 GB, Ebony Black £489 at Currys PC World
Posted 27th MayPosted 27th May
3 days ago was my birthday and really wanted to buy a tablet, hence browsed RELENTLESSLY among the ocean of options in the 2-in-1 convertible field, undecided between the windows o… Read more
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You're correct my bad


I've owned one since 2016, Galaxy Tab S2 is OLED.


S2 is LCD though.


S4 with snapdragon 835 is still one of the fastest tablet.


So..can you find it cheaper, with the keyboard bundle,from official UK retailer BNIB? It's even become rare to find it in stock.

Amazon Fire 7 Kids Edition Tablet | 7" Display, 16 GB, Blue / Pink / Purple Kid-Proof Case for £64.39 delivered @ Currys eBay
Posted 26th MayPosted 26th May
Robust tablet for kids. Was recently reduced to £69.99 on Amazon and other retailers. On Currys eBay you can get a slightly better price by using code PRICE8 at checkout. :) … Read more
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These are showing at £99.99, so the discount only reduces them to £92.


Only taking £8 off at checkout. Help


My kids have had these since Christmas and they love them. I bought them on black Friday for 55 each. The case is tough but the warranty is the clincher. Not something I'd be that keen to use myself, but as a kids tablet it's great.


The Fire HD8, more ram and doesn't get slow after a week


Got one at this price for my 5 year old son, after his ancient ipad broke. For the price - you cant grumble. Its a robust little thing - with the warranty for if it breaks (including water, screen smash etc). Its not the fastest, but you can lock it right down with regards to websites and apps etc. The Unlimited thing is pretty good as well -good for books. Having an SD card slot is useful for films I have downloaded elsewhere. Its not the best tablet in the world, but for the money I would think you wouldn't do much better for those under 8

Amazon Fire HD 8 Tablet (2018) - 16 GB, Black/Blue/Red - £44.99 delivered @ Currys PC World
396° Expired
Posted 26th MayPosted 26th May
Amazon Fire HD 8 Tablet (2018) - 16 GB, Black/Blue/Red Top features: - 8” HD display is great for streaming and scrolling - Long battery lasts all day - Alexa helps out wit… Read more

Hi, looking forward to checking it out! And yep it's the Alexa enabled dock you speak of 👌


No problem! If you've got the dock I'm thinking about, you've got Alexa features too, so you can use it as a 'smart display ' as well.


In the end I went for the M10... Unfortunately the only good deals right now are hovering around the £139.99 mark. I got mine from Curry's for £150 as the extra £10 got me the Dolby Sound Dock, as well as 6 months free Spotify Premium. As a Google Music subscriber (which I intend to cancel for the next 6 months) this'll save me £60 so offsets the total cost of the tablet down to £90. Thanks again for your help!


It is up to you what you want from a tablet. There is a 3gb ram m8 as well, but not sure if it is full hd. You have to read, as there are different versions of M8. I personally look at these for a tablet: full HD (Not bothered with full hd Netflix, but the tablet should be full hd), 3 gb ram, minimum Android 9. Also, if possible, usb c and the ability to load apps on an SD card. To me there are only 4 tablets doing this at a budget of £100-200, all Lenovo: M10, M10 Plus, P10 and Yoga Smart. The cheapest being the M10. If I want it for my son, the E10 will do.


Hi, yes it's not the FHD unfortunately. To be honest I held fire on placing the order as I got busy in between. Probably good that I did if you say it's close to the E10, although I've read/watched decent reviews for it...?

Lenovo Tab M10 FHD Plus (2nd Gen) £179.99 @ Lenovo
197° Expired
Posted 23rd MayPosted 23rd May
Processor MTK P22T Tab Processor ( 2.30GHz ) Operating System Android 9.0 Display Type 10.3"IPS 1920x1200 Memory 4.0GB -- LPDDR4X Soldered ---- Storage 64GB … Read more

Let him speak, before you make any assumptions


He has, and it's very obvious what he thinks.


Let Darren1963 speak for himself


darren1963 is not being sarcastic


Anyone can see that the poster is being sarcastic along with his previous comment. NHS workers have as much pride as you do if not less.

Galaxy Tab S5e LTE 64GB £365 @ Selfridges
-156° Expired
Posted 23rd MayPosted 23rd May
Galaxy Tab S5e 4G 64gb 10.5”

It's been on discount quiet a few times and was as low as 257 plus 50 quid cash back that would have worked out at 207, so I would hold on.


Black and silver in stock on Samsung website for £364.65 with bank holiday code MAY15. you can also use up to 36 months of interest free financing via Klarna directly on Samsung website.


There weren't any in stock on the Samsung store when I looked. Mind you I wouldn't want something without a headphone socket. Does my head in trying to understand why some manufacturers remove it.


Coupled with the amex offer (£50 off £250 spend) this isnt bad but considering selfridges listed the s5e at £280 yesterday (albeit in error), I'd wager that will be the new price in the next few months.


Was 80 quid cheaper a few weeks ago and cheaper on Samsung online store at the minute.

Microsoft Surface Pro 7 Platinum Intel Core i5 8GB 128GB £789 from Microsoft Store
Posted 23rd MayPosted 23rd May
Microsoft have a few deals going at the moment on the Microsoft website. Worth a look. Deals on the on the surface pro 7. **Additional cash back with quidco** :) Configuratio… Read more

What are the chances this offer will still be going at the end of this week?


15% of Wow points through Perks at Work (Employee discount) saving of almost £100


Unfortunately mine didn't. My Surface Pro 2017 developed a screen issue and they wanted me to send it to them for repair. I begged for a replacement machine but they said no. I had been using the device to take handwritten notes for my psychotherapy business, and to do my accounts and all that kind of stuff so I really needed it. I ended up using the Ipad Pro for all of that stuff in the end as it was generally more stable in my sessions (i.e. it wouldn't crash, sometimes with the Surface Pro I would go and show someone a pdf and randomly it wouldnt load for whatever reason, once after an update the start button wouldn't work, just little annoyances like that that you dont want to deal with inbetween clients). I'm sure most the bugs are sorted now. Toying with the idea of a Go 2 with USB C. I currently own a Surface Laptop 1st Gen which hasn't skipped a beat since I have had it but the 3rd gen is a bit pricey for me for what you get.


Jesus Christ my wife is going to kill me. It was 2016.

Nope, US law. You could have tried a Section 75 claim against the CC provider but the statute for claims in UK is 6 kick yourself that you didn't read this 3+ mths ago! (S75 would be a monetary settlement for repair).

Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e - £322.15 (With Code) @ Samsung Store
Posted 22nd MayPosted 22nd May
New from Samsung upto 15% off many devices.

I had lots of WiFi issues with a Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.5 inch WiFi model in the past, the WiFi would just drop randomly, had to reboot the tablet periodly to connect back on the WiFi, seems to be fine lately, maybe some Samsung update solved the problem :/


I have not had any issues with my S5e. Hadnit for a month and its heen faultless. WiFi never drops.


At the moment mine is fine.....But so was my S2 at first which went on to develop a wifi fault so I'll wait and see.. . I didn't want another Samsung because of the S2 wifi issue but there isn't much else in the tablet market. The tablet is good and hopefully it will stay that way (y)


Mines fine as well, you got unlucky


Just Google Samsung "S5e" and "WiFi issue" and you will see it's a common issue. So if yours is ok your lucky

Galaxy Tab S6 Lite 64GB LTE (4G) Blue or Grey + Free book cover - £339.15 (With Code) @ Samsung Store
-164° Expired
Posted 22nd MayPosted 22nd May
Introducing the new Tab S6 Lite Play video Feel like you’re in the front rowFeel like you’re in the front row and enjoy the show in all it’s glory on an awesome 10.4” display. The… Read more

I didn't see the 50 quid cash back dam I missed a good deal.


It was 257 plus 50 cashback, sadly I missed it too. Couldn't wait so got the S6 LTE for 403 with 50 cashback. Cracking tablet


To echo others, the s5e is much better and has been a lot cheaper on here.


That was 257 on here not that long ago, I missed it and still waiting for it again.


Save your money and pick up a second hand Tab S4, quality device and amazing screen

SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab S5E 64gb - £280 @ Selfridges
176° Expired
Posted 22nd MayPosted 22nd May
Just ordered this last night for £322, after looking around for ages. And just received it an hour ago. I checked google and lo and behold, its on sale for £280 at Selfridges toda… Read more

Maybe this was a misprice or it is an indicator that a sale is on Samsung website imminent?


Did they actually sell the 128GB wi-fi model at £183?! It shows OOS.....maybe due to crazy low price, or perhaps when it goes OOS the price changes(????)


I understand the smt725 to be the LTE version and the smt720 WiFi. I could be wrong though.


I got the Platinum and it's showing for that


Just out of interest, as I keep seeing it mentioned what Amex card do you need for these promotions?

Microsoft Surface Pro X 128 GB SSD ARM & 4G LTE £854.05 @ Currys / eBay
Posted 22nd MayPosted 22nd May
Normally £999.99 but 10% off PLUS additional 5% off on Currys eBay store. Note this is the ARM model with SQ1 chip and 4G LTE connectivity. Specification MPN: MJX-00002 Video c… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

I'm bored now. He clearly stated £85 less. Yes I've used an ipad and a surface, I've had both. Currently have neither. I would always take the computer that could install full programs. I've had a few tablets and apart from watching netflix while travelling have been mostly pointless without proper full office applications. I also recommend hardware often, have never recommended an ipad as I deal with various financial applications, many of which also need proper excel and power bi. When someone has an ipad they want to use it is always a pain. Great for clash of clans and netflix, probably for drawing too. Not good for anything else. I have zero interest in discussing with someone who has a clear desire to defend one over another from a fanboy point of view.


You can get an ipad pro with LTE at this price brand new, also an obvious point.


Not at the price he gave. That was the obvious point.


iPad pro has LTE. Have you used a surface pro x and an ipad pro side by side out of curiosity?


I'd say the ipad has more limitations. This emulates x32 applications. The ipad just won't run them. You are also losing lte for that £85. If you didn't want lte you'd just get a surface pro and have no limitations.

SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab S6 128GB Rose Blush £484 at Selfridges (pre-order)
262° Expired
Posted 22nd MayPosted 22nd May
Tab S6 128GB for £484 with free delivery Please note: this is available for pre-order before 23rd August. Orders will not be dispatched prior to this date SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab… Read more

There's a 8'4 tab dropping. New A series phones too among other stuff. Defo expecting new watches sometime soon.


Out of stock


Wow, that is a massive saving


Can't add to bag for pre order?



Samsung Galaxy Tab A 32gb (10.1", Wi-Fi) now £159 with code via link at Samsung Store
37° Expired
Posted 22nd MayPosted 22nd May
Samsung Galaxy Tab A 32gb (10.1", Wi-Fi) was £199 now £135.15 with code via link at Samsung Store Use code MAY15 at checkout | Offer ends 26/05/20 Entertainment for All: Desi… Read more

Anyone know if there are any stock Android tablets out there?


Anyone got a view whether this Samsung or the Lenovo M10 Plus (2nd gen) is best?


They might release a discount code for June though?


Still a decent price as £199 almost everywhere else.


They’ve got some back in stock now but the code has expired. Typical

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